Free Spirited Chocolatier and Sailor

When you're a magazine editor, ideas come flying at you at all hours of the day at a faster pace than the wind on most Chesapeake days... so even the coolest ideas can pass you by on a busy day, when you're out "in the field" (ahem) or perhaps, inside doing something you're supposed to be doing like putting together a sailing magazine.

Last winter over a rum drink aboard Mandy at Ego Alley, Erin and Bob told me about the chocolatier who delivered his goods from Grenada to Europe via only sustainable methods--by sailing vessel across the ocean and then by bicycles to chocolate store. The story got lost in the spring madness around here, so when I heard of the death of Mott Green last week, I was sad I had never pursued it.

According to the New York Times obituary from June 9, "Last year [Grenada Chocolate Company] delivered tens of thousands of chocolate bars to Europe on a sail-powered Dutch ship, the Brigantine Tres Hombres, operated by a company called Fairtransport. A team of volunteer cyclists in Amsterdam helped handle distribution on the ground.

Mr. Green called it 'the first carbon-neutral trans-Atlantic mass chocolate delivery.'”

Here's his incredible story.

And a video about the journey by sea to Europe below.