Century Club: Mick Meckler

Thursday, September 2, 2021 to Friday, September 3, 2021
Number of days:
2 days

To be added

Sunday, August 29, 2021 to Monday, August 30, 2021
Number of days:
2 days

Parkside to Hawk Cove: The winds are from the northeast 6 knots with temperatures in the high 70s low 80s and partly cloudy. We took a quick trip to the pump out and then out to sail. Unfortunately, by the time we got out to the bay, there was no wind so we instead decided to anchor in Hawk Cove and go swimming. Dinner was grilled steak with potato salad and cucumber salad. Brownies for dessert, Yum. We relaxed looking at the stars and listening to Spotify. Bedtime at 11:00 PM. Oh, I got a chance to clean the water line and the paddle wheel so now things were working again.

Hawk Cove to Parkside: It was a quiet warm night, but we seem to sleep well anyway. We were up at 7:40 and made coffee for a breakfast of cereal and fruit. Then we took a nice swim relaxing in the warm day of 79 to 85 degrees sunny to partly cloudy. Afterwards we deployed the dinghy and engine and took a short trip over to the park as no one was in the area. I walked around the park office as Sue look for shells on the beach. We then zipped back over to the boat and grilled hot dogs for lunch along with macaroni salad. Then we took another swim and readied the dinghy for towing. We sailed for over 30 minutes towing the dinghy for practice, but the weather and winds kept changing and we headed in. We moved the dinghy forward for our docking which turned out fine.

Days: 2     Days to date: 56

Miles: 16.9     Miles to date: 684.9

Friday, August 27, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Today's mission was to return the dinghy from the dinghy racks on shore. We deployed the dinghy in light winds, and I rowed from the shore to the docks and actually all around the docks before I finally returned to the boat.

Days: 1     Days to date: 54

Miles: 0     Miles to date: 668.0

Thursday, August 19, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Walden Rigging returned to the boat and finished up the job of installing the main and the jib, and then I was on my way. I let out the new jib after exiting the Marina and then deployed the main while in the channel. All went quite smoothly. The jib felt much nicer and allowed me to sail well in light winds. I was doing almost half the wind speed on close hauls. Eventually the wind slowed, and the tide turned direction, so I recalled the sails and motored behind pools island and back into the slip. Back home again after a month of hard work.

Days: 1     Days to date: 53

Miles 39.0     Miles to date: 668.0

Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Simple mission, return for the mast. I stopped for fuel at Long Beach and a pump out. It was a simple trip with no issues, but it started out with rain and quite a bumpy ride but once I got past pools island all was well.

Days: 1     Days to date: 52

Miles: 30.3     Miles to date: 629.0

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 to Monday, August 16, 2021
Number of days:
10 days

I spent the month removing the compression post and eventually the rotted pad. This is a documented issue with 43 deck salons built around the timeframe of my boat. I had helped my friend Rik do his in the winter and he helped me with mine as well. After 3 days to remove the old, rotted wood and a few more letting it dry I made a new pad with a combination of G 10 and epoxy. This took 5 days to complete as I had to be careful as to how much epoxy I mixed due to heat concerns. I raised the post about 5/8”, which is now back at the original height. I cleaned up the effected bilge area and painted everything a nice white. Other major jobs completed while the mast was missing was re-bedding the main chainplates and cleanup of the mast plate. Also, I made storage drawers under the galley table. During this time, I was working with Walden Rigging on the new standing rigging as well as new wires to be installed in the mast. I ordered a new VHF antenna along with other items that would be easier to install while the mast was down. It was a challenging month but at least I was able to run the AC.

Days: 10     Days to date: 51

Miles: 0     Miles to date: 598.7

Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

After a successful removal of the mast, I decided to head home and spend the month in my slip at Parkside working on inside tasks. The wind was very light on a sunny day with the temperatures in the low 90s. With no mast I was basically a very slow power boat. Interesting though, the waves and currents reacted differently with no mass as it was a much bumpier ride. Much like an automobile with only springs and no shocks. Docking was easy but it sure looked funny sitting there in the slip with no mast.

Days: 1     Days to date: 41

Miles: 30.4     Miles to date: 598.7

Saturday, July 17, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

I needed to have the mast removed so that I can fix the compression post pad issue and also to have new standing rigging installed by Walden Rigging. Kevin agreed to head up to Harve de Grace with me on a sunny day with the winds from the SSE 8 to 10 knots and temperatures in the high 80s low 90s. We headed out early to catch the incoming tide. We started out on a starboard close reach moving to a beam as we got out of the river and finally to a broad reach behind pools island. Our average speed was above 5 until the Sassafras River where I dropped the genoa and started motor sailing. I brought the main in while heading up the narrow cut into Harve de Grace.  We docked against the wall in basin C portside 2 after going to the end turning right and backing into the bulkhead. Dinner was at an local Italian restaurant after we pulling cotter pins and doing tasks to prepare for mast removal scheduled for Monday.

Days: 1     Days to date: 40

Miles: 29.5     Miles to date: 568.3

Friday, July 16, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Today I rode the dinghy around the Marina and finally went to shore to put it on the dinghy rack. No miles. No engine hours. Just today on the water.

Days: 1     Days to date: 39

Miles: 0     Miles to date: 538.8

Thursday, July 15, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

With no wind and temperatures in the high 80s on a very sunny day we did a quick trip to Maryland Marina for a pump out. No wind made it very easy to dock but it was quite hot and we wanted to complete the task as soon as possible. Before returning to the dock, we deployed the dinghy to get ready to go ashore on Friday and place it on the dinghy rack. I will be taking the boat to Tidewater Marina to get the mast removed so we need to leave the dinghy behind.

Days: 1     Days to date: 38

Miles: .9     Miles to date: 538.8

Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

It was a sunny hot day with temperatures in the high 80s low 90s, but the winds picked up and begged us to come out. We raised the main in the Creek and the Genoa in Middle River and sailed out on a close reach in strong 14-18 knot winds. We reached Pools Island and came about and headed towards Hart Miller Island on a beam reach. Then after a bit we eased onto a broad reach into the river. I pulled in the genoa and then we turned into the wind to retrieve the main. Docking went well. Good sail today.

Days: 1     Days to date: 37

Miles: 15.4          Miles to date: 521.2

Sunday, July 11, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

I started out thinking I would go on a trip by myself but I asked my neighbors “power boaters” if they would like to see how the other half lived. Unexpectedly they said yes so after they took their dogs ashore and returned, we got underway. Rick handled the lines as I motored out. I raised the mainsail while in Frog Mortar Creek and then the jib when I reached Middle River. I turned the engine off and we sailed on a closer reach most of the way out of the river. The winds were steady around 10 with gusts to 15 on a sunny day with temperatures in the low 80’s. Finally, we came about and returned home on a broad reach. At times we were moving along nicely reaching speeds of over 7.5 knots. Docking was OK in 15 knot winds. Both thought it was nice, and Kathy who was relaxed enough almost fell asleep a few times, but they thought it was a lot of work and will stick with power boats.

Days: 1     Days to date: 36

Miles: 16.3     Miles to date: 537.5

Monday, July 5, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Today the winds were predicted to be from the south/southwest 8 to 12 knots with temperatures 79 to 81 degrees and a sunny day. Sue arrived around 2:00 PM and we quickly stowed the gear and filled the freezer and then headed out. We were heading out into the wind, and I raised the main. I raised the jib in the river, and we sailed out. I kept trying to get on a broad reach to ease the heeling, but another sailboat was right in my way. So, I stalled out and came back around. We eventually went out on a starboard reach which turned to a broad reach until the sailing into the Bay. Then we jibed to head behind Pools Island. We eventually were heading on a close haul to get past the green can. Finally, on a beam reach we pulled into in front of the other boat enjoyed a clear sail across the Bay. We jibed around the North End of the island and then headed back in on a close reach/close haul. We then tried a broad reach on the way into the river. I brought in the main sail while on a run and then the jibe using the electric winch while in the Creek. It was a good docking. Then we headed out to dinner with Steve.

Days: 1     Days to date: 35

Miles: 22.6     Miles to date: 505.8

Sunday, July 4, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Bob and Janey arrived to a ready boat around noon and after stowing their gear we headed out. Bob drove out of the slip as I remove the lines. All went smoothly. We motored out and I deployed the main as we headed into the winds around Strawberry Point. When we arrived to Middle River I launched the jib on a starboard tack. We managed to stay high enough in the wind to get out of the river and headed towards Gunpowder River. Finally, after reaching Gunpowder, we came about and actually sailed through Hawk Cove towards the cut. Bob did all the driving but he turned the helm over to me so I could motor sail through the cut. On the other side we headed towards Bodkin Creek until we could head north on a broad reach. With the winds from the south southeast at 7 to 11 knots and temperatures in the high 70s on a sunny day Janie went below and got the subs they brought, and we had lunch. Once north of the island we jibed and headed back. I recovered the sales as Bob once again drove in the crazy boat traffic of Middle River. Then we relaxed a bit in the salon and headed out to dinner at Tavern on the Quarter.

Days: 1     Days to date: 34

Miles: 27.4     Miles to date: 483.2

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

With the winds from the south 11 to 15 knots, temperatures in the high 80s and a sunny day, I sailed with Marty and Ed on Marty's boat, Far Fetched. It was a brisk luncheon sail tacking back and forth between Pools Island and Hawk Cove. Finally, we returned after about five hours out on the water.

Total Days: 1     Days to date: 33

Total Miles: 0     Miles to date: 455.8

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 to Monday, June 28, 2021
Number of days:
7 days

Parkside to Bodkin Creek: It rained most of the day, so we did some chores and Sue went shopping. Then the rain stopped so we got underway and motored to Maryland Marina for a pump out. With full water tanks and empty holding tanks we headed out for a short adventure. We raised the sails as we entered middle river and jibed our way out of the river once we were clear red 4. I was planning on going behind Hart Miller Island but we were seeing some gusts of wind over 25 knots so we jibbed two more times to put us on a tack east of the island. Driven by the wind on where we could go, we picked anchoring in bodkin Creek. It was a broad reach all the way there and with winds opposing the tide we had one-to-two-foot waves attacking us. Once passed the island this calmed down a bit and it was a calm but an exciting sail. It did start to get chilly, so we put on long pants and his shirt. Finally, the wind subsided so we dropped the sails and we motored to inside bodkin Creek. Anchoring did not go well as it took multiple tries. The anchor seemed to land on its back and drag pulling the buoy, which is a good reminder, that it didn’t catch. Finally, we hooked it and started preps for dinner. Dinner was grilled salmon and vegetables along with rice pilaf and cucumber salad. We ate down below as it was cool topside, imagine that! We did manage to relax topside and then bed around 11:00 o'clock cool calm night sleeping.

Bodkin Creek to Chester River: Overnight we had no issues as the winds calmed to just about nothing. It was cool, so I started breakfast of coffee, sausage patties and scrambled eggs. I texted Ralph that we were in the neighborhood so we could stop by and help with his anchor counter and controls. So, we cleaned up from breakfast, and got underway around 9:00 AM for the short trip. The project took more time than originally anticipated but we had fun and sued chatted with Margaret. We had a subway launch and finally finished up around 4:00 PM. Once again, we were looking for a close anchorage and I picked the bottom of the Chester River by Queenstown Creek. The winds were non-existent, so we motored the entire distance. It was a very nice trip across the Bay and when we were in the river we saw a pod of dolphins and also some cownose rays. Anchoring went well this time as we went into about 13 feet to drop the hook, and the anchor buoy, and paid out 70 feet of chain. We stayed put for sure. I jumped in for a quick swim and then got a shower as Sue started dinner of grilled chicken tenders, potato salad, and watermelon. We ate dinner in the cockpit engulfed by a beautiful sunset. Then we relaxed and finally went to bed. Overnight was calm and cool.

Chester River to Chestertown: I was up early after a very calm night. I spent time watching the crab boats tend to their crab lines that they deployed. We relax in the cockpit with a simple breakfast of cereal and coffee. Then we got underway as Sue cleaned up from breakfast and made the bed. We motor sailed with the jib when we could, but otherwise it was a very pleasant and calm journey up the beautiful Chester River. There are many large farms as well as large homes along the shorelines. We arrived in Chestertown docks and quietly backed into slip B-8. They are floating docks with full length finger piers and brand new. The facilities are spotless and the staff very attending. We took a walk around the few blocks of town and enjoyed ice cream and window shopping. Then back to the boat to relax and prepare for dinner which was at the docks. The name is 98 Cannon Riverfront Grill and certainly was excellent. After dinner we strolled around a bit and finally relaxed in the cockpit to watch the strawberry full moon. Then it was boater’s midnight.

