Adopting Red #4

Trip dates: 
Friday, December 11, 2020
Trip length: 
1 day
Type of watercraft: 
  • Happiness

Dobbs and I kayaked off Red Point Beach at sunset.  Where to go?  As former racers, we have a deep seated need to round something before turning back.  This summer, the Coast Guard re-marked and re-numbered the Northeast River channel (OUR channel) and took away Green Can #5, our precious local marker - the one we'd circled in Sunfish and kayaks, and watched bobbing in gales and back-dropped by sunsets, and even trapped to stillness in ice.  We admit it - it wasn't marking anything relative to a channel anymore - the channel had long since shifted, but STILL.  To the south of Red Point Beach, they swapped Red Nun #4 for a fixed, lighted red.  We'd been intentionally denying its existence, mourning the loss of Green #5.  Today, our racer instincts forced us to round Red #4 and officially welcome it into the family before returning to the beach.