Elk Neck

Trip dates: 
Thursday, December 17, 2020
Trip length: 
1 day
Type of watercraft: 
  • Red Point Beach
  • Driftwood Snowman
  • Moon Over the Northeast River

Temperature in the mid-30's, wind NW 5-10

There's still a lot of ice on the roads, so Dobbs and I stayed close to home and launched our kayaks from the beach at Red Point.  We paddled south along the Elk Neck shoreline, studying the cliffs.  Not only are they fascinating from a geologic perspective, but the colors are stunning - burnt orange sand, clays in salmon pink, creamy white, and dusky purple, and moss a minty tint of green.  The dusting of snow accentuated the details of the terrain.

Just before sunset, we turned back toward home, figuring the air temperature would drop pretty quickly once the sun dipped below the horizon.  We paddled northwest - out around Red #4, gasped at the strong ebbing current, and then northeast to land at our beach.