SpinSheet Racing Roundup May 2022

A Sailboat Racing Recap for May 2022 on the Chesapeake Bay

The 2022 sailboat racing season is officially underway on the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks to our sponsor Mount Gay Rum, we're pleased to bring you the SpinSheet Racing Roundup, a monthly recap video of compiled photos, podium finishers, big upcoming regattas to sign up for, and photo of the month. In this month's recap, we include top finishers from the Annapolis Yacht Club (AYC) Frostbite Series Part 2, Severn Sailing Association (SSA) ILCA (formerly Laser) frostbite podium finishers, class winners from the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron's Race to the Lighthouses, CCV Racing's Spring Series results, upcoming races in May, and a photo of the month. 

Since we're just getting started in this racing and "racing roundup" journey, remember that SpinSheet is YOUR magazine as Chesapeake Bay sailors. That means if you think your club's event is big enough and/or important enough to be included in future SpinSheet Racing Roundups, tell us about it! Send links to results, a post-event writeup, and photos! We always want photos! Send all to [email protected].

We cannot cover every single race on the Chesapeake, but we're happy to cover as many as we can. We do need your help to do so! It's an easy email to remember: [email protected]! Always best to contact me there rather than on social media DM.

Here's your roundup for April 2022 on the Chesapeake:

AYC Frostbite Series Second Half Class Winners

Cal 25 (One Design - 10 Boats) 
Timothy Bloomfield, White Cap

Harbor 20 (One Design - 10 Boats)
John Heintz, Endurance

J/22 (One Design - 17 Boats)
Timothy Libby, No Problem 

J/24 (One Design - 6 Boats)
Pete Kassal, Spaceman Spiff  

J/30 (One Design - 6 Boats)
Ryan Joe, Hello Mary Lou

J/80 (One Design - 13 Boats)
David Andril, VAYU

J/105 (One Design - 15 Boats)
Arthur Libby and Tom Carter, DogHouse

ORC (ORC - 15 Boats)
Gisela Shaughnessy, Swiss Miss

PHRF (13 Boats)
Madeline Vachon, Syzygy

AYC Frostbite Perpetual Trophies

Buck Smith Perpetual Trophy (Best in Cal 25 Fleet) - Timothy Bloomfield, White Cap
Frostbite Best Overall PHRF Award --John Zarkowsky, Nemesis
Clark Memorial Trophy (Best in ORC) --Gisela Shaughnessy, Swiss Miss
Commodore’s Cup (Best Overall Performance in Frostbite) --Arthur Libby and Tom Carter, DogHouse

Severn Sailing Association ILCA Frostbite Series

Top Three Finishers
Division: ILCA 6 (10 boats) 

1.    Natalie Burls
2.    Dorian Haldeman   
3.    Chris Draper     
Division: ILCA 7 (15 boats) 
1.    David Waiting
2.    Luke Shingledecker
3.    Gavin O’Hare    

FUN FACT: The winners in each class are married to one another. Thanks to Ted Morgan for the photos and fun fact!

NASS Race to the Lighthouses—April 23 Class Winners

J/105 (One Design - 5 Boats)
Angelo Guarino, Crescendo 

PHRF A0 (5 Boats)
MIDN 2/C Jon Middlebrooks, Kodiak

PHRF A2 (10 Boats)
Andrew Noel, Mama Tried

CRCA Cruiser (7 Boats)
Mark Lister, Winsome Ride 

CCV Spring Series Opener—April 24 Class Winners

PHRF A (12 boats)
Ian Hill, Sitella

PHRF B/C (7 boats)
Ben Weeks, Rumble

PHRF Non-Spin (3 boats)
Ben Ritger, Argo

April 28–May 1—Charleston Race Week
May 13-15—Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series Annapolis
May 21--EWE Spirit Cup by Sailing Club of the Chesapeake
May 27—Down the Bay Race
May 28—Miles River Race

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