SpinSheet Racing Team 2017

Congratulations, SpinSheet Racing Team 2017!

Craig and Dotty Saunders, owners of Monkey Dust, have been on the SpinSheet Racing Team two years in a row. Photo by Dan Phelps

We created the SpinSheet Racing Team to celebrate those dedicated sailors who get out there weekend after weekend to a wide variety of regattas—regardless of their finishes, they dedicated the hours to the sport. They raced hard around the buoys and from point to point, sometimes in thunderstorms, sometimes all night long. Despite the challenges and all the other activities tugging them in all directions, they carved out the time to go sailing and rallied crew to join them. They got a few sunburns, bruised their shins (or worse), drank a few rum drinks along the way, and still they came back for more.

These are our people! And we look forward to honoring them at our Annapolis Crew Party in April 22, when they will recieve their cool Team One Newport high-tech team shirts. The party will be held from 4-6 p.m. at the Eastport Yacht Club, with the ceremony to start at 5 p.m. Any racing team member who is unable to attend, may send their mailing address to [email protected], and we’ll send their Team One Newport tech shirt in the mail when they arrive.

Racing Team members (named below) qualified by participating in the following within the calendar year: one racing series, one charity regatta, one volunteer day, one distance or multi-day regatta, and three other regattas. Learn more at our SpinSheet Racing Team page

If you see these sailors on the docks or around the Bay, join us in congratulating them.

Alan Bomar Jessica Morrison
Vickery Brewer Dennis Quinn
Jerry Christofel Mark Rickling
Joanne Christofel Jonathan Romero
Mary Beth Coker David Rosedale
Lynn Crosby Kati Rubis
Tim Etherington Bob Rutsch
Julianne Fettus Craig Saunders
JuneRose Futcher Dotty Saunders
Jamie Gregory Evan Scott
Susie Harris Thomas Shaw
Rosemary Hobart David Stalfort
Michael Jewell David Tabor
Amanda Laughlin Lew Thatcher
Rick Lober Carol Vaughn
Drew LoBiondo Molly Lynn Westrate
Ashley Love Brian Wiersema
Lynn McClaskey Steve Young
Brad Miller