Racing Ramps Up on the Chesapeake

With physical distancing, racing finally opens up on the Bay

Since we announced loosening of Covid-related outdoor recreational restrictions, even more has been lifted in the state of Maryland, such as pools and tour boat operations. Sailing and yacht clubs have been racking their brains and wringing their hands, everyone itching to get back on the race course, and finally it’s happening, albeit slowly, and differently by area, with the added challenge of incorporating physical distancing into land and sea gatherings.

Sailboat racing in Annapolis Harbor two years ago.. how will the race course look in 2020? 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of sailboat racing unfolding on the Chesapeake in the near future, but rather a sampling of confirmed race activity moving forward—“moving,” as in target, being the operative word.

Many active racing clubs are still figuring out the logistics or waiting on changes in regional restrictions. For example, the Baltimore City Yacht Association is waiting on the city’s stay-at-home order to be lifted, which at the time of this writing has not happened. Fishing Bay Yacht Club hasn’t worked through the kinks yet. And the list goes on.

Words to expect this summer: “no post-race social,” “no party,” “no pig roast!” Hey—as long as racers can race, we’re game to stay healthy and figure it out.

Please send any and all racing updates to [email protected] and we will publish them in our calendar online and in the magazine as they are confirmed. Find links to the following events in our calendar.

June 3—Annapolis Yacht Club begins the Wednesday Night Racing Series.

June 4—J/World Annapolis begins its Thursday night one-design racing series.

June 6—The North East River Yacht Club Invitational is happening!

June 9--Severn Sailing Association starts up its TESOD (Tues. Evening Sailing One Design) series.

June 17—Hampton Yacht Club Wednesday Night Racing.
June 19—Eastport Yacht Club starts up its Friday Night Beer Can series.

June 20—CCV Solstice Race.

June 27—Eastport Yacht Club One Design Classic.

June 28—Hampton YC Doublehanded Race.

July 11—Eastport YC Boomerang Race!

Send updates to [email protected] and we will update our calendar accordingly.