Sailing the Susquehanna

Trip dates: 
Sunday, December 13, 2020
Trip length: 
1 day
Type of watercraft: 
  • The Pea Green Boat
  • Concord Point Lighthouse

Dobbs and I launched The Pea Green Boat at the Havre de Grace City Marina ($10) with the intention of sailing to the Sand Island and back, but a Small Craft Advisory altered our plan - too windy!  We tried sailing under reefed main, but our reefing system needs to have reefing ties added to it.  Without them, much of the reefed portion of the sail is still able to catch wind like a low-slung spinnaker (ever heard of a blooper?).  Sailing felt plain dangerous, and when the water and air temperature are both 40-50 degrees is no time to try risky things. 

Instead, refusing defeat, we doused the sail and rowed along the Havre de Grace waterfront north to the bridge piling ruins.  For the ride back, we hoisted just the tiny jib and did really well.  Pea Green moved steadily along, and our confidence increased.  We zipped out around a moored rock barge before heading into the marina.  We had fun!