Learning to Sew: How to Sew Zippers

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Zippers are a key part of many sewing projects. They can be sewn into cushions on a sofa or in a boat cabin, added to jackets and bags, and the more heavy-duty ones come in handy on marine enclosures and sailing covers.

At Sailrite, we’re proud to offer a fantastic selection of YKK® metal, coil and VISLON® zippers. For many sewers, adding or replacing zippers can seem like a daunting task, but that doesn’t have to be the case. No matter what type of zipper you plan to sew or what DIY project you’ve got up your sleeve, our helpful video tutorial can guide you every step of the way.

We created this blog explaining how to sew zippers because they are so widely used but can also seem complex and intimidating to beginners. While there are a variety of methods out there today, we’re going to show you a version called the “zipper plaque” method. Essentially, this method involves folding your fabric and placing a tack stitch right next to where you want your zipper tape to be. Once that’s done, you can take scissors and cut on the folded portion. Then you can splay your fabric open, and if it’s done correctly, this portion should be the same size as your zipper. Then you’ll need to sew your zipper on top of this designated area, centered over your stitch. A seam ripper will help you release your tack stitches for a great-looking zipper!

This is just one method for installing zippers and, as mentioned in the video, there are other methods that you can use for different types of projects. If you’d like to learn more about zippers, check out our "Sewing Zippers Video Series," which starts with Sewing Zippers 101 (#200512XHT). And, remember, Sailrite has hundreds of free resources to help you conquer any sewing project or sewing technique. We're also your one-stop shop for the highest quality sewing products, fabric, tools, notions and sewing machines.

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