Chestertown to Reed Creek: I made a light breakfast of cereal and toast to get us started this morning. We got a pump out at the docks by Paul as he was there early waiting for the Pride of Baltimore to arrive. We cleaned up and then eased out of the slip. It was a calm motor with the current down the river on a sunny day with temperatures mid to high 70s. We contacted Bill and Nancy and decided on a raft up at Reed Creek. Once in Reed Creek we anchored out and deployed the dinghy and engine. We drove around the perimeters of the Creek until we saw S/V Wind Dragon arriving. Once they rafted up they came over for some appetizers and discussion to catch up since last meeting. Then Bill and I took a quick ride in the dinghy. We both had dinner on our respective boats and waited for what turned out to be a spectacular moonrise. Then it was Boater’s midnight. I was up very frequently checking on things as Bill said we were to get 20 plus knot winds overnight. That never happened, instead we had a very brief rainstorm with all the hatches open. Rats!

Reed Creek to Grays Creek: I awoke to a wet V berth and salon table due to the rain last night and open hatches. I made coffee and tried my best to dry everything up. Then we had sausage and eggs for breakfast as we enjoyed the company of Bill and Nancy. They departed around 10 AM and Sue and I recovered the dinghy and engine. Sue drove out of Reed Creek and once on the river I raised the sails. We were moving along very nicely until we saw a formidable rain cloud coming our way. I hauled in the sails as Sue closed everything up, but by the time we were done, we had a light sprinkle, and it was over. I raised the sails again as we went from a close reach to a broad reach / run out of the river. With the 10-15 knot southern wind we zipped across the Bay and into the Maggoty River. We headed towards Dobbins Island wing on wing, and when I tried to bring in then the jib it became tangled, so we turned around and pulled in the sails. We had a very rough time anchoring in 18 knot winds and the crowded anchorage. The dinghy would push the bow around and the anchor would turn backwards, maybe I need a new swivel? So, after many tries, we headed into Grays Creek. This was much calmer, and the anchoring went well in the 9-foot depth. We took a quick swim, ate grilled burgers and salad and relaxed watching the surrounding houses and finally Sue went to bed. I stayed up to see the moon rise but clouds blocked the view. It was a quiet night even though there were predictions of 27 knot winds outside.

Grays Creek to Rock Hall Landing: Once again we had breakfast of cereal and coffee in a beautiful anchorage that offered a quiet night with very little noise. We cleaned up and got underway. I drove out of the Creek and then went forward to finish cleaning the anchor and buoy. When I came back, I raised the jib as we slowly motor sailed out of the river. Winds were from the south which was perfect for a trip home or to Rock Hall Landing. We chose the latter and I raised the main and we sailed along on a broad/beam breach all the way across the Bay. We topped out at 7.7 knots with winds steady at 18 and gusting to over 20, on a sunny day with temperatures in the mid-70s. Sue drove the entire way until outside Rock Hall Landing. After we turned past green 3, we headed into the wind and pulled in the mainsail leaving the jib out until we got closer. Finally, we engaged the engine, brought in the jib, and I motored into Rock Hall Landing. We docked on ‘A’ dock with a starboard tie. I turned around and approached the dockhand and he grabbed the bow line versus the midships. This caused the stern to swing out due to the winds. Finally he grabbed the spring and cleated to the dock as I put the engine in reverse and we sprung into the docks. Hopefully he learned that one should take the spring line before the bow line. We relaxed and had lunch and then went to pay the bill and go to the pool. The water was clean and cool with very few people there. We came back to the boat and relaxed before dinner at Waterman’s Crab House. Then back to the boat to watch the sunset. Finally, boater’s midnight.

Rock Hall Landing to Parkside: It was to be another sunny day with temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s with the winds south from 8 to 10 knots. We started with a breakfast of cereal and coffee before heading out. Because the wind was blowing us onto the docks, we put a fender out on the bow and sprung off with the spring line while driving forward. All worked well. We motored out of RHL and raised the sails once there. We motor sailed through the cut, and eventually headed across the bay towards Bodkin Creek. Once arriving at Bodkin Creek, we jibed north towards Tolchester. Because the winds shifted, we were able to keep heading north. It was calm so we grilled hot dogs for lunch. We sailed all the way to Frog Mortar Creek, when we dropped the sales and motored to Maryland Marina for a pump out. With strong winds docking did not go well. Finally Sue drove and we tied up. Tanks went to 1%. We headed back to our slip and docked successfully. Today was a great sailing day, as, in five hours and 24 minutes on the water we only used the engine 24 minutes. End of trip 11.

Total Days: 7      Days to date: 32

Total Miles: 135.7 Miles to date: 455.8

Saturday, June 19, 2021 to Sunday, June 20, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Parkside to Still Pond: Jen and Christian arrived Friday night and we relaxed in the cockpit with drinks. I was up early, as was Sue, so we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast and got a nice early start. It was a slow broad reach out of Middle River, but we managed to keep the sails full and propelled at about 5 knots. Then we jibed as we crossed the Bay and headed up on a run / wing on wing. As we got closer, we turned to a starboard broad reach and finally to a beam. We entered still pond under sail as we were searching for our spot. Finally, Christen and I got the sails hauled in and we motored to a good anchorage. We dropped 20 feet of chain along with the anchor buoy and it caught right away. Then we paid out another 75 feet. Sue and I jumped in for a swim as the Jen and Christian just relaxed on deck. Storms were predicted in the evening, so we did not deploy the dinghy. We then had wonderful Spanish appetizers in preparation for dinner. Dinner was grilled London broil and potatoes and salad. After dinner we played a game of ‘crabs’ and finally rain arrived around 9:30 for a short shower. Sue and Mick won the game and we called it boaters midnight.

Still Pond to Parkside: I was up early to get the coffee started. Sue and I drank ou4 coffee while watching all the birds in a very still, Still Pond. We started making noise to wake others up and get breakfast going. After a morning meal of bacon, scrambled eggs, cranberry bread, and fruit, Mick and Christian jumped in for a swim. Eventually everyone got in the water to relax and chill. Around 11:45 we started getting out so we could get underway. There was very little wind, so we motored home. We managed a nice docking effort and then off to captain Jim’s to pick up crabs and return to the boat for our meal. A lovely time was had eating crabs and then we went out for Rita’s ice before they headed back to New Jersey.

Total Days: 2      Days to date: 25

Total Miles: 26.7              Miles to date: 323.0

Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

I needed to empty the holding tanks as I had filled them with Raritan HT to help clean the tanks and the hoses. So, it took a quick trip to Maryland Marina pump out. But first, I thought it would be better if I shook them up for a bit. I headed out of the river on a run, jibbing back and forth eventually getting out of the river towards Pools Island. Once out there the wind died down. I noticed that the wind was best out of coming out of the river so I tacked back and forth on my way back in. Finally I tacked one last time over at Sue Creek when I arrived at the channel I headed into the wind and drop the sails. I motored to Maryland Marina and pumped everything out. The aft tanked went to zero. But the forward tank was 15%. But once again you can hear that it was empty so I returned back to my slip just in time before a dark cloud arrived bringing rain and strong winds. Mission HT pump out complete.

Total Days: 1      Days to date: 23

Total Miles: 12.1              Miles to date: 286.3

Saturday, June 12, 2021 to Monday, June 14, 2021
Number of days:
3 days

Parkside to Hawk Cove: I started today cleaning up from the rainstorm. Also, I did some small jobs like I re calibrated the fuel gauge, filled water tanks, and cleaned the heads. Then I popped on over to the slip holders’ picnic where there was great food and conversation and games. After getting back to the boat I decided to get away from the docks and headed out to hawk Cove. I tried to sail a bit but the winds were very light so I headed over to my favorite anchorage spot to drop the hook. This time there is a new procedure, as I added the anchor trip line. I got everything ready and return to the cockpit to deploy at the helm. I dropped about 15 feet while in idle reverse. I went forward to see the anchor underneath the boat as we were still moving forward. Then reversed took hold and I paid out more chain. I felt it grab it about 20 feet then I paid out 50 feet and put on this snubber. I increase the RPM and went forward to see that the float was not being affected so that means the anchor stuck - the anchor float is a great new device. I shut things down and readied for swim call. Powerboats were all running home and it made it quite rough, but I had my float and swim line. Then catfish stoped by to deliver an anchor to me, very nice of him. We chatted for a while but it was too rough to be rafted and he didn't have running lights so he headed back to his marina. Dinner was light since I was still full from the picnic. I cleaned up down below and called boaters midnight around 10:30 - certainly after checking on the anchor, which, all was good. Quiet night.

Hawk Cove to Hawk Cove: I woke up around 7 to a nice cool morning, temperatures in the high 60s. I made coffee to have with my cereal. Then I cleaned up a bit and decided to tackle some small jobs. I cleaned and scrubbed the white fender, so now it looks presentable. Then I installed the new winch handle holder and finally tighten the lifelines and secured their cotter pins. After a lunch of sandwich, chips, and an apple, I was looking for my next job but the power boaters were getting quite loud and bouncing me about. Since the wind was picking up I decided to go for a quick sail. I recovered the anchor and came back into the cockpit and let the jib out and began sailing without using the engine for propulsion. When I shut the engine down, I heard a thumping coming from the spinning shaft. That bothered me so I put the transmission in gear while I sailed. I had a nice sail out passed Pools Island and then I jibed back on the inside of Pools Island. About half way back I took the transmission out of gear and the noise had stopped. Hurray! I then decided I would try anchoring without engine propulsion so I brought the boat in and then slowed down by reefing the jib and until I was sailing very slowly. Then I turned into the wind pulled the jib in and started the engine to run the windlass. I ran up and dropped the anchor in 20 feet then I came back up to the cockpit to payout up to 50 feet. I went forward and could not see the anchor float. It turns out the water was too deep and it was submerged. I re-anchored and used the engine this time so all was well. Dinner was grilled burger, Mac and cheese and rice pilaf reheated. Then I chilled outside until the boaters midnight of about 11:00 o'clock. It was a nice cool night.

Hawk Cove to Parkside: It was quite bumpy overnight with wind gusts over 22 to 25 knots. The anchor held quite well. I love the anchor buoy as I would get up and look for it and find where I was in relation to it. It made me feel secure. I was up a few times to check on things as rain was predicted - it never arrived. Finally, I got out of bed and started the coffee. After awhile I noticed that the coffee hadn't started perking so I inquired and determined there was no more LP gas. Wow I think I started that tank around last August. I switched tanks and had breakfast. I was planning on a swim and sail but since there was no wind, I decided to get home to start jobs that required me to be at the pier. It was an uneventful motor in I kept the RPMs around 1500 and that had me moving around 4.4 to 4.9 knots against the tide. I did a poor job backing into the Maryland Marina pump out but I eventually got in and cleaned out both heads. Both were emptied with the aft head at 4% and the forward one at 51%. Yikes. You can hear the water hit the bottom of the tank so it should be zero. I did OK backing into the slip with four to six knots of southeasterly wind. I had a beer to get ready for the jobs.

Total Days: 3      Days to date: 22

Total Miles:27.1                               Miles to date: 274.2

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 to Friday, June 11, 2021
Number of days:
4 days

Parkside to Still Pond: I arrived to the boat around 10:00 o'clock in the morning and started getting things ready for Katie's visit. I filled the water tanks and did a final deck clean. Everyone else arrived around 2:00 PM and we took time to stow all the gear and food. Then a storm blew through and we waited. So we left with no wind and motored all the way going behind pools island to, of course our favorite anchorage, Still Pond. Anchoring went well and we took a quick swim after deploying the dinghy. Then dinner of shrimp kabobs on the grill, cucumber salad, and rice pudding. We had great brownies for dessert enjoying the sunset. We sat out watching the stars waiting for the boat to cool down. Finally, bedtime.

Still Pond: I was up around 7:00 AM to make coffee. Everyone finally was out and about around nine AM and we enjoyed banana cranberry bread with our coffee and then had a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs. We had a quick swim and then got back on board for some snacks. Katie and I fabricated an anchor trip line and weighed the anchor to attach it and then deployed it with the trip line. It seems to work nicely. Lunch was down below of sandwiches, chips, and fruit, and once again brownies, before we took a nice dinghy ride. We traveled into both creeks and ventured off for a visit to Marty and Stephanie’s boat. We returned to the boat for another swim. Finally, everyone got out and showered for games and appetizers while the engine ran to charge the batteries. Dinner of grilled steak, corn, and cucumber salad. A short storm blew through forcing us to close up for a bit but eventually it was quiet. Bedtime, but only after Gelato and brownies.

