Moonlight, Bermuda, and More Racing Roundup June 8-10

On the Water Action June 8-10

Long voyages to Bermuda or just around the Upper Bay were the themes for last weekend on the Chesapeake. Here’s your SpinSheet Racing Roundup for the weekend of June 8-10.

One of the summer’s major racing events kicked off on Thursday evening with the Latitude Adjustment Party at Eastport Yacht Club to send off the Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race (A2B) competitors the next day and also to celebrate the 2018 Class of Marine Wizards.

Marty Lostrom, Tripp Ewers, Michael Johnson, Matt Weimer, and Tim Wilbricht (EYCF)

Congratulations to this year’s class of Marine Wizards: Michael Johnson, Tripp Ewers, Austin Angermier, Mark Miller & Matt Weimer!

Among those who hit the stage were these EYC sailors who’ve been known to drag bystanders into their sea chantey singing. When planning the events for 2020, organizers might want to take note that when chantey singers say they just want the microphone “briefly” to sing three or four little songs, this one song took three minutes and 44 seconds. Just sayin’.

The A2B race start off “R2” on Friday unfolded in pleasant conditions with moderate breeze, and competitors had decent breeze sailing down the Bay. Entering the ocean was a different story, however, as some boats went from sailing at seven knots of boat speed to 1.1… The wind seems to have returned as the tracker is now showing all moving again nicely. Bob Fox and crew on the XP 44 Sly are still leading the pack and on track for line honors.

A few notes:
Allegiant withdrew 1855 EDT Saturday, 10 June. Equipment problems, destination Hampton, Va. All OK
FuhGedAboutit withdrew this morning, lack of wind, heading to South River. Est Tuesday noon. All OK
Kilmarnoch withdrew this morning, lack of wind, motoring to Bermuda. All OK

Find the A2B 2018 race tracker here.

Find SpinSheet 2018 A2B photos for purchase here.

PSA Moonlight Race

The Potapskut Sailing Association (PSA) hosted its annual distance race starting at the mouth of the Magothy, going to two courses (one around Pooles Island Light, the other around Craighill Channel light—both back to the Magothy). Top three results below, more 2018 PSA Moonlight Race results here.  

PSA Moonlight Race (courtesy FB)

Alberg 30 (5 boats)

1. 562, Windswept, Lanny Helms, PSA, 1- ; 1  

2. 550, Skybird, Mike Nikolich, PSA, 2- ; 2  

3. 247, argo, T C Williams, ayc, 3- ; 3  

PHRF (5 boats)

1. 33400, Witch’s Flower, Michael Johns, GSA, 1- ; 1  

2. 13177, Heyday, Shepherd Drain, MRSA, 2- ; 2  

3. 51128, Liquid Limit II, david kozera, GSA, 3- ; 3  

CHESSS Spin (5 boats)

1. 83350, Incommunicado, Ed Tracey, MRSA, 1- ; 1  

2. 40826, Kokomo Express, Brett Sorensen, GSA, 2- ; 2  

CRCA-FAST 30 (4 boats)

1. 33585, Giggity, Christopher Price Jr., Potapskut Sailing Association, 1- ; 1  

2. 83160, Dragonfly, John Aellen, POtapskut Sailing Associatiom, 2- ; 2  

3. 60161, Flashpoint, Dan Leonard, EYC, 3- ; 3  

Multihull (5 boats)

1. 212, Esterel, Michael Daly, Chesapeake Multihull Association, 1- ; 1  

2. 3, Flipper, John Wayshner, CMA, 2- ; 2  

3. 185, fair curve, JOHN NICHOLSON, CMA, 3- ; 3  


1. 60340, Anneliese, joseph zebleckes, EYC, 1- ; 1  

2. 121, Atlas, Peter Holden, RIYC, 2- ; 2  

3. 238, Healing Power, Steven Braunstein, MRSA, 3- ; 3  


1. 32168, DOGWOOD BARK, PETER JENSEN, CRCA, 1- ; 1  

2. 93662, ZigZag, Edward Rodier, GRF, 2- ; 2  

3. USA93042, Falcon, Don Clemens, CRCA, 3- ; 3  

Congratulations Charlie Lomax!

From Bill Wagner's article in the Capital: Last week, (Charlie) Lomax was presented with the prestigious Robert H. Hobbs Sportsmanship Award by the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA). The Annapolis High graduate was one of three finalists for the prestigious award that is sponsored by US Sailing...