A Chesapeake sailor's bucket-list adventure doing a transatlantic passage aboard a friend's new catamaran. ~By John W. Robinson
Even in paradise, cruising sailors face challenges that tax their patience, test their skills, and leave them more frustated than they want to admit.
Sailing at night, all I could see of the real Haiti ahead of me was an imposing mountainous silhouette, jagged and threatening, inky black against the starlit sky.
The joy of sailng a new boat in a new place mix with the terror of skinny waters and the unknown for an ICW cruiser.
In sailing, as in life, happiness is a decision, not a circumstance, one that doesn’t have to manifest itself as giddy or elated. Happy is being at peace with yourself and with the...
The life forces that tie us to shore life are formidable and complex and cannot be simply untied like releasing a dock line from a dock cleat. That is why the saying is that one must...
If you believe that a well-loved boat possesses some sort of a spirit, then you might agree that, in the course of her lifetime, she may also possess some sort of a destiny.
If you dream of being a liveaboard cruiser, it's time to reevaluate your relationship with stuff and take these six steps to "breaking up" with it.