Still Pond to Rock Hall Landing: once again, I was up at 7:00 and made coffee and so and I sat in the cockpit watching nature. After a bit, Sue made sausage and gravy over biscuits. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. We cleaned up and then went out for a swim. I inspected the anchor trip buoy and found blue markings indicating we ran over it during over the night. Very interesting, and insightful as to what happens when we aren’t watching. Then we recovered the dinghy engine and prepared the dingy to be towed. Katie and I recovered the anchor as Sue motored out of still pond. The winds were goods, so I was preparing to deploy the sails them when I noticed that we were sliding through the water. I checked the boat speed, and we were only going 2 knots with the engine at almost 2000 RPM. I slowed down and wiggled the helm and 5 crab pots popped up behind us. Sue was furious as she was being careful to stay clear of them. She then stood up on deck and saw a line that was submerged under the high tide, which was cause for concern. Eventually we made it out into the Bay without issues and started sailing. After about 90 minutes we slowed down two less than three knots on a run so we dropped the sails to motor to Rock Hall Landing. It was a low tide so when I went through the cut I traveled very slowly. I never saw less than six feet so all was good. The weather turned cool and rainy, and it was good to be tide up pier side. We took showers and got ready for dinner at Waterman's Crab House where we feasted on large crabs, calamari, and hush puppies. Afterwards, we returned to the boat, relaxed a bit, played a game in the cockpit and called boaters midnight.

Rock Hall Landing to Parkside: I awakened this morning to a steady rain. I reviewed many different weather apps and they all called for rain all day long. So, we had a light breakfast and readied the boat to cross the Bay in the rain. I dugout my rain gear and we doubled two lines and return the others to the boat. It was an easy departure and we retrieved all the lines and fenders. I was almost ready to head out and turn left out of Rock Hall Landing, when I saw a boat to starboard so I reversed very strongly to let them pass. Then we headed through the cut. Not a problem today as it was high tide. We crossed the Bay using the controls underneath the companionway peering through the window now and then. I used my tablet and my phone to keep tabs on other boats via AIS as well as depth. It was an almost an event free passage as everyone was watching out for other boats and crab pots. It was a calm docking and after everything was stowed and people dried off Sue and Katie went home.

Total days: 4       Days to date: 19

Total miles: 51.9              Miles to date: 247.1

Friday, June 4, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

After we completed several jobs on the boat, Sue returned home. I headed to Maryland Marina for a pump out which went well. I filled the tanks again to calibrate new numbers and add Raritan’s HT to clean the tanks and hoses out. Then I went to Long Beach for fuel doing a fine job of docking. I received 25 gallons as well as filled the jerrycans. I exited Long Beach and since the wind was solid 12 to 16 knots I headed out to do some sailing. I just went out past Hart-Miller Island and back. The new winch handles worked well as did the grab bars we installed on the console. Now, back in port to get more jobs done.

Total Days: 1      Days to date: 15

Total Miles:9.4   Miles to date: 195.3

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 to Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Number of days:
8 days
  • Sunset at Hawk Cove
  • My toast to Jared Moore.
  • On the way to Bodkin Creek.
  • Testing the new oars with the dinghy.
  • Another sunset.
  • I do believe the anchor was dug right in.

Parkside to Hawk Cove:  I returned from home around noon. I did some chores and then realized that I could get underway and do them at anchor. Since it was a late departure I first went to Maryland Marina to pump out both holding tanks. Since no one was waiting I took the time to calibrate both tanks at empty and full. Now they seem ok. Then I headed for Hawk Cove after sailing past Hart-Miller Island then than back in before sunset. It took a few tries but I finally hooked the bottom using the controls at the helm. It was a nice sunset with dinner of steak, potato salad and cucumber salad. I toasted my dear departed friend Jared with his favorite - Jim Beam. It was now calm so I called boaters midnight. 

Hawk Cove to Bodkin Creek: It was a calm evening but I did swing around a bit - mostly do to changing tides - but I stayed within my anchor radius. I had breakfast and cleaned up before weighing anchor and motor sailed through the cut towards Bodkin Creek. It was calm motoring the entire way. The entrance into Bodkin Creek went smoothly but there were lots of crab floats to dodge amongst. I rafted along side Ralph's boat to stop and visit and help with whatever projects I could. We installed his jib and looked at an issue with water in the bilge (turns out it was nothing). We had a nice dinner of pulled chicken on buns and I contributed cucumber salad. After dinner we viewed the moon using his telescopes and then called it a night. Very good sleeping weather. 

Bodkin Creek to Parkside to Still Pond: Up early for a quick cup of coffee and cereal then coffee with Ralph and Margaret. Ralph and I tried to get the group call to work on his boat but it didn't seem capable. Finally I left with very quiet waters and motor sailed home to pick up Sue. Sue arrive shortly after noon and we stocked up on supplies and got underway to head to Still Pond. It was a good slow sail most of the way. We motored the last bit to charge the batteries and get an anchor location before dock. Anchoring went very well as we stuck the first time. Dinner was grilled burger, corn on the cob and cucumber salad. We relaxed topside and finally went to bed around 10:30.

Still Pond: Up at 7 to make coffee. We sat in the cockpit watching nature and finally had sausage and eggs for breakfast. We cleaned up and then deployed the dinghy to check out the new oars. They worked quite well! We then deployed the motor and took a 'stroll' around Churn Creek and Still Pond Creek. We used our new hand held depth finder and we checked out the entrances to both creeks. We returned to The Office for some lunch and our first swim call. The water was quite refreshing as it was very warm. After a brief swim we relaxed in the cockpit enjoying the warm air. Dinner was grilled chicken, salad, and potato salad We watched a party of girls in one of the houses on land until it was time for bed. We used the dinghy for 1:20 and 3.5 miles. We ran the engine a bit to ensure we had battery power through the night. 

Still Pond to Rock Hall Landing: Up to another beautiful sunny warm morning. We had coffee watching our neighbors get underway and the party at the house. Then cereal for breakfast along with a banana. Then we recovered the engine without incident and set the dinghy up for towing. We hauled the anchor which was packed with mud - indicating we were very well anchored for the two days. We headed out of Still Pond and sailed across over to the 'yellow line' when I tacked down the bay with a NNW wind. We had the tide and wind with us for quite a while and we were moving along a 7-8 knots. Then, right after lunch the wind changed direction and died down so we motored the remaining distance to our favorite marina - Rock Hall Landing. We docked at D dock and caught up with Chris and Joe. We went swimming in the pool - quite refreshing as well and there were only a few kids there. Dinner was at Waterman's Crab House where we had items off of the menu as they only had small and medium crabs. We returned to the boat, relaxed topside watching the sunset and finally retired for the evening. 

Rock Hall Landing to Dobbins Island on The Magothy: Up around 8 after a calm night. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast, filled the water tanks and hosed down the boat. Winds were blowing us off the dock so we doubled up the bow and stern lines and easily left the docks. We motored out of the harbor watching the water levels past greed 5 and then out into the river. Once out, the wind was on the port side so we raised the sails and we were on our way in cool (over 20 degrees less than the day before) overcast calm seas. Once past green 3 I turned west and we were on a broad reach across to the Magothy where I jibbed the main and sailed wing on wing into the river. The rain started so I prepped the anchor as we motored up to the anchorage behind Dobbins Island. We dropped almost 70' of chain from the helm using the new controls with the new anchor. We held very well do called it a day. Dinner was grilled salmon with cucumber salad and rice pilaf. Then we chatted and eventually went to bed around 11:30. 

Dobbins Island to Bodkin Creek: Up early to get started with coffee and breakfast. Power consumption averaged about 4.3 ah. It was cool overnight and in the morning with overcast skies. We had frozen waffles cooked in the frying pan. We cleaned up down below and began the process to deploy the dingy engine. Finally all was ready and we took a short 1 hou cruise around Dobbins Island and Gray's Creek. We recovered the dinghy engine and broke the pole by going too fast and it locked up. We recovered the dinghy by hand and while it worked, it was a bit slower. We finally got underway after the anchor dug up many shells. We motored out of the river and then sailed all the way into Bodkin Creek. Then I hauled in the sails and I was using the power winch and pulled the furling line out of the furler. I had to fix that after we docked along side Margarettaville. Then we had a nice visit with Ralph and Margaret. We had great burgers and then viewed the moon through the telescope. Bedtime was 10:30

Bodkin Creek to Parkside: Up to a very brief rain and made coffee and had a quick breakfast before getting underway. There was no wind so I just untied myboat from Ralph's and we got underway. Since we were in a bit of a hurry and there was very little wind we motored all the way home. We visited the pumpout on the way in and had a good docking. We cleaned up and headed home. 

Days: 8     Days to date: 14

Miles: 102.75     Miles to date:185.9

Sunday, May 16, 2021 to Monday, May 17, 2021
Number of days:
2 days
  • Another trip to Still Pond

Parkside to Still Pond: A quick trip to the Parkside pump out to empty the aft tank to install the new iTank System rod as the old one was reading incorrectly.. Multiple flushed and filled to overflow to make it as clear as possible. Then we headed to Strawberry Point to test the new anchor. Well, the winders were good and much stronger than predicted so we decided on a short trip to Still Pond where we would end up doing the holding tank job. It was a pleasant smooth sail across the bay on a starboard broad reach. We had sandwiches for lunch after turning north and being more calm. After a bit we headed in by motored to get there in time for the job. We anchored in the souther side again and I used the controls at the helm to anchor. Winds were picking up - gusting to 20+ but the new anchor held quite well. There was only one other boat with us (Time Warp) but we were not close. The holding tank job went ok. I used the stick of epoxy to hold it in and there were no problems. Dinner was grilled steak, potatoes and onions and salad with red wine. We relaxed in the cock pit until almost 11 and then wen to bed No movement though the night. We used about 122 ah from 1600 until 1000 the next day - 6.7 per hour. 

Still Pond to Parkside: Calm night - good sleeping. I couldn't find all of my pills so we decided we needed to get home to check where they were. I was up around 7, showered and had coffee. We had sausage and omlets for breakfast while watching the eagles and osprey. We motored all the way back as there was no wind. Docking went well. We cleaned up and headed home. 

Days: 2     Days to date: 6

Miles: 35.1     Miles to date: 77.8


Saturday, May 15, 2021
Number of days:
1 day
  • Moved boat around to add new Spade Anchor

Well, this wasn't much of a 'trip' but we did motor about a little bit as we turned the boat around in the slip to go bow in. There we removed the anchor and all of the chain to clean out the anchor locker as well as clean the chain. There was a small portion that was rusted beyond use so Marty and I removed it. Then we both remarked our respective chain for different depths. Then I installed my new anchor - a Spade 55 lb. Then, once all the markers were dried we both hauled the chain aboard and turned our boats around and backed into our slips. 

Days: 01     Days to date: 4

Miles: .5     Miles to date: 41.7

Sunday, May 2, 2021 to Monday, May 3, 2021
Number of days:
2 days
  • Great sailing with current on the way to Still Pond
  • Heading to the southern side of Still Pond

Parkside to Still Pond: Sue and I did some work in the morning and looked up and the weather seemed ok so we decided to head out for a quick sail. We motored out of Middle River and raised the sails half way out. We killed the engine at MR 4 and started out on a close reach to beam. Once we were past Pools Island we turned north head on a beam/broad reach and finally a run. Our speed was great the entire time with controlled heeling. Sailing was going so well I didn't really want to stop but we decided an overnight in Still Pond was good so we headed over there to get anchored before dark. We motored towards the southern end to get out of the wind. There were 2 large power boats and 2 sailboats but everyone left before sunset. Dinner was chicken tortellini and salad. We relaxed outside and eventually went to be around 10 pm sleeping calmly with 60' of chain deployed. 

Still Pond to Parkside: Breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage. The weather was a little rainy now and then but mostly just cloudy. We wanted to get an early start as storms were predicted for the afternoon. Since there was little wind, we motored home - mostly at 2,300 RPM and doing 6.5 knots. We docked well, saw some friends and chatted with them. Then we started working some jobs including removing the paddle wheel and cleaning. We also installed the new chain counter! It finally was working. Can't wait until the next anchoring. Dinner of chicken marsala and salad. Katie called and chatted for a while and hit the hay after a few TV shows. 

Days: 2     Days to date: 2

Miles: 35     Miles to date: 41.2

Monday, April 26, 2021
Number of days:
1 day

Sue and I motored over to Windy Hill Marina off of Dark Head Creek to see if Mike was in the water yet and also to warm up the engine for the spring oil change. Trip went well boat performed just fine. Not enough wind to sail so we headed back and changed the oil. 


Days: 1    Days to date: 1

Miles: 6.3    Miles to date: 6.3


Sunday, December 13, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • Final Sail of 2020
  • 111 days and 2123 nautical miles

I was hoping to top off the fuel tank but no one was open. So it was a quick sail out and back with a westerly wind of 10-12 temperatures mid 50's under sunny skies. I motored to Middle River and the sailed on a run out into the bay. Slow moving and then the winds became very light. I cooked soup for lunch and enjoyed the 'warm 50 degree' air and sun shine. Finally the wind picked up and I changed to a beam reach going past Hart Miller Island. I headed back in as the winds picked up to 12-15 and it was a spiritedly close reach all the way back into Frog Mortar Creek where I dropped the sails. Another good docking is 10 plus winds from the west. I ended up topping off the tanks with the jerry cans of fuel that I already had so I did not need to go out any more this year. I finally winterized all systems the week starting 12/14/2020.

