Oxford Regatta, Cape Charles Cup, Jet 14s, and More Racing

Racing Roundup August 8-11

Is this August? Yes, more of this, please. Sunshine, pleasant temperatures, and a breezy Sunday made for a memorable weekend for the Tred Avon Yacht Club’s annual Race to Oxford and Oxford Regatta, and SSA’s Jet 14 nationals… Our brethren in the Southern Bay did not fare as well wind-wise and suffered current-wise, but they had a heck of party in Cape Charles on a beautiful summer evening. Here’s your SpinSheet racing roundup for the weekend of August 8-11.

Race to Oxford photos by SpinSheet

TAYC Oxford Regatta

The Tred Avon YC’s Race to Oxford kicked off the festivities for the annual Oxford Regatta on Friday, followed by round-the-buoys and one-design racing in the Tred Avon and Choptank on Saturday and Sunday. Find top three results below and more complete TAYC results here.

Find SpinSheet’s Race to Oxford photos here.

Race to Oxford Results


1. USA 93300, Muskrat, Nicholas Iliff Jr., SMCSA, 1- ; 1  

2. 40826, Kokomo Express, Terri High / Brett Sorensen, GSA, 2- ; 2  

3. 2481, Skylark, Anne Decker, TAYC, 3- ; 3  


1. USA999, Mama Tried, Andrew Noel, PCRC, 1- ; 1  

2. 53352, Airmail, Scott Steele, SCC, 2- ; 2  

3. 38012, Zuul, Benedict Capuco, Annapolis Yacht Club, 3- ; 3


1. 51128, Liquid Limit II, david kozera, GSA, 1- ; 1  

2. 2021, Nicole, Thomas Campbell, TAYC, 2- ; 2  

3. 83412, FLOSSIE, Henner Gibbons-Neff, TAYC, 3- ; 3  


1. 8, Lucky Ducky, Hall Palmer, TAYC, 1- ; 1  

2. 93273, Cheap Sunglasses, Irvin Buck, PCRC, 2- ; 2  

3. 60850, Gotcha, Paul Bellezza, CYC, 3- ; 3  

Oxford Regatta Robert K Robson Results

Photo by Al Schreitmueller


1. 110, Liberty, Harry Seemans, Tred Avon, 1-1- ; 2  

2. 73, Black Pearl, Jay Dayton, TAYC, 2-2- ; 4  

3. 180, Seagull, Jim Alpi, TAYC, 3-4- ; 7 

Photo by Al Schreitmueller


1. 108, Kokomo Express, Terri High / Brett Sorensen, GSA, 1-1- ; 2  

2. 68120, Orion, Jon Opert, SCC, 2-2- ; 4  

PHRF B Spinnaker

1. 51128, Liquid Limit II, david kozera, GSA, 2-1- ; 3  

2. USA 34, Blockade Runner, Bruce Bingman, STC, AYC, 3-2- ; 5  

3. 38012, Zuul, Benedict Capuco, Annapolis Yacht Club, 1-6- ; 7  


1. 4515, Revolution, Douglas Ellmore, HHSA, 1-1- ; 2

Oxford Regatta

Photo by Al Schreitmueller


1. 7951, frigate, Aaron Serinis/Adam Dolezal, TAYC, 1-1-1-1-[13/DNS]- ; 4  

2. 8246, Zsr, shane zwingelberg/Guy Avellon, Ayc, 4-[6]-3-2-4- ; 13  

3. USA 8530, GRINCH, Bert Collins/Colin McLaughlin, Annapolis Yacht Club, 2-[11]-5-6-2- ; 15  

Log Canoe

1. 9, Island Blossom, Corbin Penwell, MRYC, 2-3-2- ; 7  

2. 12, Persistence, Dan North / Owen Lyons Dan North / Owen , CBYC, 3-4-1- ; 8  

3. 10, OLIVERSGIFT, Meredith Adams Krissoff, Annapolis Yacht Club, 1-1-7- ; 9

Photo by Al Schreitmueller

One Design Results

Junior Club 420

1. 5964, , Zander King/Molly roden, Annapolis Yacht Club, 1-2-3-[8]-1-2- ; 9  

2. 7289, n/a, skylor sweet/isabella Webb, NERYC, 7-4-2-1-[8]-3- ; 17  

3. 8580, , Matt Budington/Linnea Forsberg, Annapolis Yacht Club, 5-3-9-6-[14]-1- ; 24 

