Missing the Boat Shows: Videos for Sailors

Watch THIS! What's New and Exciting in Sailing 

One of the things we will miss the most with the U.S. Sailboat Show not happening in 2020 is the chance to sit down and learn from experts in the sailing world and learn about new boats, sails, and gear that's improved over the years. Here are some sample interviews we did for our "missing the boat show" coverage with SpinSheet advertisers. We will add more to this post as the weekend progresses. Enjoy!

Solana 380

Green Yacht Sales & Oceanvolt talk about the Salona 380, the first all electric sailboat in the USA.

The Portland Pudgy

The Portland Pudgy is a multifunction boat that was designed as a yacht tender and unsinkable, dynamic lifeboat for bluewater sailors that can be sailed to safety. The resulting stability, buoyancy, ruggedness, roominess, and “unsinkability” designed into the Portland Pudgy make it unparalleled as an everyday tender, a safe and sea-friendly sailing dinghy, and a great all-around rowboat/motorboat. The Pudgy is a self-contained unit: all accessories, including the oars, sail kit, and exposure canopy, stow within the storage space in the double hull of the boat with room to spare.


Chesapeake Sailmakers

SpinSheet talks with Chuck O'Malley of Chesapeake Sailmakers about how you can still get their boat show specials even without having the boat shows this year!


HH 50 Catamaran

SpinSheet editor Molly Winans sits down with a new HH 50 Catamaran owner and learns about the boat, the design process, and what's to love about this cool new cat. 


Quantum Sails

SpinSheet's Chris Charbonneau sits down with Quantum Sails's David Flynn.

North Sails

SpinSheet's Molly Winans catches up with Jonathan Bartlett of North Sails.

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