Days: 1    Days to date: 111

Miles: 15.1    Miles to date: 2123.1

Final engine hours: 2648:08 (321:38 this year)

Saturday, December 12, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • A foggy morning
  • All cleared up in early afternoon
  • Proud Mary (Travis's boat) at sunset
  • The Office at sunset

It was quite foggy until around noon and then no wind. Finally I decided to get underway as Travis (a fishing boat down the pier) texted to say that there was wind out in the bay. So, in predicted winds of S- SSW 10-20, temperatures in the high 50's and cloudy, I got underway. It was a great sail on a beam reach out to Pools Island Shoal light and I returned on a broad reach. It was a comfortably flat sail doing 6.5 knots with 17-19 knots of wind. Travis was still out so he motored around me taking pictures as I was taking pictures of him - which later we shared. It was quite windy while docking but all went well for my final night docking of the season. 

Days: 1    Days to date: 110

Miles: 17.3     Miles to date: 2108

Friday, December 11, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • The winter bouys are out
  • Sailing into the sunset
  • Brilliant sunset as I turned into Middle River

Around 11: 30 I left for a quick trip to Maryland Marina for a final pump out. Winds were from the S 9-20 temps 48-50 under sunny skies. I then decided to head out into the bay and had a very nice sail all the way up to Still Pond and back. I let out the jib and it appeared to be fine (remember I saw a little tear). I had great winds from the south as I was going on a broad reach out and close haul back. I had the current with me on the way back helping me get 8.9 as my max speed. Since I left late and traveled far I ended up docking in the dark again. All went well. 

Days: 1     Days to date: 109

Miles: 29    Miles to date: 2090.7

Sunday, December 6, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • All bundled up

Just a quick sail as it was a nice sunny day and in the 40's. I sailed out on a run past Hart Miller Island and then on a beam reach. I tacked towards Gunpowder River and headed back in under main only. While the winds were strong, 20+, I was sailing comfortably but slow. Then I became concerned about the water depth so I dropped the sails and motored home. The water was 9.5 out in front of Long Beach Marina and then below 8 in front of Maryland Marina and then 6 as I rounded the area near Parkside. Finally at my slip there was 6+ feet and when I backed in it read 5.7. Just in time. Dinner of pizza and salad. Plugged in so warmed up. 

Days: 1    Days to date: 108

Miles: 15.9    Miles to date: 2061.7

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

Helped John and Marty deliver John's boat, S/V Salacia from Middle River to Annapolis. A nice sunny brisk day for a motor down the bay. 

Days: 1        Days to date: 107

Miles: 0       Miles to date: 2045.8

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • Cold weather begs my warm hat
  • Another fast sail....

Chilly - well, cold and partly cloudy with winds from the SW 14-20 . I headed ouit with the jib only and sailed along and rode the waves to 10.3 knots. I turned north to get behind Pools Island and again this time I reefed the jib so I could cut south sooner. I tacked into the wind and headed home when I noticed a tear in the seam on the jib so I hauled it in and motored home into the wind and waves. I docked nicely in 17 knots of wind. 

Days: 1     Days to date: 106

Miles: 23.9    Miles to date: 2045.8

Sunday, November 29, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • Winter afternoon

Winds were fine S 5-9 temperatures mid 50's sunny sky - for a short sail. I just went out, across the bay and back. I sailed 2/3 of the time but did motor sail back to beat sundown since it is so early now. 

Days: 1     Days to date: 105

Miles: 18.8     Miles to date: 2021.9

Monday, November 23, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • Scott drove most of the way - he let me motor home

Marty stopped by the boat and was chatting with me as I was contemplating going out - still wanting to get my 2,000 nautical miles mark. After looking at the winds and seas I decided to wait until Tuesday to go out. But, Scott, another sailor on the pier, called to say he was coming down to go out so I figured if he could go out, so could I. I began my preparations to get underway when he arrived at the docks and saw the conditions - NW 12-20 gusting to 30 temperatures in the low 50's, sunny. He decided to cancel and I invited him to come with me. So, we headed out right after noon. It was a run all the way out to the bay with a full jib. Finally we got past Hart Miller Island and headed north - which put us on a broad reach and when we got in the wind shadow of Pools Island the seas calmed a bit as well as the wind. We sailed all the way up to Worton Creek and then sailed into the wind with a heavily reefed jib behind Pools Island and back into Middle River. Great time - Scott drove the entire way and seemed to have fun. 

Days: 1    Days to date: 104

Miles: 24    Miles to date: 2003.1

Saturday, November 21, 2020 to Sunday, November 22, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • I had to wait for water to get out of my slip

Parkside to Bodkin Creek: I had to wait for the creek to rise to get out of my slip. Low tide was 7:17 but I didn't see enough water until 10:30. I reached out to Ralph and he recommended taking my time as he was also sitting on the bottom in Bodkin Creek. So, since the winds were very light I motored the entire distance. I nested outboard him and had a few inches to spare. We started getting his cover together and after a bit took a break for lunch. Then after lunch we finished the job. We watch some TV as Margaret was recuperating from knee surgery. Dinner was from Texas Roadhouse. Then I called it boaters midnight about 8pm. 

Bodkin Creek to Parkside: My alarm got me up at 6:45 and I dressed warmly as I headed up to their home for coffee and bisects. I motored out and raised the jib right away. Since it was a nice point os sail I deployed the main as well and killed the engine. Sailing went very well and I change course and headed further east. Then the wind died midway across the bay so I motored back into Middle River, once again, wondering if there would be enough water in my slip. All was well and I pulled in with 7' of water. 

Days: 2    Days to date: 103

Miles: 36.1    Miles to date: 1979.1

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 to Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Wow, max speed 11.3
  • Relaxing in Rock Hall after a spectacular sail across the bay
  • Early start out of Rock Hall
  • Not enough water to get into my slip... just wait
  • I need at least 5.3... ugh

Parkside to Rock Hall Landing: I decided on a quick trip out and back to mark day 100. Winds were strong from the NW at 11-23 gusting to 30 temps in the mid 40's partly cloudy. Wow. Started out with jib only in Frog Mortar Creek.  Making good speed, almost 7 knots. Fun turned to exhilarating when I  got to the bay and saw 8.5 knots.   Exhilarating turned to excitement after I sailed past Hart Miller Island.  Excitement turned to fearful in the middle of the bay with sustained winds over 30, waves 3-4 feet and speed over ground over 9 knots. Fearful turned to terror when I was surfing the waves and went over 11 knots. Oh, and I was running out of water so I had to go from a broad reach to beam. That's when I realized that I shouldn't be out here. I was pushed sideways by a exceptionally large wave and had waves breaking onto the Dodger. I called Rock Hall Landing and Chris said I could stop to gather my thoughts. I cleaned up everything took a shower to get warm. The winds continued to howl over 30 well into the evening so I decided to stay. Thanks to Rock Hall Landing - probably why they are my favorite marina. 

Rock Hall to Parkside: Up around 7 and a quick breakfast to get underway early. I was concerned with the north winds and how much water is left behind in Frog Mortar Creek. It was high tide as I crossed over the cut but saw 5'8" where normally I would see 7'. Once I got to the bay I headed north and motor sailed across the bay at full throttle. I arrived at my slip and turned around to back in. I went full throttle backing in and I was stopped about 8' from the dock. I went forward and back until I could at least jump over to the finger dock and go ashore to plug in. Once plugged in I just turned on the heater and waited until there was enough water to pull myself into the slip completely. Quite the exciting sail for the 100/101 day.

Days: 2    Days to date: 101

Miles: 37.6   n Miles to date: 1943

Saturday, November 7, 2020 to Saturday, November 14, 2020
Number of days:
7 days
  • Crab pots coming home in Middle River - almost all gone on the bay
  • At the mouth of the Wye River - sunset over lighthouse
  • Grace in the back of Dividing Creek
  • I matched my cabin lights with the light house in CBMM
  • Chasing Grace across the bay - I dare say, she beat us to Harness Creek
  • The Office in Harness Creek
  • Thomas Point Light - nice even in the rain
  • Going ashore for shopping
  • Annapolis in the rain
  • Sunset in Rock Hall Landing
  • Sunset in Parkside

Parkside to Dividing Creek Wey River: Underway to Long Beach Marina for a re-fuel of 30 gallons, pump out, and water for the forward tank before motoring to Dividing Creek off of the Wye River where we were to meet up with our great friends and riggers, Suzanne and Dobbs Fryberger of Walden Rigging. Winds were from the S/SW 1-3 with temps in the low 60's but a nice sunny day so we ended up motoring across the Bay through Kent Narrows Bridge. I was trying to time our arrival until we found out it is on demand this time of the year so we just breezed right through and anchored in the middle of Dividing Creek. Dinner of grilled shrimp and rice pilaf and salad warmed us up and we sat out gazing at the stars until bed time. 

Dividing Creek: We motored to the head of the creek to get closer to Suzanne and Dobbs. Around 1030 am we deployed the dinghy and rowed over to Grace where we met up with them for a short trip to the old 'dinghy dock'. We carefully walked ashore on a half submerged log with the assistance of Dobbs and then took a nice hike in the woods - because it was Sunday and the hunters were not out. It was a beautiful sunny brisk day where one really didn't need a coat. We rowed back to The Office ro lunch and relaxing time listening to nature. Suzanne and Dobbs came over around 4:30 for appetizers and conversation where they shared many of their experiences with us. They returned to their boat and we had dinner of grilled steak fillets, mashed potatoes and salad. Boaters midnight at 9 pm. 

Dividing Creek to CBMM in St. Michaels: Up early to cooler temperatures but still quite manageable. Breakfast of hash browns, scrambles eggs and sausage. We recovered the dinghy and then underway for a quick trip over to Wye River East and Drum Point - had to after hearing stories from the night prior. After our quick discover tour we motored into the wind to St. Michaels and Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum slip C-4. We ordered Rum from Lyons Distillery and they delivered right to the boat. Sue went to her favorite silver store in town and the grocery store while I met with Suzanne and Dobbs and walked around the museum and then into town. We met up with Sue and she and I stayed for dinner outdoors at Awful Arthur's next to a fire pit to stay warm. Then we sampled some rum in the cockpit while before hitting the hay. 

CBMM to Harness Creek South River: Sausage sandwiches for breakfast and waited for the store to open to get books that were left at the desk. There were disappointing winds after we got underway in the Miles so we motor sailed up to Eastern Bay where it finally picked up. Finally some good winds across the bay into South River and up into Harness Creek. We anchored near the dinghy dock and deployed the dinghy and rowed over. We walked Quiet Waters Park trails and back before dark and stowed the dinghy. Dinner of grilled chicken, string beans and potatoes. Relaxed and then bed. 

Harness Creek to Annapolis: It was a quiet night with some light rain. We had a quick breakfast in order to get out before the heavy rain. It rained all the way to Annapolis but the temps were so it wasn't horrible. We motored past Thomas Point Lighthouse and took lots of pictures - as ususal. We docked in the City docks but over by the Naval Acadamey. It was quiet - no skateboarders. While we were in our wet clothes we walked into town, visited the jewelery store and of course Mission BBQ. We had lunch and just relaxed. Around 6 pm we walked around some more and got some ice cream Then we sat in the cockpit and watched the world go around. We watched a movie on the laptop and then went to bed. 

Annapolis: The weather never cleared up on the 12th so we just stayed in port for another day. We chilled and briefly walked around town. We had crabs for dinner but they were fair to poor. Watched movies and then hit the hay. 

Annapolis to Rock Hall Landing: It was a mostly calm sail across the bay with light winds from the NW. We ended up motoring the final few miles but arrived at Rock Hall at a nice time. We chilled again and ordered crab cakes from Waterman's. Movies and then bed. 

Rock Hall to Parkside: Quiet night. Much nicer weather. We departed after saying good by to Chris and Joe. Motored out and across the cut with the main sail up. Then motor sailed west far enough to make a port tack up the bay. As we were traveling, the wind kept shifting to the south and allowed me to get across the bay into Middle River. We then dropped the sails and motored in as I as concerned about arriving at low tide because of the NW winds. We hit the pump out at Maryland Marina and then motored to the slip where we had a little of over 6' of water. Good docking. Katie called and we chatted ant then Sue headed home to PA. 


