Chesapeake Bay Potter Group on the Bohemia and Elk Rivers

Steve Kaba, Steve Tur, Bob Crifasi Steve Kaba, Steve Tur, Bob Crifasi

Chesapeake Bay Potter Group assembled on Saturday morning July 20 to sail on the Bohemia and Elk Rivers, just northeast on the Chesapeake Bay. We were greeted with winds of 15 to 25 knots freshening at times to gusts of 30 knots. As a cautionary procedure we started out with reefed sails, and realized just how good an idea it had been as the winds showed themselves later in the trip.

It was a great day for all four of the sailors involved. After our sail we enjoyed a great meal and conversation at a local restaurant. As we did a storm hit the area that night taking the fair winds with it. The next day left us ghosting and motor sailing, teasing us with a marginal run now and again. As disappointing as Sunday had been the memories of Saturday’s sail will remain with us as well. We helped each other retrieve our boats and pack for our trips home vowing to repeat the trip at least once more this season.

The fleet:

Jerry Rocker    WWP 19 “Venture”

Steve Tur         WWP 15 “Otter”

Steve Kaba      WWP 15 “Celtic Pride”

Bob Crifasi      WWP 15 “Bunky”