Dickerson Owners... A Great Time Had by All

Dickerson Owners Association enjoy the riverside clubhouse at the Tred Avon YC Dickerson Owners Association enjoys the riverside clubhouse at the Tred Avon YC

Here's a picture of the Dickerson Owners Association's commodore Dave Fahrmeier at the Tred Avon YC.

Commodore Pat Ewing welcomed 75 Dickerson folk to the Tred Avon Awards Dinner and welcomed new members. Joe Slavin, Commodore Pat Ewing and past Commodores honored long time Secretary Dick Young with a beautiful framed painting of a Dickerson 37 center cockpit ketch that was exactly like his “Wind Song” that he owned in the mid 1990’s.

The painting was given to the association recently by John and Carolyn Smith who bought “Wind Song” from Dick and Susan Young and they were very pleased that we gave the painting to Dick and Susan. In his closing

remarks, Joe pointed out that Dick Young with his efforts over the past 20 years has made it possible

for the organization to be what it is today—an example of Chesapeake Bay’s best.

The "John Freal Broken Committee Boat Flagpole Award" is given annually to the Skipper who

commits a most grievous racing act. It was close this year and Freal came close to winning his own

award by hitting the Red 14 buoy -- but he redeemed himself by circling the buoy afterward. The

award therefore went to Bill Toth in “Starry Night” who in desperation resorted to flying his new

spinnaker forcing the race committee to disqualify him. It did look nice, Bill!

The evening ended with a golden-voiced ditty by our DOA Bard, Jeff Stephenson. A great time was

had by all.

Joe Slavin, Samson Post