Days: 7  Days to date: 99

Miles: 124.2     Miles to date: 1905.4

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 to Thursday, November 5, 2020
Number of days:
3 days
  • Very low tide and I barely made it out
  • Anchored in the Chester River
  • Sailing north to Worton Creek
  • Sailing around Pools Island into Middle River at sunset

Parkside to Chester River: I got out before low tide as it read 5.7 feet. Winds from the NW 8-10 gusting to 20 on a sunny sky temps in the mid 50's. I let out the jib right out of the slip and sailed out of the creek, out of the river all the way across the Bay. I raised the main after getting half way across as the winds finally dropped to less than 10 knots. Finally in the Chester River I dropped the sails and motored into Queenstown Creek. I followed the channel and previous tracks from the summer but ran hard aground. It took quite an effort but I finally got off and abandoned my thoughts of going into the creek. So I anchored in the southern part of the Chester River paying out extra chain to compensate for the changing tide. Dinner was reheated spaghetti and southern string beans. Turns out is was a quiet night. 

Chester River to Worton Creek: Awoke up to temps of low 50's so I turned on the heater and cooked breakfast of hash browns, sausage and eggs to warm the place up. I  left around noon and sailed down the river and up the bay to Worton Creek. I decided to drop the hook here as it was getting dark. It was a great sail but I did have to run the engine for almost 2 hours to recharge the batteries. I anchored outside Worton Creek and all was fine. I had no service so boaters midnight to get warm. Dinner was re-heated chicken chow mien on the stove. Temps stayed in the 50's outside and almost 69 inside. 

Worton Creek to Parkside: I relaxed at anchor in a warm sunny day. I was trying to decide where to go as the wind was starting to build - mostly from the south. I started out trying to go on a run but it wasn't enough so I headed south and sailed home on a close haul to get home and plug in. Docking in the dark went fine. 

Days: 3   Days to date: 92

Miles: 68.8    Miles to date: 1781.2

Friday, October 30, 2020 to Sunday, November 1, 2020
Number of days:
3 days
  • Sailing wing on wing - always safer with a preventer system
  • Motoring around Dobbins Island
  • Great anchorage in Bodkin Creek
  • Wow, a great sail and top speed of 10.4

Parkside to Dobbins Island: I got a late start after filling the main water tank and visiting the Parkside pump out. David is turning off the water this weekend and shutting down the pump out. Winds were predicted to N 10-15 cloudy with temps in the upper 50's. I started sailing in Middle River and headed down the bay on a run. I had the preventer system deployed which saved about 5 accidental jibs and simplified the one major one that I did on purpose. Sailing was great with some speeds into the 8 knots range. I headed for Dobbins Island for a nice anchorage. Once again, hamburgers on the grill, noodles and peas and salad for dinner. I turned on Buddy at about 7 pm and ran until 11:00 to warm it up before going to bed. 

Dobbins Island to Bodkin Creek: I arose early and thought it was the end of DST so I changed the clocks and crawled back under the covers - turns out later it was not the end of DST. I finally rolled out around 9 am and had a big breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast. Winds were predicted to be light from the North with temps in the upper 50's and a sunny sky so I decided to explore around in The Office where I had been in the dinghy. First I wnt around Little Dobbins Island and then into Grays Creek. I bumped bottom along the edges but when inside there was almost 10 feet all around. Then I motored to Cornfield Creek and also saw plenty of water even at low tide. Then I headed out of the River and tried to sail home. Since winds were slow I decided to anchor out in Bodkin Creek to make Sunday's trip shorter as rain was predicted later in the afternoon. I didn't visit Ralph as Margaret was scheduled for knee surgery and couldn't have guests. Dinner was grilled bratwurst and leftover peas and salad. 

Bodkin Creek to Parkside: Ok, today was end of DST and I was up by 7 so I made coffee and got underway as soon as possible. I was expecting 10-12 knots of wind from the SW with 1-2 foot seas and rain to begin around noon. Well, the rain showed up early as well as the stronger winds. I was being bounced around by the waves and wind so finally I turned to a wing on wing - only possible because of my preventer system. In the process I hit 10.4 knots as top speed. Docking took 2 tries as I hit the northern piling due to the southerly winds. All tired and very cold I took a warm shower and went to bed. 

Days: 3    Days to date: 89

Miles: 54.2    Days to date: 1712.4

Monday, October 26, 2020 to Thursday, October 29, 2020
Number of days:
4 days
  • Whitehall Bay - site of my first JSO event
  • Slow sailing towards the bridges

Parkside to Hawk Cove: I went grocery shopping and then headed out. I motored as there was no wind in the Creek or River. I met up with Catfish on the way out and he agreed to raft up with me for dinner. I anchored in my normal spot in Hawk Cove and Catfish rafted to my portside after a bit of confusion. I grilled steak and made a salad with stuff Catfish brought over along with potatoes. We had an interesting discussion and he headed back to his home slip around 11 pm. Bed for me. 

Hawk Cove to Whitehall Bay: It was a quiet night and I slept well. After a full breakfast I got underway with very light winds from the N with temps in the low 60s and cloudy sky. I tried sailing for about 2 hours and finally gave up and motored to Whitehall Bay - the location of my first JSO event years ago. Grilled pork chops, rice and salad for dinner and of course ice cream for desert.

Whitehall Bay to Strawberry Point: Calm night but the winds did pick up significantly around 5:30 with no issues. I had hot cereal and a banana for breakfast and then got underway to explore. First was Whitehall Creek. There was plenty of water and lots to see. A number of nice anchorages such as Minnow Creek and Ridout Creek. I went as far as Red 8 and turned around. I did not go up Meredith Creek as construction was underway. Maybe someone is dredging. Next was Mill Creek where the entrance was quite narrow but all was fine - shallowest point was around 7 feet if you stay within the markings. The Navy MWR marina is here - not that great looking. Further us was Cantlier's Riverside Inn - had a great reputation for crab cakes - also didn't look great. Also some nice anchorages in this creek. Finally I headed out of Whitehall Bay and raised the sails getting the to bridge very slowly. After a couple of hours I turned on the engine and headed home. I went all the way up Middle River to Catfish's marina as he left his hat onboard the night before. While the chart said I was in 2' of water it was actually almost 7. Good to know. Then I headed home but decided to drop the hook at Strawberry Point for the night. Dinner was grilled hamburgers, peas and rice and ice cream for desert - of course. Sept all night. 

Strawberry Point to Parkside: I set my alarm to get me up at 6:45 but it was pouring rain, dark, and 57 degrees so I reset the alarm for another hour and went back to bed. Ok, finally up by 8 I fired up 'Buddy' to warm up for breakfast. Donning rain gear I finally got underway for the short trip home but still got soaked. Docked fine - now had to dry out. 

Days: 4  Days to date: 86

Miles: 63.5   Miles to date: 1658.2

Friday, October 23, 2020 to Saturday, October 24, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Dobbins Island - Another great sunset

I convinced Jared to come down for one last trip. Winds were 6-9 but from the south and we were heading, you guessed it, south. So we motor sailed all the way to The Magothy River back to another favorite place - Dobbins Island. We anchored, settled in with a few drinks and then had grilled steak with potatoes/onions and a salad. More drinks, conversation and then finally boaters midnight. 

It was a quiet night - a bit warm so I actually opened a hatch. Today the weather is partly cloudy, calm seas, temps 63-68 with winds from the west at 4-10. We started with eggs and sausage for breakfast and then deployed the dinghy and engine for a quick trip around the "little island" and back into Grays Creek. Back to The Office  and recovered the engine and dinghy and headed out of the River into the Bay. The wind was all over the place both direction and strength all day as Jared drove us home. We mostly sailed but turned the engine on a few times to keep going. Finally in the late afternoon we got some strong NW winds at about 10-15 knots. We tacked up to Pools Island and then sailed into Middle River. Finally we dropped the sails as we turned into Frog Mortar Creek. Smooth docking in light northerly winds. Jared gathered his stuff and headed home. I had a call scheduled with Katie. 

Days: 2    Days to date: 82

Miles: 50.2    Miles to date: 1594.6

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

I motored with Marty on his sailboat, Far Fetched, to Annapolis. He is hauling out for the winter and getting work done.

Days: 1   Days to date: 80

Miles: 0   Miles to date: 1544.4

Sunday, October 18, 2020 to Monday, October 19, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Sail around Hart-Miller Island
  • My friend 'Catfish' chasing me out of the river
  • Sunrise in Hawk Cove

It was a cold morning so I waited for it to warm up a bit while I did chores and filled the water tanks. Finally wind was S 7-10 with temps in the low 60's on a sunny day when I got underway. I motor sailed out to the mouth of the river with Catfish following. Finally out of the wind shadow of Hart-Miller Island we got the 10 knots of wind from the SE. I sailed about 2/3 of the way around Hart-Miller, dropped the sails and motored through the cut up behind the island in Hawk Cove. I found a nice spot, dropped the anchor and relaxed. Dinner was grilled burgers with rice, potato salad and cucumber salad - still summer food at least. Temps at dinner were in the low 60's outside and low 70's inside. 

I headed out after a nice breakfast. The temperature was finally 60 but cloudy so it felt cooler. I motored back to my slip as I was going to help Marty remove his jib in preparation of moving to Annapolis for the winter. 

Days: 2   Days to date: 79

Miles: 19.9   Miles to date: 1544.4

Friday, October 9, 2020 to Thursday, October 15, 2020
Number of days:
7 days
  • Great run up to Still Pond
  • Turner Creek off of The Sassafras River
  • Our neighbor in Rock Hall Landing
  • A great sail from Rock Hall to Annapolis
  • Ego Alley - no one here

Parkside to Still Pond: We got a late start but the winds were still good from the south along with temps in the 60's and sunny skies. We went behind pools Island on a broad reach to a run. Winds were up to 19+ knots but it was a smooth sail. Waves were from astern 2-3 seconds 1-2 feet. We anchored in our usual spot on the north side in Still Pond and heated up the chicken in the microwave along with mac and cheese. Dinner was over at 9 pm and bed shortly thereafter. 

Still Pond to Turner Creek off of the Sassafras River: We arose to a nice breakfast of croissants in the cockpit. We had a relaxing morning and we got underway around noon. It was a nice short sail to Turner Creek and we entered without incident - a very tricky entrance. Winds were from the SW 9 decreasing to 7 with temps in the mid 60's and a cloudy day. We had chicken salad sandwiches and chips for lunch. We deployed the dinghy and took a 2 hour trip around Turner Creek and then out into the river. Back to The Office to relax and have dinner of grilled pineapple shrimp. Boaters midnight. Overnight was calm, no movement. Good anchorage. 

Turner Creek to Rock Hall Landing: Up early with coffee to get moving. We recovered the engine off the dinghy and set it ready for a tow and got underway. Sue drove out of the creek - still tricky to do. Then we made breakfast sandwiches as we were sailing down the bay. We called Rock Hall Landing but they didn't have anything available so we recovered the dinghy while underway - first time for that. Then Naomi from Rock Hall called and said they had something open up so we decided to go there again. We motored as the winds were very light from the SE and rain was on the way. We docked on a different 'T' head but all was fine. We docked next to The Prince of Tides. Very nice boat. 

Rock Hall to Rock Hall: We got under way in heavy rain and immediately made a circle around the bay and back into our slip. Too much wind and rain so we decided another day here was fine. Also, we noticed a leak indoors so we dismantled the starboard side over the galley to find the leak. I think we found it. We ate a light dinner of hot dogs and beans and watched some movies on the laptop. 

Rock Hall to Annapolis City Docks: It was a cloudy cold morning and I wiped down the windows waiting for breakfast. We got underway around 10 and had a great sail across the bay. It was a broad reach / run most of the way with an average speed 4.5 knots sailing most of the way. We used the engine to get out of the slip and dock only. We arrived in Ego Alley and found slip 16 open for us. Actually we were the only boat there that day. The sun started to come out around 2 pm but otherwise it was in the low 60's and partly cloudy. Of course we had Mission BBQ for dinner, watched a movie and then bed. 

Annapolis to Ralph's on Bodkin Creek: We arose early for a somewhat early start The winds were light from the SE but we wer not in a hurry so we raised the sails right of of the mooring fields and went on a broad reach / run out of the Severn River. After crossing under the bridge we jibed east to head towards Bodkin Creek. Sue saw a dingy adrift in the water so thinking someone might need help I dropped the sails and motored to it. Turns out it was just an errant piece of floating dock and since we were close to Bodkin Creek we just motored to Ralph's. We brought a bottle of red wind and Ralph made his signature appetizer. Dinner was from Roadhouse Steak restaurant and then early to bed.  

Bodkin Creek to Parkside: A very nice breakfast with Ralph and Margaret of blueberry pancakes. Then a very brisk trip home strong winds from the south that put us on a broad reach. I went to the east of the island so I could sail longer. Top speed was 9.7. Great practice sailing with the waves. We arrived earlier enough to pump out at Long beach marina. Then Sue went home and I worked on cleaning up the boat. I will head home on Friday for my nephew's wedding. 


