Five Hacks For New Multihull Sailors

Simple Tricks for Catamaran Sailors

Photo provided by Cindy Wallach

Watch Your Weight.

You don’t have to go on a diet before buying a multihull, but your stuff might need a little slim down. Cats can’t be weighed down with tons of stuff the way monohulls are. And the weight you do carry needs to be somewhat balanced port and starboard, and fore and aft. Overloaded, off-balanced boats won’t sail as optimally or safely.

Water, Water Everywhere.

Because cats are not supposed to carry a lot of extra weight, that means your fresh water tankage will be smaller than a heavy-displacement cruising monohull. Plan for a watermaker. High capacity keeps the crew clean and happy. 


One of the reasons people love mulithulls is for their views and natural light. Those views come at a price: thermal gain! More windows and hatches mean more heat glaring in from the sun, so shade is key. Plan on a large awning to block the sun, but still allow you to keep hatches open for airflow while at anchor. When you’re underway, plan for snap on Textilene to cover the large salon windows and some sort of fabric covers for the larger hatches, 

Solar Power.

Take advantage of all that extra real estate, and set your boat up for solar power. Cruising cats can go without the extra expense (and weight!) of a generator thanks to high output solar panels. Sunshine is free, so use it!

Rethink Your Space.

Many production multihulls are set up for charter with four cabins. Bedrooms can be workshops. A head can be a storage locker or even a small office. Think outside the box. 


Article by Cindy Wallach