We are the ones who decided that family is family, furry or not, and committed to the ups and downs of cruising with our pets onboard.
The one island is home to two different countries, Sint Maarten which is Dutch, and Saint Martin, which is French. The shorthand for both places is SXM.
Learn what is special about Camp Grenada, a hurricane hole where a spontaneous, temporary community forms as quickly as it dismantles come November.
Dominica is lush, clean, and jaw-droppingly beautiful at every turn. Long, lanky waterfalls cascade off towering, emerald mountains all over the island.
After 10 years of bluewater sailing, I've come to understand that caution is good, but the voices (in my head) are often wrong. Everything will be okay once I get in there. If not,...
How many sailing families have the opportunity to cross an ocean together? ~by Jim Toomey
The US Virgin Islands (USVI) are a nice home base away from home for many sailing cruisers and expats.
Riding out hurricanes in two distinctly different sailboat cruising destinations. ~by Cindy Wallach
The people who voyage long term by sailboat, cruising sailors, are just as diverse as the boats they use and the places they go.