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SpinSheet Magazine February 2023

On the Cover - Geremy Chelius, the bowman on Bob Fox’s XP44 SLY, sent us this photo of his eight-year-old son Charleson at the helm. He writes, “Bob is a gracious host and respects that I am a father of three, so more often than not I have a child with me for practice or even on races. This was a day sail. Charleson was at the helm actually steering for about a half hour.” 

Congratulations SpinSheet Century Club! 
The official list of 2022 Centurions, as well as one motivated team who reached their 100-day goals together. 

Kids Summer Sailing 
What’s new at local sailing schools, what to look for in a sailing camp, and what’s in it for the kids.
By Beth Crabtree

Saftey Series Part 2: A Visit to Coast Guard Station Annapolis
The Annapolis location is a ‘response’ station, yet its staff takes a ‘prevention’ stance to promote boater safety, education, and good seamanship.
By Beth Crabtree

Bluewater Dreaming: About That Thorny Path
A seasick zombie turned nautical cowboy finds the lessons in imperfect sailing.
By Cindy Wallach

CBYRA Junior High Point Winners and More Racing News
The southern racing scene and Chesapeake racing news and offshore updates.
By Wayne Young

Top 10 Mental Myths in Sailing
Misconceptions about performance that are perpetuated among sailors, coaches, and parents and some alternative perspectives. 
By Dr. Tim Herzog




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