Irish Boat Names

Photo by Cindy Wallach

It's St. Patrick's Day, which means that we're all Irish by proxy. So why can't your boat be Irish, too? We decided to pound some Guinness and hit up the Google Translate toolbar to find the best Irish boat names out there.

One of the most popular Irish boat names is An Bradan Freasa. It means "salmon of knowledge," and comes from a poem about a magical salmon who ate too many hazelnuts. Pronounced like this.

Another classic (and very popular) Irish boat name is Iolar na Mara. This means "Eagle of the Sea." Not to be confused with Rooney Mara, which means "Chicken of the Sea."

If you prefer geographical names for your boat, consider Beal Inse. This means "Mouth (or entrance) to the Island," and is apparently a hugely popular Irish boat name. If you want to maintain the geographical angle and be a little unique, check out Masa Inse, which essentially encourages a backdoor approach.

How about Biddy Met? That would look great on your stearn, huh? This means "Strong Wind." Or Biddy Broim ... very strong wind from the body, if you get our drift. And, you know, that's a drift you never want to get.

There's always Courtney, meaning "one with a short nose." This one is just so random. Like, do you look at your newborn and think, "Oh, she's got a short nose. PROBLEM SOLVED! We don't have to name her after your mother!"

If you like being annoying and forcing people to ask you how to pronounce your boat's name again, call her Leoithne Farraige, or "Sea Breeze." If you still want to be annoying, but can't ask your friends to pronouce "Leoithne" with a straight face, consider Tinneas Farraige, or "Seasick."

Desmond is a great name, but unfortunately it means "From South Munster." And who wants to be from South Munster? It's worse than being from Dundalk. Name your boat Hermond, meaning "From Herman Munster." It's an inside joke that will never get old.

Ramhar Spor Bean is definitely our favorite for all the beamy boats out there. It means "Fat Bottomed Girl."