Robert Suhay Sets World Record

suhay_logCongratulations to Robert Suhay, a 51-year old seasoned sailor from Norfolk, VA, who this past Saturday bested his own record for "Longest singlehanded distance sailed in a dingy by a male"- From Beaufort, N.C., to our own Annapolis, MD, a distance of 346 Nautical Miles.

Suhay, who made the journey in his 14-foot Laser Insomnia, sailed the distance unassisted- and without stopping- starting on Tuesday, June 30th and ending on Sunday, July 4th.

“He only took one sleep break on Thursday night (July 2) and drifted on to a sledge and briefly grounded when the tide went out,” reports his wife, Lisa Suhay. “However, he did not at any time make landfall or set foot on land. Satellite imagery of the event makes it look as if he’s on an island but when you play the GPS Track you can see the boat drifting in circles for a few hours as he slept. Boats up on the hard don’t drift in circles. But since we expect that to be something we will have to document with the help of Fish and Wildlife, we are currently placing the record breaking at the point just before he went to sleep at the sledge. That was 295.3 nm.”

You can see a map of his progress on his website.