How many sailing families have the opportunity to cross an ocean together? ~by Jim Toomey
The US Virgin Islands (USVI) are a nice home base away from home for many sailing cruisers and expats.
Riding out hurricanes in two distinctly different sailboat cruising destinations. ~by Cindy Wallach
The people who voyage long term by sailboat, cruising sailors, are just as diverse as the boats they use and the places they go. 
A cruising family decides to be travelers, not tourists, in a six-month stay in Luperon, Domincan Republic. ~By Cindy Wallach
Joining a Sailboat Delivery? Consider Asking These Questions First.
A Chesapeake sailor's bucket-list adventure doing a transatlantic passage aboard a friend's new catamaran. ~By John W. Robinson
Even in paradise, cruising sailors face challenges that tax their patience, test their skills, and leave them more frustated than they want to admit.
Sailing at night, all I could see of the real Haiti ahead of me was an imposing mountainous silhouette, jagged and threatening, inky black against the starlit sky.