Stories of the Century: Who Will Qualify for the Class of 2023?

What it takes to become a member of the Century Club Class of 2023

Since 2014, the SpinSheet Century Club has challenged readers to log 100 days on the water, in any type of vessel, within the calendar year. At print time, we had 30 confirmed Century Club members. We anticipate 100-plus readers to reach their goals by December 31. The 2023 class of SpinSheet Century Club members will be our 10th! 

sailing toward the century club
One of Rob Marino's 96 days on the water (at last check) on his way to making the Century Club Class of 2023. 

If you’re just learning about our inclusive club, here’s what you need to know:

  • We count even a short ride on a boat as a “day” on the water.
  • We include all boaters: sailors, powerboaters, anglers, and paddlers. 
  • We have some fun exceptions to help boaters reach their goals. You may count 10 land-based boat-work days, or 10 days fishing from a pier, or 10 days remote control boating. You may choose to use a combination of those 10 days, but you don’t get more than 10 of them.
  • The goal is to get more boats off the dock and more people on the water! 
  • Our club is free and open to all who register and log their days at You must log all of your days by December 31 to be included in our 2023 class.
  • 2023 SpinSheet Century Club members will be invited to a celebration with beer and cake with our sponsor Bacon Sails and Marine Supplies in the early part of next year.
  • Send questions any time to [email protected]

These photos represent the Century Club members who are almost there. We expect them to hit 100 on-water days by November!