Send Your Photos To Help Document King Tides

 Peter McGowan, Holland Island, 2010

King Tides are not new, the photo initiative is new!   "King Tides" are  predictable, naturally occurring high spring tides when the moon is closest to the Earth during a full or new moon.

The photo initiative is a citizen engagement campaign to raise awareness around flooding currently happening in communities during high tide.  The next King Tide will be May 24-27, followed by another in late June and one in late July.

We, in the DNR Chesapeake & Coastal Service, are asking residents to take pictures (be safe!!) of frequently flooded areas to help build a photo library.  This library will provide a baseline to help CCS learn more about these vulnerable areas, where they are, what they look like, and how they may change over time as the sea rises and shorelines change.

Your pictures will be used in presentations, brochures, and outreach materials.

 Aubrey Bodine, Holland Island, 1953

We are asking people to take pictures of historic and culturally significant structures, public infrastructure, and other places that may be good illustrations of the high tide.  To participate, find a favorite, recognizable location, check tide charts, and find the highest high tide that is convenient, join Flickr (it’s FREE!), and sign up for the Maryland King Tides Flickr Group.  Finally, upload your photos!

For more information, please visit the King Tides website  or e-mail Kate Skaggs.