Boat Yard Days

Trip dates: 
Monday, September 14, 2020
Trip length: 
8 days
Type of watercraft: 

This was a boat yard summer for our 1966 Columbia 31.  I can assure you we have a lot more than 10 days involved, but I'll assign 8 days to the following:

1. Replaced the engine.

2. Replaced all 4 opening portlights.

3. Re-painted the hull.

4. Installed a new stern pulpit.

5. Replaced the stern locker hatch.

6. Re-habbed our 7' dinghy to get another couple years out of her (she was built as a design test - a temporary...and is now 7 years old!).

7. Acquired commercial documentation.

8. Repaired and repainted the bottom.

Tomorrow is launch day!