A great weekend for racing and celebrating. And of course SpinSheet tattoos!
Looking for photos from the 2016 event? Click here.  What a gorgeous weekend in Solomons.
The French frigate L'Hermione landed in Annapolis yesterday at 5 a.m. to great fanfare. Today (Tuesday), a parade celebrated the French and American alliance.
The whole fleet has started and is headed down the Bay (the first half of the fleet is, for the most part, already out in the ocean just off Chincoteague Island).
And they're off! The first half of the fleet is heading off down the Bay, under dark but not yet rainy skies. We'll see what the afternoon and evening hold...
'Tis the season for wild and wacky weather, dramatic clouds in particular.
What a gorgeous day to be a Chesapeake Bay sailor. Results are below.