Rainmaker Found, Towed to Bermuda

UPDATE: More photos from Bermuda courtesy Hugh Alexander Davidson.


Breaking news: Peter Johnstone has reported that Rainmaker, the Gunboat 55 that was dismasted and abandoned in the Atlantic over a year ago, has been located and towed into Bermuda.

Peter Johnstone updated his Facebook page with a photo of the boat being towed in to Bermuda. "The Gunboat 55 Rainmaker is still in one piece and floating. Found and apparently under tow. 14 months in the North Atlantic. Two winters of gales. That is a will to live on."

The boat is currently on a mooring in Bermuda. Sailing Anarchy reports a wild story: that it was actually first spotted by members of Oracle Team USA while they were on a fishing trip off Bermuda. That information has not been confirmed.