Health Abroad for Cruisers: 3 Free Apps To Bring Aboard

Health Abroad for Cruisers: Experienced global travelers and cruisers know that after you leave home, there are some things you can no longer do to protect yourself and many things that are much harder to undertake. To maximize your chance for a safe and enjoyable trip, you’ll need access to reliable health resources for any remote or under-developed areas you’re planning to travel through or spend time in. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed a series of free mobile apps that can be a great resource for cruisers and sailors. Here’s a quick look at three you should consider taking along on your next trip.

Should I eat this?? Health abroad for cruisers

This is an all-in-one app that helps you prepare for your trip by offering location-specific vaccine and health information. It stores checklists, packing lists, medication records, and travel documents. The app also provides a built-in alarm that reminds you to take medications or get vaccine boosters. This feature can be especially helpful when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar time zone.

Download TravWell at: Apple App Store - or Google Play Store 

The Can I Eat This? app offers travelers peace of mind when trying new, unfamiliar food and drink by helping you avoid foodborne illness. Many travelers know how unpleasant diarrhea can be and will ruin any trip. Avoid food-related illnesses, and be more confident in choosing the right food and drink wherever you are. Just enter your location and the food or drink you want to try, and this app will tell you whether or not it’s likely to be safe.

Download Can I Eat This? at: Apple App Store - or Google Play Store 

The CDC publishes a biennial guide called CDC Health Information for International Travel, popularly known as the “Yellow Book.” It offers immunization guidelines and detailed travel health information. Although the material is written primarily for health-care professionals, the app makes it a useful resource for boaters interested in healthy international travel.

Download Yellow Book 2018 at: Apple App Store - or Google Play Store 

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