Must-See New Products at the 2019 U.S. Sailboat Show

Cool, New Products To See

This is just a sampling of some of the cool, new products that will be at the Annapolis Sailboat Show. Find more details at

NEMO photo courtesy of BLU3

1. NEMO by BLU3 

NEMO by BLU3 is a portable and easy-to-use dive system that allows users to breathe underwater without the use of tanks. It is an incredibly compact Surface-Supplied Air (SSA) dive system that supports one diver to 10 feet for about 60 minutes—bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. BLU3’s goal is to make the sport of diving more accessible in an effort to increase awareness of the world’s underwater environments. The product spans less than 12 inches on all sides and weighs in at 10 pounds. NEMO is the first of three models that reach different depths: NEMO, NOMAD and NEPTUNE. Learn more at Tent D73

Courtesy of Mantus Marine

2. M2 Mantus Anchor

The M2 Mantus anchor is designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms and set with unparalleled holding power. The M2 is easy to store whether you are a long-range cruiser, racing, or going out for a daysail. The Mantus breaks down for easy storage, so you can store one or two as spares without taking up much needed boat space. A single bolt is used for the construction to facilitate easy disassembly and storage.; Tent D 52-54

Courtesy of Paddle North

3. Paddle North 

Paddle North has a selection of inflatable paddleboards, an inflatable kayak, as well as inflatable utility docks. The XL utility dock measures 12 feet by six feet and can support well over 2000 pounds of humans, dogs, coolers, and water gear. It can be inflated in 15 minutes and compacts down into an easy to store bag. Learn more at Land 30

4. Datrex Iso Liferafts

Whether it’s cruising, racing or fishing, open sea boating can place extraordinary demands on you, your crew and your vessel. The peace of mind knowing you have a Datrex Liferaft on standby, will make your trip much more enjoyable! Booth C9

Courtesy of PropEle Electric Boat Motors

5. EP Carry Motors

The EP Carry from PropEle Electric Boat Motor provides lightweight, efficient, simple-to-use propulsion. It is designed specifically for dinghies, tenders, small rowing, and other craft under 13 feet and 600 pounds. Weighing in at a mere 14 pounds, the EP Carry motor is sold complete with a seven-pound, buoyant battery pack, making it the lightest electric motor system on the market and compact enough to easily handle and lift by hand. In spite of its small size and low weight, the EP Carry provides ample propulsion for one to three hours, depending on the power level selected. Designed to deliver long runtime for multiple ship-to-shore trips, most small boats can expect speeds of 3.5 to 4.2 knots with a range of three to six miles per charge.; Tent M1


6. SmartMooring

SmartMooring is a remote-controlled mooring that runs on a continuous chain from a deep-water anchor to your point of embarkation. It is solar powered and has a unique locking mechanism to keep your boat securely moored in deep water.  It makes simple work of bringing your boat in to shore so you can load it up and head out without paddling, getting wet or transferring gear back and forth. Booth 002


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