Blue Angels!

Trip dates: 
Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Trip length: 
1 day
Type of watercraft: 

We defied the weather models and decided that nobody would dare rain on the Blue Angels at USNA.  And we were right.  9 souls onboard, anchored at noon W side of Greenbury shoal, boresighted up the river.  We used the anchor float to ward off encroachers on our swing circle, and it worked pretty well.  Grilled up some lunch, swam a little, and just enjyed the warm sun and nice breeze.  The breeze and flood curent were more or less aligned, so no boats were swinging out of phase- which made life easier.  Waited 45min after the show to get underway, wanted to sail around but some onboard needed to get back to real life so just motored back in.