It was a windy midnight passage across a sea of wild horses, under a full moon, sailing an antique classic schooner through the night on my first visit to Bermuda. 
Sailboat crewing opportunities beyond home can be found surprisingly easily, yet you must do your homework beforehand.
After 10 years of bluewater sailing, I've come to understand that caution is good, but the voices (in my head) are often wrong. Everything will be okay once I get in there. If not,...
Resourceful, mechanically inclined, tenacious sailors can cruise the world and enjoy it if they learn some tricks and improvise.
How many sailing families have the opportunity to cross an ocean together? ~by Jim Toomey
As a Chesapeake couple learns on their first offshore passage together, a smooth sea does not make for a skilled sailor. ~by Jessica Morrison
The trails and tribulations of an offshore sailing crew heading to the USVI in December on a 54-foot sailboat. ~by Lou Frank
Sponsoring OCC boats in the Chesapeake has been a great way to meet fellow bluewater cruisers.
The passage itself couldn’t begin without a beginning. Getting down and out of the Bay was a beginning of sorts. You can’t start a road trip unless you back the car out of the garage