Lou Novak, 101 Days, October 31


From Lou:

I just got my 101st day on the water in 2015 on Halloween.

I have 21 days as Chief Mate on the tallship Half Moon in NY and New England waters.

I have 41 days as rower and coxswain on Cornish pilot gigs on the Potomac.

I have 16 days teaching sailing to Sea Scouts on Flying Scots.

I have 8 days on the 46 ft ketch Der PeliKan on the Chesapeake.

I have 3 days cat boats off the coast of Maine.

I have 2 days on dragon boats on the Chesapeake.

I have numerous days rowing, and motoring a variety of boats as an evaluator with several regattas and On The Water testing (with certificate of appreciation).

I have a day on a raft of my making at Anything that Floats completion on Alexandria Seaport Day.

I have a day tubing down the Shenandoah River.