Days: 7    Days to date: 77

Miles: 108    Miles to date: 1524

Thursday, October 1, 2020 to Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Number of days:
7 days
  • On the way to The Magothy River in the rain
  • Dividing Creek off of the Wye River
  • Dividing Creek anchorage
  • Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - A treasure on the bay
  • CBMM - Slip C4 - my favorite
  • Reed Creek off of the Chester River - no one here but us
  • Rock Hall Landing - Sunset on the last night

Dennis, a life long sailor moved away from the Chesapeake Bay a few years ago but since we keep in touch he has found a way to sail with me for a few days. Last year we went to Deltaville and back. This time, Rich and he came along for a week long adventure around the middle bay. 

Parkside to Dobbins Island: We got off to a late start and hit rain out in the bay. We motored through the cut to save time and eventually anchored in the dark around Dobbins Island where I normally would stay. Rich brought a taco dinner that we heated in a pan and oven. Bed was around midnight. 

Dobbins Island to Selby Bay: I was up at 8 but Rich was up already - since 5 am. We had coffee, danish and cereal for breakfast. Another JSO member called and invited us to visit them in the South River so we headed out is light winds from the NW. We sailed around a bit and then headed into the South River up to Selby Bay. We met Bob and Julie for appetizers and then later had Rich's famous chili and bread for dinner. Another boaters midnight as everyone was tired. 

Selby Bay to Dividing Creek: Up early, but not before Rich, with coffee and eggs and Taylor pork roll and english muffins for breakfast. Showers at the marina and finally underway by 11. Winds were 5-7 from the NE but we had plans to travel a distance so we motored across the bay up Eastern Bay. We called CBMM for a slip but they were full so we decided to go up the Wye river to Dividing Creek based on Riches experience of having a grand time there in previous years.  It was a very quiet anchorage and we all relaxed, had dinner, and retired for the evening. 

Dividing Creek to St. Michaels CBMM:  Up to a breakfast of steak and eggs then underway for a little exploring of the Wye River before heading to St Michaels. We waited a bit for the slip and then docked nicely in C-4 by the light house. We relaxed a bit before going out to dinner at an Italian place following a short walk around town. Boaters Midnight again. 

St. Michaels to Reed Creek on the Chester River: Up early and a quick visit to the museum after breakfast. We motored up the Miles River through Kent Narrows and finally had a spiritedly sail in the Chester River on winds from the NW 13-15. Temps were in the mid 60's on a sunny day. We tacked up the river to Reed creek where we dropped the sails and motored into the creek as the only boat there. Dinner of Port, potato salad and salad before bed. 

Reed Creek to Rock Hall Landing: Once out of Reed Creek Dennis took the helm and tacked his way down the river in strong SW winds of 15-18 knots with gusts over 20. At the bottom of the river we ended up on a run all the way into Rock Hall Landing having a calm lunch on the way. After arrival we cleaned up and had some drinks before walking into town for dinner at the Bay Wolf Restaurant. Bill was in town so he agreed to give us a lift back to the boat. We sat in the cockpit watching the sunset with drinks and good conversation. Finally all to bed. 

Rock Hall to Parkside: Up at 7:15 after a bumpy night. A simple breakfast of cereal and english muffins. The wind was pushing us upon the pier so we sprung off and motored out the center. Rich was driving as we headed towards the swam point cut - no issues transiting. Rich sailed across the bay towards 355 degrees. Great sail with no issues. We sailed into Middle River and finally dropped the sails and motored to Long Beach for a pump out and fuel. Back to the slip and docked. Dennis and Rich cleared out their stuff and we split up the bills. 



Days: 7    Days to date: 70

Miles: 146   Miles to date: 1416.5

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

A quick trip to Long Beach to top off the fuel tank and back. Getting ready for Dennis and Rich who are arriving tomorrow. We then took Marty's boat to top off fuel as well. 

Days: 1  Days to date: 63

Miles: 1.83  Miles to date: 1270.5

Sunday, September 27, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

Marty and I both needed to have the holding tanks emptied so we drove each others boat there and back. Winds were from the SE 4-6 on a cloudy day with temps of 71. Not much excitement - which is good. We did take the opportunity to motor around Frog Mortar Creek and out into Middle River. 

Days: 1  Days to date: 62

Miles: 6.6  Miles to date: 1268.6

Monday, September 21, 2020 to Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Number of days:
3 days
  • Dobbins Island - another nice sunset
  • Looking for the bridges - I know they are out here somewhere
  • Towing The Cubicle
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridges - Always a great sight
  • Drinks on the ball in Annapolis
  • Dinner at Pussers - Thanks Steve
  • Annapolis - Sunset over the Naval Academy
  • Craighill Channel Lower Front Light

Underway by 11 after filling water tanks. Winds NNW 9-12 Sunny and temps in the high 60's - perfect weather. I raised the sails immediately and motor sailed out to the bay. We went on a broad reach all the way across the bay and then jibbed back towards The Magothy River where another broad reach took us into the river. We dropped the sails and anchored in the same spot I did with Sue the previous day. We deployed the dinghy and explored behind the 'little' Island. We actually helped tow a power boater out of trouble. Back to The Office for dinner of grilled burgers, string beans and potato buttons. Ice cream sandwiches for desert. I cleaned up from dinner and then Steve went to bed. I watched some videos on my laptop and then finally retired for the evening. 

Up at 6 am but too cold so I went back to bed. Finally everyone was up at 7:45 for a light breakfast and then stowed the engine and prepared the dinghy for towing. We motor sailed out of the river and raised the sails once in the bay. We sailed on a broad reach across the river almost to Kent Island and then jibbed back towards the bridges sailing into Annapolis. We dropped the sails and motored to the mooring balls after securing one on the second attempt. We deplored the engine on the dinghy again and explored all around Spa Creek. Back to the boat for appetizers and drinks and Steve treated dinner at Pussurs. Finally back to the boat for boaters midnight. 

Up early to have coffee ready. We recovered the dinghy and engine for our trip home. All secure we released the painter from the ball and motored around the mooring field and headed out. We motor sailed as winds were light from the SW. Temps were in the low 70's in a sunny sky. We sailed through the cut as the winds finally picked and were steady. We dropped them in Hawk Cove and then motored in. Steve gathered his stuff and headed home. 

Days: 3  Days to date: 61

Miles: 68.7  Miles to date: 1262

Saturday, September 19, 2020 to Sunday, September 20, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Cleaned the teak for the second half of the season
  • 'Buddy' our propane heater to take the chill out before bed
  • Dobbins Island again - nice place for sunset pictures

Sue was at the helm and we sailed out of the slip - no engine at all. First for us. It was a continuous sail all the way out of Middle River and past Hart-Miller Island where we headed on a broad reach all the way to The Magothy River. We motored up to Dobbins Island where there were 3 other sailboats and 4 powerboats. After anchoring we deployed the dinghy to explore behind Dobbins Island and the creeks up to the Horse Farm. We met up with Suzanne and Dobbs in Cornfield Creek and chatted with wine and cheese. Back on our boat we had appetizers watching the sunset and then pulled pork for dinner. We took the chill out of the air down below using our propane heater 'Buddy'. Of course it was turned off when we went to bed. 

Even though the winds were strong it was a calm night. Temps were in the low 60's with a sunny sky and winds from the N/NE 12-16 gusting to 20+, After breakfast of sausage sandwiches and coffee we took another dinghy expedition going behind 'Little' Dobbins Island and the creeks available. Finally around noon we headed back to the boat and stowed the dinghy and engine. We motored out of the river and then raised the sails at the mouth and headed north. We sailed across the bay towards Rock Hall until we could tack north and eventually the wind kept shifting east so we were able to sail all the way to the Pleasant Island cut without tacking again. We sailed through the first half of the cut but had to motor the second half as it was into the wind Then we dropped the sails in Hawk Cove and motored home. 

Days: 2  Days to date: 58

Miles: 52.7  Miles to date: 1193.3

Thursday, September 17, 2020 to Friday, September 18, 2020
Number of days:
2 days

Today was overcast with light winds from the north. It was time to visit Ralph and Margaret in Bodkin Creek so I headed out by myself and motored the entire distance running about 2200-2300 RPMs maintaining a average of 6 knots. I motored through the Pleasant Island Cut and arrived in time for a pizza lunch. We relaxed around the house for the afternoon and then had dinner from Roadhouse Steak house. Finally down to my boat (on their dock) to retire around 9 pm.

Up early for a wonderful breakfast of Ralph's blueberry pancakes. Winds were strong from the north at 17-20 knots with temperatures in the low 60's. With the sails reefed at about 1/3 I tacked my way back to the cut and motored through. I then continued sailing to Frog Mortar Creek when I finally motored back into the slip. No pictures as it was a quick trip. 

Days: 2  Days to date: 56

Miles: 31.1  Miles to date: 1140.6

Saturday, September 12, 2020 to Monday, September 14, 2020
Number of days:
3 days
  • Rock Hall - Crabs from Fords - Excellent - they now have replaced Waterman's Crab house as our favorite
  • Rock Hall Landing - Hunting for dinner

Sue drove out of the slip as we headed out on a buddy boat trip with Marty and Stephanie.  With easterly winds 10-12 I raised the genoa at Maryland Marina and the mainsail at Long Beach marina. We tacked our way out of Middle River past Hart-Miller Island and headed towards Rock Hall. After crossing the bay we tacked north at Tolechester and on a close haul all the way north of Still Pond when we tacked again for the final time into the anchorage. I took a short swim, showered and got ready for guests. Around 6 pm Marty and Stephanie came over with drinks and appetizers. We ate and chatted before we grilled the shrimp with rice pilaf and salad. For desert we had peach cobbler and ice cream. We continued with great conversations until they retired to their boat around 9:30. It was boaters midnight for us. 

Up to gentle winds from the NE and had coffee watching the world around Still Pond. After breakfast of sausage and eggs we planned out the day. First a call to Rock Hall Landing to reserve a slip for the evening and then raised the anchor to get underway. We motor sailed most of the way along with the current so it was a quick transit. We relaxed and watched a blue heron patiently hunt for his lunch. We called Waterman's for crabs but they said they don't allow take out anymore for crabs. So I asked Chris from Rock Hall Landing what to do and he recommended Fords - in Rock Hall. I borrowed a bike and rode to get them. They were very good and much less expensive than Waterman's. So now we have a new place to get crabs. This was a late lunch early dinner so we relaxed in the cockpit until Bill came over for drinks and conversation. After he left we went down below and turned in for the evening. 

Up early to watch nature and have breakfast. Finally got underway and headed out to the bay. I raised the jib and sailed through the cut and across the bay with a reefed jib and main as winds were from the N at 10-14 with gusts to 20. We were headed to Pleasure Island Cut and sailed through it. Once behind Hart-Miller Island we dropped the sails and motored home with a stop at Maryland Marina for a successful pump out and then and ok docking in our slip. Sue headed home but I stayed as I had chores to do. 

Days: 3  Days to date: 54

Miles: 68.4  Miles to date: 1109.5

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

Since the Maryland Marina pump out didn't work on our trip back from Still Pond we decided to wait until today. We took a quick trip to Long Beach Marina but they were very busy so we ended up going to Safe Harbor Carroll Island. Back at the marina and headed home for doctor visits. 

Days: 1  Days to date: 51

Miles: 2.9  Miles to date: 1041.1

Friday, September 4, 2020 to Monday, September 7, 2020
Number of days:
4 days
  • Pools Island Light House - sailing on the inside to save time
  • Still Pond - Another great sunset
  • Still Pond - Exploring the are with the dinghy looking back at the mother ship

Checked the oil and realized I put too much in and spent a portion of the afternoon removing the excess. Light winds from the NW on a partly cloudy day and we motored behind Pools Island and anchored on the north side of Still Pond. We took an hour long swim and then grilled pineapple shrimp with rice and coleslaw. We sat topside as everything cooled down and finally went to bed around 11 pm. A bumpy night as two boats came in between 10 and 11 at high speeds. 

Stayed at anchor. Had sausage breakfast treats and then launched the dinghy. We motored to Still Pond Creek and chatted with sailors who said the depth was 5'8". Then we went to the end of the creek and out into Still Pond and into Churn Creek to explore. Back to the boat for grilled bratwurst for lunch and then went swimming and relaxed. We ran the engine a few hours to charge the batteries. Finally swam again before dinner of grilled steak, corn, and cucumber salad. We watched the stars from the foredeck until the moon rose and went to bed. 

Stayed at anchor again. We took another dinghy ride around the area again. We spent over 2 hours to travel 8 miles with a top speed of over 12 knots. We traveled out north past Meeks point following the coast up to the mouth of the Sassafras River. Then we crossed the mouth of Still Pond and explored the southern outside coast. Finally headed back to the boat after a drop by to Brundy Bay - a sailboat from Parkside. Then we had lunch and took a swim. Dinner at sunset was grilled chicken, mac/cheese and salad. Bed after the moon showed up again. 