Photo by Al Schreitmueller

Junior Laser Radial

1. USA-1578, Cam Neely, Thomas Sitzmann, Sail1Design, 1-4-[24/DSQ]-3-2-1- ; 11T  

2. 166915, , Andrew Ciszewski, fishing Bay Yacht Club, 3-1-2-4-1-[7]- ; 11T  

3. 200404, , Robby Meek, SSA, 2-[3]-3-1-3-2- ; 11T  

Photo by Al Schreitmueller


1. 22595, , Kyle Reinecke[Red], AYC, 3-4-1-3-[5]-3-2-2- ; 18  

2. 15924, , Willem DeSimone[Red], Tred Avon Yacht Club, 2-1-2-1-6-4-[7]-4- ; 20  

3. 20956, , Nathan Jensen[Red], NERYC, 4-13-6-8-[17]-2-9-3- ; 45

Opti Green

1. 18485, , Sam De Los Reyes, Annapolis Yacht Club, 3-1-3-[16]-2-3-9- ; 21  

2. 21629, , Ben Gendell, Annapolis Yacht Club, 7-[11]-4-2-10-1-1- ; 25T  

3. 9399, Nesquik, Daniel Draper, Annapolis Yacht Club, [12]-3-2-3-1-8-8- ; 25T

Photo by Al Schreitmueller

Adult Laser

1. 210869, , James Golden, Annapolis Yacht Club, 1-1-3-[5]-1-2- ; 8T  

2. 207152, , Thomas Sitzmann, Sail1Design, [2]-2-2-1-2-1- ; 8T  

3. 174215, , Ken Davis, TAYC, 4-4-1-2-3-[5]- ; 14  


1. 9677, Family Ties, William Lawson/Colette Preis, Severn Sailing Association, 1-1-[4]-1-1-1- ; 5  

2. 9730, Evelyn, jeffrey Cox/Ian and Ellie Cox, tayc, 2-3-2-3-[5]-3- ; 13  

3. 9660, Rex, Jonathan Bartlett/Annie Bartlett, Annapolis Yacht Club, [4]-4-1-2-4-4- ; 15


1. 30473, , Arthur Blodgett/Charlie Bess, LYC Junior Sailing, [6]-2-6-1-1-1- ; 11  

2. 30629, , Gavin OHare/Holly OHare, Eastport YC, 1-[5]-1-4-2-4- ; 12T  

3. 31313, She Persisted, Lisa Pline/Lucas Masiello, Severn Sailing Assn, 2-1-[5]-3-4-2- ; 12T 


1. 4103, , Pat Curran/Whitney Tagliavini, Riverton YC, 1-2-1-[3]-2-3- ; 9  

2. 2908, Samurai, wick dudley/Beth Pinder, Corsica river, 3-1-[4]-2-3-1- ; 10  

3. 3932, sharkbait, Jon Burnham/Chaz Burnham, cooper river yacht club, 2-3-2-[4]-1-4- ; 12  


1. USA 8258, Deplorable, Barney Harris/Ernest Ayukawa, PRSA & WRSC, 1-[2]-1-1-1-2- ; 6  

2. 7971, Tonno Veloce', Marty Minot/Jordan Minot, Miles River YC, 2-[6]-3-3-3-3- ; 14  

3. 6434, Mega Woof, Nicholas Allen/Marisa Allen, PRSA, 4-1-2-5-[6]-5- ; 17

Jet 14 Nationals

Photo by Susan Hale

The first two days of the National Championships were sailed Thursday and Friday at the mouth of the Severn River in moderate pre-frontal westerlies of about 10 knots. After two days of racing, perennial favorite Brent Barbehenn of Cooper River, New Jersey and SSA, with crew Kate Erklauer, held a solid lead over Bryan and Tiffany Parker from the Cleveland area, with a tight battle for third between Nate Ireland of Hoover Sailing Club in Columbus, Ohio, sailing with local Annapolis crew Heather Patterson; SSA's Eric Johnson and Cathy Cotell; and Doug Brown and Susan Mallows from Hunterdon (NJ) Sailing Club.

