Reasons to Frostbite

The summer sailing season has wrapped up, but you’re still on the water. Why? Because you’re a raving lunatic. 

No, not really. You’re just one of the few who believe that some of the better sailing happens between the months of October and April, when the temps drop and the winds lift. Frostbiters prove that you can wear ski clothes to go sailing; that chili is the ultimate food of winter. 

If you need more reasons, we’ve collected a few. But the best can be found on the water, so sign up at one of our select clubs featured below.

Reasons to Go Frostbiting this Year

  • Good friends who share the same tendency toward lunacy and questionable behavior
  • Having to layer clothing helps cloak the few pounds we’ve gained since Halloween.
  • Rum is more delicious when it’s heated.
  • You don’t become a better sailor by taking six months off the sport.
  • Football really isn’t your thing.
  • Neither is raking leaves.
  • Going six months without screaming obscenities at a friend is actually much harder for you than you’d like to admit. 
  • The weekends are for sailing. End of discussion.

Downtown Sailing Center:
Racing Saturdays through January. 

Annapolis YC: racing Sundays through March 19.

Washington, DC:
Potomac River Sailing Association: racing Sundays through February.

Herring Bay, MD:
Herrington Harbor Sailing Association: racing Sundays. 

Solomons, MD:
Southern Maryland Sailing Association:
Racing Sundays through November. 

Hampton, VA:
Hampton YC: racing Sundays through March.