Twilight, Bermuda, and More Bermuda Racing Roundup June 15-17

Two Bermuda Races and the First Summery Weekend on the Bay

You know it's summer when it's time for the Twilight Race--combine that with the ending of and beginning of another Bermuda race, and you have a full racing weekend on and beyond the Bay. Here's your SpinSheet Racing Roundup for June 15-17.

A2B Wrap Up

Cimarron crew arrives in Bermuda. Photo courtesy of Annapolis Bermuda FB page

When we last reported on the Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race, Bob Fox on Sly was the first to finish the race, and there were very few boats that had completed the race. Well, all are in safely now. Here are some news from the A2B website, top finishers, and special awards. Expect more as sailors and boats return to Chesapeake country in the next two weeks, and they share their stories. Find more in our July and August issues.

The awards party in Bermuda. Photo courtesy of A2B Facebook page

From A2B web: The weather cleared perfectly for a lovely dockside Prizegiving ceremony. The sailors and their family and friends celebrated their success in an event hosted by local dignitaries including the governor of Bermuda, mayor of Hamilton, ministry of tourism and US consul general. The final boat arrived three hours before the festivities began. A gala dinner under the stars followed. Memories were made, friendships were forged and old ones grew deeper as our second race partnering with the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. 

Find SpinSheet’s A2B start photos here. Results and special awards below.

First to Finish  -- Line Honors    SLY –Bob Fox

First to Finish PHRF I    Sly—Bob Fox

First to Finish PHRF II    Cimmaron – Lynn McClaskey

First to Finish CRCA   Jane Says – Robert Dunnigan, Jr.

Joe Laun Lynn McClaskey Tom, Lara, Russ and crew at the awards ceremony for the 2018 A2B Race. Maryland meets Bermuda socks!! Photo courtesy of A2B Facebook page

Class Awards

First out of the Bay Corrected

PHRF 1  Tenacious – Christopher Cantillo

PHRF 2  Cimmaron  -- Lynn McClaskey

CRCA  Jane Says – Robert Dunigan, Jr.

Offshore Leg Corrected

PHRF I  Tenacious – Christopher Cantillo

PHRF II  Orion – John Opert

CRCA  Shwang Si – Joe Cummings


PHRF I               

3rd  Integrity – Joshua Corbett

2nd  Gallant – Cassidy O’Brien

1st   Tenacious – Christopher Cantillo


3rd      Epiphany – Justin Smith

2nd    Cimmaron – Lynn McClaskey

1st     Orion – Jon Opert


3rd     Jane Says – Robert Dunigan, Jr.

2nd     Resolute --  David Adams

1st      Shwang Si – Joe Cummings

Special Awards

Charles N. Bozenhart Navigator’s Trophy For the Navigator of the Boat First to Finish with Line Honors: SLY --  Greg Dupier

Weems and Plath Navigator’s Trophy   -- awarded to the Navigator whose logs and plotting sheets are found to be complete, neat and legible, who best exhibits navigation skills incorporating dead reckoning, charting and log-keeping: Shiloh -- Joaquin Marquez

Storm Trysail Yacht Club Trophy –   The club whose top two racers achieve the highest combined score win a beautiful perpetual trophy to display in its clubhouse until the next race.  The two High point Skippers please come forward to accept your individual award.

Naval Academy Sailing Squadron –  Tenacious – Christopher Cantillo;  Gallant – Cassidy O’Brien

Most Competitive J/ Boat – trophy donated by J/Boats  -- Cimmaron -- Lynn McClaskey

Brian Oatley Award  -- Given to honor the spirit of long time A2B Ocean Race Supporter Brian Oatley, this trophy is awarded to the yacht that is the most competitive in her class but does not make the podium.  Brian was the past Commodore of the St George’s Dinghy Club.  Brian was involved in every aspect of the race, spending countless hours doing anything that needed to be done.  Brian passed away in 2014: Nomad – Seth Winnick

Cooks Trophy  Last to Finish  -- Impromptu—John Benson

Find more on the A2B website.