For the final day of racing on Saturday, PRO Peter Hale took the fleet further out into the bay in anticipation of post-frontal northwesterlies.  The wind was very unstable in both strength and direction, which proved challenging for the racers and race committee alike.  In the end, Barbehenn and Erklauer would not be denied, throwing out a second place finish in the final race on their way to the regatta win. In second were the Parkers (also highest husband/wife team), and third were Ireland and Patterson.  Lenny Wells of Columbus, N.C, won the Farthest Distance travelled award, and Johnson and Cotell, who finished fourth overall, won the trophy for Best performance from south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Photo by Susan Hale

Jet 14 Results
1. 558, Blue Redux, Brent Barbehenn, Cooper River YC, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-[2]- ; 7   

2. 1135, Sloopy Too, Bryan Parker, None, 2-2-2-2-2-[3]-2-1- ; 13   
3. 1147, Funky Llama, Nate Ireland, Hoover Sailing club, 3-3-3-7-[9]-2-6-4- ; 28   

Find complete Jet 14 results here

Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup

This just in from Lin McCarthy’s Southern Bay Racing News You Can Use

The 2019 Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup turned out to be a truly current affair- a foul and fierce current at that... Saturday the current was so strong even a moderate breeze (12-15 knts) could barely get the boats to the shortened course mark. But, several did make it to 1YR and used the iron gennies to get the rest of the way to Cape Charles and the Oyster Farm Marina. 

On Sunday, there was not enough breeze to make a race of it from Cape Charles to Hampton/Buckroe. Race 2 of the weekend was abandoned. 

Photo by Eric Brinsfield/ Find more on BBSA's CCC page here


Race 1 – Little Creek to Cape Charles: 

PHRF A (9 boats)-1.Don DeLoatch, Riff Raff; 2.Neil Ford & Lis Biondi, Danger Paws; 3.Pete Hunter, Wairere. 

PHRF B (7 boats)-1.Chris French, Elixir; 2.Bob Archer, Bad Habit; 3.John Seely, Cannonball. 

PHRF C (4 boats)-1.Ben Cuker, Callinectes; 2.David Hughes, Jammin’. 

PHRF Non-Spin, 1hs (5 boats) – 1.Bill Ripley, Obsession; 2.Larry Baun, BaseRunner; 3.Booty Baker, Klimax. 

PHRF Non-Spin, 2hs (6 boats) – 1.Bob Howell, Pegasus; 2.Copeland, Gade, and Girardin, Black Widow; 3.Alan Johnson, Seeker. 

CRCA (10 boats) – 1.Paul Clifford, Wind Dancer; 2.Greg Peterman, Gregarious; 3.Ben & Cristina Ritger, Argo. 

CRUISING A (5 boats)-1.Scott Nielsen, Old Crow; 2.John Moore, Endless Summer; 3.Chris Schott, Lio Kai. 

CRU B (7 boats) – 1.Al Brazzi, Special K V2.0; 2.Kent Utley, Mortar Offer; 3.Dan Fox, Rare Vos. 

CRU C (5 boats)- 1.Chris Whately, Kaleidoscope (only boat to finish); 

Schooner (3 boats- none finished). 

Multihull (5 boats)- 1.Ben Carver, Entourage (only boat to finish).  

Photo by Eric Brinsfield

Event Principal Race Officer and West Starting Area =  Scott Almond. Race Officer East Starting Area = Homer Babbitt. Signal Boats = Preston and Sherry Carraway (Sojourner) and Rob and Nancy Smithwick (Miss Amy).  Mark Boat (Holokai) = Bill Pardee with Jerry Pattenaude. Event Co-Chairs = Ben & Christina Ritger.  

For complete CCC results, click here.

Of the 76 boats entered in the Cape Charles Cup, 66 raced on Saturday and 37 persevered against the grinding current to finish the shortened course. No racing was possible on Sunday due to lack of wind.

 Cape Charles Cup Awards will be presented on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 17th at  AJ GATORS  on Shore Drive in Norfolk near the Little Creek marinas. The Cape Charles Cup Weems and Plath Lanterns are awarded to the boat with the fastest corrected time in each division. WINNERS of the 2019 Cape Charles Cup Trophies: PHRF/RACING-Don DeLoatch, Riff Raff;  CRUISING-Al Brazzi, Special K v2.0. Riff Raff , is a repeat winner, having won in 2018.

As a testimony to the viciousness of the current on the race course, a total of 3 marks were seriously damaged during the starting sequences. The first pin mark had a D-ring ripped from the mark (ground tackle lost, mark rendered unusable); the replacement mark for the pin suffered an identical fate as the first; and, the third merely blew a hole in itself and had to be displayed from on the mark boat for pin duty, since it could not float on its own. The race committee remained undaunted through it all, the racers were patient, and the race was started in a reasonable amount of time. KUDOS!

Save the Date: Leo Wardrup Memorial CAPE CHARLES CUP 2020 – August 15-16, 2020.

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