Up at 7 to make coffee and welcome in the new day and cool temps in the high 60's. Once again after breakfast we took a swim and then another dinghy ride. Finally we raised the anchor and headed out of Still Pond after 3 days. We sailed behind Still Pond and anchored to swim, have lunch and recover the dinghy. Finally back to Parkside by 5 pm. 

Days: 4    Days to date: 50

Miles: 31.3    Miles to date: 1038.2

Thursday, August 27, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

A quick trip to the pump out and motor around to get the temperature up for an oil change. We drove out to the other side of Middle River and back and the temperature got to 175. Oil change was successful. 

Days 1    Days to date: 46

Miles: 3.4    Miles to date: 1006.9

Saturday, August 22, 2020 to Sunday, August 23, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Still Pond - Strange food barge coming out of Still Pond Creek
  • Still Pond - Cleaned out the starboard lazarette
  • Still Pond - Yummy Spanish feast
  • Still Pond - Sunset from the northern side is always better

We left early afternoon in a light Southerly breeze which picked up out in the bay to 10-15 knots so we had a broad reach up the bay and eventually a run to Still Pond. We anchored on the north side as there was a very large crowd on the south side along with a steady stream of boats going into Still Pond Creek. A funny food barge? came out of the creek as we watched it head northerly up the bay. It was quite interesting. We had a relaxing swim in 84 degree water and then Sue presented a nice Spanish feast of cheese, chorizo, bread, tortillas, and arroz con pollo. (chicken and rice). We relaxed until it was cool enough to go below - around 11 pm. 

Awake around 7 to make coffee. It was cool topside with a light rain. We had eggs and sausage for breakfast. We had a relaxing swim as I cleaned the waterline with 'Hull' cleaner. Once again we grilled dogs for lunch and then cleaned out the starboard lazarette. After removing everything we installed dri-dek before re-stowing and organizing. Then we took another swim. Finally, about 4pm we saw that a storm was brewing on the western shores so we decided to head home. We were motor sailing with full sails and only 8 knots of wind and very little heeling. When we almost got to red 2 of Bush River we came about to port and headed on a starboard tack. Then the wind shifted direction by 180 degrees and gusted to over 30 knots along with a very close strike of lightening. The NMEA 2K network seemed to go down knocking all wind and depth information. We very quickly were heeling over 30 degrees and the boat developed a very strong weather helm. I steered into the wind and got the sails in irons. I quickly ran up and reefed the jib to about 3/5 and the main to 1/3. We then headed behind Pools Island with the wind gusting as well as changing direction significantly multiple times. The network seemed to come back and I had all instruments available We finally made it to Middle River and dropped the sails and motored to Parkside. As I finished tying up the lines the heavens broke though and we had a 30 minute deluge with thunder and lightening. We lost power so I was getting ready for a warm night. Finally power was restored later in the evening and I showered and ate dinner. Bedtime was early as it was quite the exciting sail home. 

Days: 2   Days to date: 45

Miles: 33.6   Miles to date: 1003.6

Friday, August 14, 2020 to Saturday, August 15, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • On the way to Still Pond - great winds so I decided to race this guy
  • Still Pond Creek - we motored with the dinghy to see what goes on in the creek

Sue came down for the weekend and we got a late start on a very cloudy day. Marty left earlier and communicated back that the wind in the bay was 10 knots from the NE. We motored past the airport and raised the sails. It was great sailing across the bay as we hit speeds of 7 knots with 12-15 knots of wind.  Then we tacked and headed north until we ran out of water and tacked back. Finally after 1 more tack we dropped the sails and motored to the north side of Still Pond to anchor. We settled in and then deployed the dinghy and engine. We motored all the way back into Still Pond Creek and then Churn Creek. We traveled over 8 miles in about 3 hours. Then we had a quick swim in a light rain. After showers we had some appetizers and then pork loin on the grill with potatoes and salad. Finally hit the hay around 10 PM.

Sue was up early to close windows as rain was getting heavy. It rained until about 9 and when it slowed we decided to head back to Parkside. We grilled hot dogs first for lunch and then raised the anchor. We raised the Genoa once past most of the crab pots. the Genoa was reefed to about 80% as the wind was 20+. We were sailing at speeds around 7 knots on a broad reach to behind Pools Island. We dropped the sails when arriving in Middle River and motored back to our slip. 


Days:2    Days to date:43

Miles: 37.4   Miles to date: 969.9

Saturday, August 8, 2020 to Sunday, August 9, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Still Pond - Sunset in south side
  • Still Pond - Sunset in south side
  • Still Pond - Quick view of The Office

At the last minute I decided to get out of the marina so I headed to Still Pond to meet up with Marty and Stephanie who had left earlier in the day. Since the winds were light (NE 2-7 Temps in the low 80's and partly sunny) I decided to test the new pitch on the prop. It looks like it added .3 of a knot for every RPM level. 5 knots is now about 1800 RPM and 6 at 2200. Top speed was 8 knots at the now max RPM of 3750. Marty and Stephanie were anchored in the southern part of Still Pond so I motored around a few boats to get a spot near them. Marty rowed over to pick me up for dinner aboard their vessel S/V Far Fetched. After dinner Marty rowed me back so I could watch the sunset on my boat. I finished up the ice cream sandwiches and remained topside until it cooled down below.

I awoke early and had coffee and cereal for breakfast. I deployed my dinghy and Marty came over to assist with the lowering of the engine. All went well and the three of us explored Churn Creek in my dinghy. I dropped them off at their boat and headed to Still Pond Creek by myself. After a few hours I returned to The Office to relax. I was expecting Bill and Nancy to visit but they decided to go south instead. Then I realized I had dinner plans back in Parkside so I recovered the engine and quickly motor sailed back to Parkside with an average speed of 6.3 and a max speed of 8.9.  

Days: 2    Days to date: 41

Miles: 37.4  Miles to date: 932.5

Saturday, August 1, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

Maryland Marina to Parkside: Splash was delayed to Saturday morning due to low water. Back in my home slip and started working on replacing the water heater (hoses still leaking) and other jobs. 


Days: 1    Days to date: 39

Miles: .7  Miles to date: 901.6

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

Parkside to Maryland Marina: A short trip over to Maryland Marina to haul out for a bottom paint, prop adjustment, rudder repair, and some gelcoat work. Also, a nice wax job on the hull. 

7/20 -  A quick dingy ride around the marina before going ashore and stowing on the racks. This could be counted as another day if needed. Just documenting here in case.  

Days: 1   Days to date: 38

Miles: .7   Miles to date: 899.9

Saturday, July 18, 2020 to Sunday, July 19, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Hawk Cove behind Hart-Miller Island - Busy place normally
  • Hawk Cove - Can you see the 5 planets?

Parkside to Hawk Cove: I replaced the hoses to the ot water heater so I wanted to run the engine to be sure there were no leaks with the hoses from the engine to the heater. Also I wanted to create a speed chart (engine RPM to SOG) as I was planning on having the prop pitch increased for better speed. I motored over to Back Creek to document the different speeds at different RPMs. Then I came back to Hawk Cove and anchored out. I had a nice swim and then garlic shrimp an spinach for dinner. I went to bed late as it was quite warm and I sat topside to cool down. 

Hawk Cove to Parkside: I was up before sunrise to view the astrological event of seeing 5 planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) simultaneously with the naked eye. I saw them all except Mercury as cloud coverage blocked my view. That was nice but after the sun came up I went back to bed for a few more hours. Finally up for a nice breakfast of sausage and fried eggs then a quick sail around the area and motored back home. 


Days: 2   Days to date: 37

Miles: 19.5   Miles to date: 899.2

Monday, July 13, 2020 to Thursday, July 16, 2020
Number of days:
4 days
  • Still Pond - Always a favorite
  • C&D Canal - Not a lot of room
  • Chesapeake City - Pleasant town
  • Turner Creek Sassafras River - Another favorite

Parkside to Still Pond: We had a late start as Jared and Aubrey arrived in the afternoon. Since winds were very light from the NE we motored over to Still Pond and anchored in the northern side. Dinner was grilled burgers and cucumber salad. Jared slept topside as it was still in the low 80's. 

Still Pond to Summit North Point on the C&D Cannel: Up at 6 and made coffee. After a very light breakfast we headed towards Chesapeake City. Light N-NE winds and a sunny sky made it for a warm journey. We heard they had dredged Back Creek so we stopped in at the Chesapeake Inn for a nice lunch and quick walking tour of the town. Afterwards we timed the trip to follow the current to Summit North Point. The docks here are very nice but that's about it. The office is a dump, WiFi is non existent, the bathrooms poorly maintained and the pool dirty. The restaurant was quite pricey so after we cooled down in the pool and showered we had grilled shrimp from Jared.  We had plans on going to Cape May but the winds were too light and it would have just been 20+ hours of motoring down the Delaware Bay so we planned on heading back the next day to go with the tide. 

North Point to Turner Creek off of the Sassafras River: Breakfast of sausage and eggs along with some lively conversations. We stopped by the pump out and then out to the canal. Our conversations we so engaging we ended up missing the tide so motored against it all the way to the Chesapeake. A quick fuel stop at Schaffer's on the way to Turner Creek. We deployed the dinghy and all took turns exploring not only Turner Creek but the Sassafras as well. Finally we had a wonderful grilled steak dinner with pan fried potatoes and onions and salad for dinner. Drinks after dinner encouraged additional discussions until bed. 

Sassafras River to Parkside: Up early to commune with nature in the quiet creek. Unfortunately Jared was developing a very painful toothache so we decided to head home. Jared and Aubrey took the dinghy out for a quick spin as I cleaned up from breakfast. We then recovered the dinghy and motored out the tricky creek entrance to the river. Once out on the river and bay we found lots of wind from the NE 10-15 knots and sailed on a port broad reach until Pools Island. Then we dropped the sails and motored into to Parkside. 

Days: 4    Days to date: 35

Miles: 90   Miles to date: 879.7

Saturday, July 4, 2020 to Sunday, July 12, 2020
Number of days:
7 days
  • Queenstown Creek Chester River - Quiet but very hot
  • Queenstown Creek - Moonrise
  • Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - Great place
  • CBMM - Sunrise after a nasty storm
  • Annapolis City Docks, Ego Alley - All alone

Parkside to Queenstown Creek Chester River: Sue and Jen arrived yesterday from PA and Christian (Jen's boyfriend) arrived from NJ. This morning after breakfast we finalized stowing everything and then made plans for Shaw Bay off of the Miles River. On the way Sue found that there was a high probability of jellies there so we changed plans to head for the Chester River. Winds were from the NE at 4-10 knots on a calm sea. Temps were in the low 90's on a partly cloudy day. We motor sailed most of the way to get there at a decent time. Once in the Chester River we decided on somewhere close to Kent Narrow's as we had plans on going to St. Michaels the next day so we picked Queenstown Creek. We slowly navigated the very narrow and long entrance way successfully and arrived in a nice area with about 5 sailboats and countless powerboats. Unfortunately Jen saw jellyfish so swimming was limited. We went to the back of the anchorage and dropped the hook. Christian and I took a chance on swimming to cool down - ugh 93 degree water - not much cooling down. We deployed the dinghy to explore our surroundings while Sue set up appetizers. After retrieving the dinghy we had dinner of grilled chicken, salad and bread. Everyone tried to cool down in the cockpit but there was little wind. Finally we went down below early in the morning for bed. 

Queenstown Creek to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum St Michaels: We were all up early and greeted with a cool breeze for a simple breakfast. We motored out of the creek at high tide so the transit through the narrow opening went well. The winds were from the SW at 3-5 knots so we motored out of the Chester River through the Kent Narrows bridge and into the Miles River. Still no wind so we motor sailed all the way to St. Michaels. Josh - dock master at CBMM - was there to greet us at the 'T head' on H dock and received the bow line from Sue.  While backing down I noticed I had no more control of my throttle. This had broken last year and I replaced the cable so I knew exactly what was wrong. Rats, bad timing. Josh did a great job pulling us onto the dock against a 5-10 knot wind and we settled in and turned on the AC and tried to relax. I was trying to figure out how I was going to fix this. 

We were planning on 2 days in St. Michaels so the repair would consume most of my time. I located a cable at the West Marine in Kent Narrows (Actually Chester) so I rented a car to go get it. The activity of renting a car during Covid was quite challenging but in the process I did locate a cable from a local vendor in St. Michaels. Jen and I replaced the cable in 2 hours which made everyone feel better. Since we had a car we decided to explore Tilghman Island on land. We went to Easton for dinner (take out) and then back to the boat. When we arrived there was quite a storm brewing blowing the boat onto the dock. We shored up the boat with extra fenders with no luck. Also, a boat that was anchored out was being pushed our way making everyone quite uncomfortable. There was someone aboard monitoring the situation but there wasn't much he could do. There  was another boat on the inside of the T head  that lost it's bow line so Christian and I did our best to retrieve it and tie her up again. Finally after about 1 in the morning the wind changed direction and the thread of the drifting boat was minimized and everyone went to bed. 

