Tritium Racing to try for Transpac Record

 Courtesy of Tritium Racing Facebook Page

While most people are spending the week recovering from their Fourth of July celebrations this past weekend, John Sangmeister and the crew of Tritium Racing are far from relaxing. Across the continental United States in California, Sangmeister’s team of seasoned offshore racers is gearing up to break the Transpac race record in the upcoming event that starts in San Pedro, CA and finishes off the coast of Honolulu, HI.

Tritium Racing will be sailing an ORMA 73, a trimaran that has undergone extensive modifications since its original construction in 1998. Before coming into the hands of Tritium racing and Sangmeister, Team Artemis sailed the boat as part of their AC72 training program for the America’s Cup, just to give you a little idea of the caliber boat we are talking about. Since then, Sangmeister has outfitted the boat with a new mast, a 17-foot bowsprit and a small foil system to decrease drag.

Tritium Racing is aiming for the race record, a feat which will require them to cover more than 2,225 nautical miles (2560 miles) with a projected pace of four and a half days. A full 21 hours faster than the record set in 1998! In an interview for, crewmember Ryan Breymaier (a graduate of St. Mary's College of Maryland) explained that the boat, which can reach up to 40 knots in ideal conditions, will need to exceed an average speed of 17-knots per hour in order to beat the previous record. Can you imagine?

In an interview with Spinsheet, Sangmeister was a little more modest about his endeavor. "She [Tritium] is a powerful beast that demands respect,” said Sangmeister of his 72-foot trimaran, "The most important thing is the safe arrival of the crew, then we can start talking about records."

The race has a staggered start with the first fleet setting sail yesterday, July 8th, and the last start will be this Saturday when Tritium and one other multihull vessel will join the race. It seems like these other boats are going to need all the help they can get.

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