Shearwater Sailing Club’s (SSC) Twilight Race

The annual Twilight Race unfolded off Annapolis June 16 in gorgeous conditions with 13 knots of breeze, which lay down as the race progressed and then picked back up. Competitors completed a 15-mile course and finished at the yellow weather mark "W" off Annapolis, which had moved during the winter, making it so that many crews were unable to find the finish line in the dark. It was an unfortunate ending to a beautiful summer evening for many racers. Find Al Schreitmueller’s SpinSheet Twilight photos here. Following are provisional results:

Photo by Al Schreitmueller/ SpinSheet

CRCA NS (1 boats) 

1          60498  Curlew            Densmore, David        165      1          21:39:59.0       00:33:49.5       03:36:09.5            00:00:00.0                   1.0

CRCA R/C (1 boats) 

DNF    10        Alptr    H, Steve          165      DNF    No Time          00:41:48.0       No Time          No Time            DNF    2.0

Cal 25 (7 boats) 

1          1226    White Cap       Bloomfield, Timothy  Cal25   1          20:54:20.0                   1.0

2          681      Ronin  Rogers, Christopher    Cal25   2          21:05:35.0                   2.0

3          896      Zephyr Hoyt, David    Cal25   3          21:07:20.0                   3.0

Photo by Al Schreitmueller/ SpinSheet

J-105 (11 boats) 

1          USA 113                    White, John     J105     1          20:27:05.0                   1.0

2          527      Firebrand         Slabaugh, Jon  J105     2          20:30:07.0                   2.0

3          USA- 523        Santas Reign, Dear     Santa, Donald J105     3          20:33:17.0                   3.0

J-30 (6 boats) 

1          53260  Rag Doll          lundahl, Rob   J30       1          20:52:24.0                   1.0

2          63242  Insatiable         anderson, Ronald        J30       2          20:52:39.0                   2.0

3          USA 90           Cannonball 2.0            Stewart, George          J30       3          20:52:57.0                   3.0

Photo by Al Schreitmueller/ SpinSheet

PHRF A0 (4 boats)

1          61017  Jeroboam         Givry, Laurent            -30       1          19:47:29.0       -00:07:36.0      02:50:05.0            00:00:00.0                   1.0

DNF    can 1213          Hermes            mills, robert     12        DNF    No Time          00:03:02.4       No Time          No Time    DNF    5.0T

PHRF A1 (3 boats) 

1          38012  ZUUL Capuco, Benedict       30        1          19:55:53.0       00:07:36.0       02:43:17.0       00:00:00.0                        1.0

PHRF A2 (5 boats) 

1          1889    MONKEY DUST       Saunders, Craig           75        1          20:19:01.0       00:19:00.0       02:50:01.0            00:00:00.0                   1.0

2          USA 82           AfterSchock    SUSIE, PAUL            72        2          20:21:07.0       00:18:14.4       02:52:52.6            00:02:51.6                   2.0

3          32245  STYLO           Stagg, Wiley   90        4          20:27:48.0       00:22:48.0       02:55:00.0       00:04:59.0                        3.0

PHRF B (3 boats)

1          93176  Ippon   Gallagher, Sean           114      1          20:42:37.0       00:28:52.8       02:53:44.2       00:00:00.0                        1.0

2          40535  Second Mouse            iliff, Nick        141      2          21:06:02.0       00:35:43.2       03:10:18.8            00:16:34.6                   2.0

DNF    83348  Blaze Star        Teeling, Pat and Amy 144      DNF    No Time          00:36:28.8       No Time          No Time    DNF    4.0

PHRF NonSpin (5 boats)

1          93273  Cheap Sunglasses        Buck, Irv         84        2          20:20:34.0       00:17:13.2       02:33:20.8            00:00:00.0                   1.0

2          USA 93300     Muskrat           Iliff, Jr., Nicholas        78        1          20:20:17.0       00:15:59.4       02:34:17.6            00:00:56.8                   2.0

3          60850  Gotcha            Bellezza, Paul  120      3          20:35:33.0       00:24:36.0       02:40:57.0       00:07:36.2                        3.0

Click to SSC website here.

Rambler 88 Takes Line Honors in Newport Bermuda Race

Leaving most of the fleet far behind in light winds, George David’s Rambler 88 crossed the finish line off St. David’s Lighthouse at 5:51:51 Eastern daylight time on Sunday evening. Earning line honors among the 169 boats racing in the 51st Newport Bermuda Race, the big gray boat’s elapsed time over the 635-mile course was 50 hours, 31 minutes, 51 seconds.

Photo by Adventures of a Sailor Girl

The custom 88-foot Juan K design ran into some slow patches with light winds early in the race, but after sailing through the Gulf Stream on Saturday, maintained double-digit speeds the rest of the way and left the next-placed boats several hours behind. The winds weren’t strong during the race, but the seas were relatively smooth.

If you look at the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race tracker , you’ll see that Wizard, Warrior, and Proteus finished between 11 p.m. last night at 1:30 a.m. this morning. Find the latest news on the N2B website here.

SSA Hosts Snipe Invitational/ US Junior Snipe Nationals

Find the 2018 Snipe Invitational scores here.

Find updates on the SSA Facebook page here