Racing Roundup: April 27

What a weekend. We're still shaking off the winter's cold chill, but at least the sun made an appearance. On Saturday, we had our best conditions with winds steady in the 7-10 knot range and scattered showers forecast throughout the day. Sunday was much more subdued, with winds at three knots. At least the rain held off. Here's how our favorite Bay boats performed. We'll see how everyone shakes out with competition this weekend, when we all meet up for the Annapolis NOODs. See you on the water. 


Catherine Tobin with the Chessie crew

 Etchells (6 boats)
1. Caramba         Jose Fuentes
2. Make Mine a Double Jeff Borland
3. Annie               Gary Gilbert

J/22 (10 boats)
1. Committed    Chris Gaffney
2. Hot Toddy      Jeff Todd
3. Scooby             J.R. Maxwell

J/30 (6 boats)
1. Bebop              Bob Rutsch
2. Rag Doll           Rob Lundahl
3. Insatiable        Ron Anderson

J/105 (11 boats)
1. Mirage             Salvesen/Lewis
2. Bat IV               Andrew Kennedy
3. Better Mousetrap       Robert Putnam

J/70 (13 boats)
1. USA 419           Terry Hutchinson
2. USA 209           Pete McChesney
3. Occam’s Razor              Walt Pletcher

Laser D11 Championship and Sunshine Open Laser (28 boats)
1. 198025             Luke Shingledecker
2. Stella                John MacCausland
3. 178838             Eric Reitinger

Laser Radial (16 boats)
1. 121384             Mike Schmidt
2. 194577             Kim Couranz
3. 207144             Chase Carraway

Southern Bay: CCV Spring Series 21 boats tested navigational skills and trimming techniques on a middle distance course around fixed marks in Hampton Roads Harbor. As sometimes is true, the grim conditions predicted by weather prognosticators did not happen and sailors had a pleasant day on the course, although the winds were shifty

PHRF A (10 boats)
1. Meridian X     Sledd Shelhorse
2. Sea Star     Dave Eberwine
3. Voodoo 2     Leroi Lissenden

PHRF B (6 boats)
1. Cool Change     Rusty Burshell
2. Rumble     Weeks/Cochran
3. Bad Habit     Bob Archer

PHRF C (5 boats)
1. Lona B     Carey Hardesty
2. Black Widow     Ken Copeland
3. Roundabout     Alan Bomar

Fishing Bay YC Spring Series Saturday, after a two hour postponement followed by a soaking rain, 14 boats got in two races to open the action for the series. Last week’s racing was abandoned due to lack of breeze. This week the post-race gathering was around the a blazing fire in the clubhouse fireplace.

J/70 (2 boats)
1. E.L.E.     Matt Braun

PHRF A (5 boats)
1. Double Eagle     Sam Mitchener
2. Corryvreckan     David Clark
3. Nanuq     Glenn Doncaster

PHRF B (3 boats)
1. Mad Hatter     Bob Fleck
2. Shananigan     Miles Booth

PHRF C (2 boats)
1. Cheeky Monkey     Paul Wash