Awesome Sailing Mom Photos

For Mother's Day, we asked our readers on Facebook to send photos of awesome sailing moms at the helm. We received more of them than we expected and really, really enjoyed learning about these special sailors. So we thought one more day of mom-love was necessary.

Amanda Saville at the helm of a Swan 57 having just completed a 3 year voyage from Norway to Antarctica, and returnMary Ann DeGraw at the helm off Cape Hatteras, delivering a Hunter 43 from Miami to Annapolis Emily Manders (left) and her winning Jubilee crew following a victory at the HHSA Women's Regata.Virginia Sullivan.Margaret Podlich, shown here at a Monday night team race practice, taught her daughter Sophie the number one boating rule: "Don't be dumb." Virginia Albert is at the helm of Esperanza, a 1963 Hinckley B-40 during the 2013 Elf Classic.View looking down at Cindy Wallach's pregnant tummy that barely fit next to the wheel of her catamaran.SpinSheet's own Beth Crabtree at the helm during a J/World Annapolis cruising coursePenny Zahn in the doldrums...Amanda on a Swan 56 off Thomas Point -- the day after this photo she gave birth to her son, WilliamEmily Monaco.Gita Maitra.Helen Wasser Irene Hoffman Moffatt with Darby & Meghan. Photo by Todd Moffatt


and last, but not least, here's a picture of my own mom, who was not at all a sailor, but she humored her daughter on her birthday on the Schooner Woodwind one year. Mom left this world five years ago, but she's with me right now and everywhere I go.

SpinSheet's editor Molly Winans and her mom Bonnie.