DolphinWatch Season Is Here on the Chesapeake

DolphinWatch is back!

Sailors love dolphins and vice versa, so we’re excited for another Chesapeake DolphinWatch season! Here’s a note from the folks at DolphinWatch:

Photo by Toni Knisley

Dolphins are returning to Chesapeake Bay along with warmer weather and water temperatures. First off, we’d like to thank you for your support of DolphinWatch by reporting your sightings, sending your images, and possibly even donating. Your contributions to this research are so very much appreciated!

We’re happy to share there are a couple new features in the app this year. New in 2019 is a feature where you can listen to dolphin calls recorded on underwater microphones. You’ll see audio recordings on the app map represented by a blue microphone symbol.

Photo by Jeff G.

Another new feature is the ability to upload videos from your dolphin sighting and view videos of confirmed sightings. Don’t worry, you can still upload your photos with your sighting report like last year. Sightings with a photo or video are marked by a camera symbol.

If possible, please include an image or brief description about what you saw as it really helps improve the quality of the data. The description can be about where you were located, what you observed the dolphins doing, or other details you thought were interesting. The ability to upload photos and videos directly into the sighting report box should make this much easier than in past years.

Photo Courtesy of Fay Silverman

Thank you again for getting out on the water, reporting your dolphin sightings, and contributing to our research project! If you would like to follow more of our updates, please see our Chesapeake DolphinWatch Facebook page.

We are also raising $500 to buy a real-time underwater microphone to monitor for dolphins that you could listen to on the app. If you can help us reach our goal, please visit our donation page at Dolphinwatch Donate.