Dickerson Owners Association (DOA) Salutes A Friend

Ruth Christie and Jim Freal aboard Dickerson 35 Irish Mist. Ruth Christie and Jim Freal aboard Dickerson 35 Irish Mist.

The Dickerson Owners Association (DOA) celebrated its 45th Anniversary in Oxford two years ago.  It was a very special occasion as SpinSheet Senior Editor Ruth Christie joined us.  Ruth had become a dear friend of many of DOA members and while we knew that Ruth was really a power-boater it didn't stop Joe Slavin, the DOA Sampson Post and me, the 2010 DOA Commodore from constantly cajoling her into join us.  And in June 2011, she finally relented.

I had offered her a position aboard Crew Rest, to lead a parade of arriving classic Dickersons.  She perched up at the dock on time and in style--carrying two bottles of delightful wine--it was going to be great parade.  And it was--she trims a pretty nice sail to boot.

That evening, Joe Slavin had promised her a gourmet meal aboard his Irish Mist along with fellow DOA members and friends from New England.  Of course Joe delivered and so did Mother Nature in the form of a thunderstorm and gust front with 76 mph winds.

Ruth was a great sport, and super editor, and a dear friend.  We wish her great happiness in retirement.