Shrink Wrap Recycling Program Reinvigorated in Maryland

Shrink Wrap Recycling Will Be Back in 2019

In Partnership with the Maryland Clean Marina Program and Chesapeake Materials the Marine Trades Association of Maryland is launching a NEW Shrink wrap Recycling program modeled after a very successful program run in Rhode Island. Here’s how it will work:

  • MTAM will sell and distribute bags that hold up to 40 lbs of clean shrinkwrap.
  • Cost of each bag will be $15. This cost will include the pickup/transportation and recycling of the filled bags.
  • Critical to the successful recycling of boat shrinkwrap is keeping it pure and clean. All straps, zippers, doors and vents must be removed for the wrap to be accepted by recyclers.
  • Chesapeake Materials will schedule pickup dates with all participating marinas in the Spring.
  • Only bagged wrap will be accepted by Chesapeake Materials.
  • We ran a test of putting the wrap into one of the bags. We fit the wrap from a 35-foot boat into one of the bags.  By condensing the wrap, you may get more in the bag, but we ask that you keep the weight to 40 lbs maximum.
  • If your boat is shrink wrapped, ask your marina if they will participate! Let them know how important it is to do so!
  • Questions and orders for bags should be directed to MTAM by calling 410-269-0741 or emailing [email protected]. Bags will be delivered to you by the end of February.

Thanks for making the effort to Recycle!