AC Host Tucker Thompson Comes Home

Interest is high in the America’s Cup, to be staged this June in Bermuda Sound. And Annapolis’ verteran sailor and commentator Tucker Thompson has played a big role in building pre-race excitement. He recently completed his 100th presentation about the Cup… this one to a packed house at Fawcett Boat Supplies in Annapolis.

Tucker’s official title is “America’s Cup Host.” A pretty cool job if you can get it. He has made presentations all over the country…sometimes in the company of the Cup itself…sometimes solo. “The Cup flies first class with two guards,” says Tucker. “I fly in coach.”

Tucker’s presentation detailed the history of the Cup (the oldest trophy in international sporting competition); a recap of the Cup Challengers; and an overview of what might be store for those spectators who make the journey to Bermuda this May and June to catch all the action.

And while interest was high among the Annapolis-based crowd, with many having been to Bermuda in the past, only a handful said they would partake of the festivities in person.

 “There’s still time to make plans to attend,” Tucker says. “But time’s a-wasting!”

For all the information you need to make the journey, check out Craig Ligibel’s story here.