CBMM to Annapolis City Docks: I returned the car to Easton which took forever. Everyone else stayed behind to fill water tanks and clean up. We finally got under way to Annapolis and of course there was very little wind so we once again motored across the bay without adventure. We docked in Slip 15 on Ego alley and there was only one other boat there. Wow, covid has really shut this place down. Once tied up everyone took time to relax and have drinks and appetizers. Christian treated us to takeout from Mission BBQ (always my favorite). We sat in the cockpit and watched people go by and did take a short walk to get ice cream. Finally everyone to bed. 

Another day of adventure but not sailing we toured Annapolis and visited the shops. Dinner was a sausage vodka sause over pasta prepared by Christian - quite yummy. Once again we spent the evening enjoying ice cream and people watching.

Annapolis to Rock Hall Landing: Very hot morning with a sunny sky temps in the 80's and light winds from the NE. Again, winds coming from the direction we were headed. We motored around Spa Creek for a bit and then sailed across the bay and tacked back under the bridge. Finally we were forced to motor the rest of the way into Rock Hall to our favorite marina - Rock Hall Landing.  I took a quick swim in their pool and then treated everyone to a take out dinner from Waterman's Crab House. I conked out after dinner but everyone else enjoyed the sunset and playing the game Survive. Expecting rain overnight so closed up everything. 

Rock Hall to Still Pond:  We waited at the docks until the wind and rain slowed down. I was planning on taking our time to miss most of the weather. We had blueberry and peach pancakes and sausage for breakfast while waiting. Finally we got under way with 20+ knots of wind and 2 foot waves. Maybe not a smart move. It was very uncomfortable so I put out 1/3 of the main to get some speed. We sailed at 4 knots until the wind died down some and the we pulled out the Genoa and tacked into Still Pond. We were the only boat in Still Pond at the time and anchored very far in the southern end of it. Some of us went swimming and took showers. We played board games until 11 pm and then bed. 

Still Pond to Havre de Grace: Up early to swim and use dinghy but that didn't happen. Instead we got underway to we could get to a marina for some A/C. Christian motored out of Still Pond and then we sailed on a run wing on wing across the bay. We made it to Turkey Point so Jen could get some pictures and then went on a beam reach towards the cut. Christian drove all the way until we were close to Havre de Grace. We tied up in Log Pond Marina and turned on the A/C. Christian and I walked to Coakly's for take out and Jen later treated us to ice cream. 

Havre de Grace to Parkside: The northern point of our trip was complete and we headed back to Parkside. With winds from the south we ended up motoring most of the day. Everyone packed up their stuff and headed back to NJ or PA. I stayed behind to clean up from the trip.

Days: 7    Days to date: 31

Miles: 155.6    Miles to date: 789.2

Thursday, July 2, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

The ladies went back to PA to provision for a new guest and I stayed behind for some cleanup and maintenance. I ran the motored over to Maryland Marina for a pump out and then back to warm the engine to have the antifreeze run through the water heater as I was trying to find a leak. 

Days: 1    Days To Date: 24

Miles: 1    Miles to date: 633

Friday, June 19, 2020 to Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Number of days:
11 days
  • Dobbins Island - first night anchorage
  • Dobbins Island - grilled steak for dinner
  • Dobbins Island - waiting for storms to pass to head south
  • The Magothy River - Jen always gets some great nature shots
  • A few rain storms did hit us
  • Rounding Bloody Point to pass behind Popular Island into Knapp's Narrows
  • Knapp's Narrows Bridge - Operators are always very friendly
  • Dunn Cove - double rainbow so maybe no more rain
  • Dunn Cove - Dolphins exploring the area
  • Cove Point Light House - almost to Solomon's Island
  • Solomon's Island - Spring Cove Marina is a great place to stay
  • The Great Wicomico River - another rain storm
  • The Great Wicomico River Rogue Point - Up early to start another day - hopefully without rain
  • New Point Comfort Lighthouse - Long day
  • East River Mobjack Bay - Another rainbow maybe now the rain will stop
  • Cape Charles VA - Town Docks - Nicely updated
  • Cape Charles - Sunset
  • Cape Charles - Breakfast for the Great Blue Heron
  • Norfolk VA - Some exciting traffic
  • Norfolk VA - Norfolk Naval Base MWR Marina
  • Atlantic Ocean - Dolphins off of Fort Story VA
  • Stove Point Neck Piankatank River - sunset swim
  • Stove Point Neck Piankatank River - watching sunrise - early start
  • Point Lookout Lighthouse - Cornfield Harbor Potomac River - stop for dinner - no swimming
  • Cornfield Harbor - Point Lookout - Sunset and time to get underway
  • Sunrise after sailing all night
  • Thomas Point Light - Most photographed lighthouse
  • Annapolis MD - top off fuel and back to Middle River

We have spent most of our sailing in the mid to upper bay with only a quick trip to Solomon's Island or Deltaville VA. So, time for a grand trip down the bay to Norfolk VA and a possible day trip into the Atlantic Ocean. Since Jen is a high school orchestra conductor she is able to spend time with us over the summer. She is also great behind the camera as the pictures above all came from her. 

Middle River to Dobbins Island on The Magothy River: We didn't get underway until late afternoon as we finished up some shopping and cleaned topside one last time. Finally we shoved off in about 15 knots of wind in Frog Mortar Creek. Not only were the winds much stronger out in the bay but also from our intended direction - south. So we motor sailed to our destination of Dobbins Island in The Magothy River. We anchored around 7:30 pm and had grilled steak, brussel sprouts and potatoes for dinner. A quick phone chat with our other daughter (Katie) and it was off to bed - around 10:30. 

Dobbins Island to Dunn Cove off of Harris Creek. Very quiet night - a bit warm but overall sleeping weather was good. Up to a breakfast of pancakes and sausage and started our preparations to weigh anchor when we spotted some very dark skies and strong storms over the Bay Bridge. So we waited for about an hour and finally got underway. This timing proved excellent as we dogged rain storms all the way behind Popular Island through the cut and into Harris Creek motoring through Knapps Narrows Draw Bridge. Once in Harris Creek it looked like another storm was heading our way so we sailed for one more hour and then headed up the creek to Dunn Cove. There were 5 other boats in the cove so we took some time finding our spot. We cooled down with a drink before dinner of marinated chicken on the grill atop noodles and squash. After dinner we played a game and finally called it bedtime. Calm night. 

Dunn Cove to Spring Cove Marina Solomon's Island. Up to an overcast sky, calm waters, light SE winds, and a simple breakfast of coffee and cereal in the cockpit. It was nice and quiet until we observed commotion on a nearby boat. Upon closer inspection we saw what they were overjoyed about - a pod of 5 dolphins exploring the cove. We followed them as they popped up and down around the boat while searching the area. Of course we took many photos with timing being the greatest challenge. After we cleaned up from breakfast we deployed the dinghy and did some exploring of our own around the cove. We recovered the dinghy around noon, cooked some hotdogs on the grill and motor sailed all the way to Solomons Island into the wonderful Spring Cove Marina. While paying the bill we arranged for the free shuttle to Capt Jim's to get steamed crabs for dinner. After dinner we played an on-line game (Skribbl.io) with Jen's boyfriend and then boaters midnight struck around 10:00. 

Spring Cove Marina to The Great Wicomico River. Up early and did chores as Sue and Jen visited the store. Finally we filled the water tanks and then emptied the holding tanks with the pier side pump out. We shoved off to the fuel dock for a top off of the diesel tank as well as the dinghy gas tank. There were good winds 8-10 knots but from the S/SE so we motor sailed most of the way as we dodged some major storms with only getting some cooling rain now and then. We tried anchoring in Sandy Point (strong recommendation from a friend) but couldn't get the anchor to stick so we went around the bend and finally found a spot off of Rogue Point that we felt secure. Dinner of pork loin on the grill and cucumber salad. We sat outside to cool down until 11 pm and went to bed. Another calm night. 

The Great Wicomico River to East River on Mobjack Bay.  Sunny sky, winds 10-15 from S/SW upper 70's lower 80's. We got underway with intentions of arriving at Mobjack Bay and since we would be going into the winds we motor sailed. Arrived around 6 pm, anchored and payed out almost 100' in 15' of water because of a very strong current and southerly winds predicted to be gusty in the upper 20's. After a cooling swim call (finally no jellies) we were greeted with dinner of grilled salmon and spinach. 

East River to Cape Charles VA. Another simple breakfast of cereal and coffee and enjoyed nature at anchor. Sue made tuna fish sandwiches for lunch and Jen and I tidied up the boat before we set sail for Cape Charles. Since the wind was from the NE at 12-15 on a nice sunny day it was a great port tack all the way across the bay through the anchorage of very large ships awaiting transit up the bay into Cape Charles. We motored into the town docks and backed into the slip and tied up in this very pleasant marina. Our friends, Kevin and Amy drove from Norfolk VA bringing a splendid Italian dinner from their local restaurant. We walked the docks and into town after dinner (ice cream store closed) and then they returned home and we retired for the evening. 

Cape Charles Town Docks to Norfolk Naval Base. Eggs and sausage and fruit was the meal to get us started. After another visit to the pump out we motor sailed across the bay to Norfolk. We encountered lots of activity upon reaching Thimble Shoals and heading into Hampton Roads such as a submarine up close (within 1,000 feet), gun boats, and very large cargo ships. We headed into Willoughby Spit and eventually docked in the MWR Naval Station Norfolk Mariana - a benefit of retiring from the Navy. A very nice marina with new floating docks and long finger piers. Kevin and Amy picked us up for a tour of the base (mostly for Jen) and a wonderful dinner at their place. They returned us to The Office and we went to bed. The trip to Norfolk from Middle River was 236 miles. 

Virginia Beach. A relaxing morning with eggs and sausage we waited until Kevin and Amy arrived around noon and then headed out for a trip over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel to the Atlantic Ocean. Once again the wind was against us and we motored most of the way. There was enough wind when we were in the ocean so we did get the opportunity to say we finally sailed in the ocean. We had lunch underway provided to us by Amy and then dinner down below after docking. 

Norfolk to Stove Point Neck Piankatank River. The day prior we met Kevin and Amy and who drove us around Va Beach so we could show Jen where we lived and worked many years prior. Crabs at their house and back to The Office. Up early, did self service pump out, and then motored out of the harbor into the busy area around Norfolk. Our destination - Deltaville - was a straight shot up the river but very light winds from the NW and a great distance so we one again motored the entire distance. After trying several marinas in Deltaville with no answer so we decided on anchoring  in 9' of water off of Stove Point Neck. No jellies so we enjoyed a cooling swim before grilled shrimp, rice pilaf and salad for dinner. Afterwards we relaxed and cooled down in the cockpit until the real midnight this time. 

Stove Point to Cornfield Harbor off of Point Lookout on the Potomac River. Up early again and watched the sun rise. Quick breakfast of cereal and coffee so we could get moving as it was to be a long day. We started out with great winds from the NW at 10 knots. After getting to the middle of the bay the winds started moving north pushing us more easterly. Then the waves increased to 4-5 feet and the tide was against us. So much for sailing home, so we again started motoring in the now very hot sun and humid air. We had hopes of getting to Pax River but decided on the Potomac River instead. We anchored in Cornfield harbor off of Point Lookout after dodging the minefield of crab pots expecting to take a cool swim. No luck as jellies were quite large and plentiful. At dinner we decided to travel during the night as it would be much cooler. So we cleaned up from dinner, took a few photos of the beautiful sunset and headed on our way for our first night sailing as a family. 

Cornfield Harbor to Parkside. Sue and Jen started once we left the river and arrived in the Bay. I stayed topside until they felt comfortable and then went down below to get some sleep. As planned, I took over the helm around 1:00 in the morning with my daughter staying up with me to help stay awake. We were enjoying the cool evening when suddenly the engine just quit. Yikes, what is it? A quick look into the fuel tank highlighted the absence of fuel. Now, what to do my daughter asks? Well, we have sails – let’s raise them. So we sailed until after sunrise when we arrived in Herring Bay and reached out to Towboat US who provided us enough fuel to get us to Annapolis where we topped off and made it home safely to Middle River.

Thus ended our trip. While many things went extremely well and we had a great time, we did lean some valuable lessons. While many cruisers already know this, I and I thought I knew it, the first thing you remove from the boat before a long voyage is the schedule. We were pushing ourselves for unrealistic distances which limited our actual sailing and demanded either motor sailing or motoring. Also, we returned home to pick up another guest. It would have been more rewarding to have flown that guest down south and then we all travel north together. Check fuel levels often - while I am very diligent about my fuel level - I actually measure the depth of the tank and calculate the gallons - I did not take into consideration the extra work the engine was doing pushing against the wind and tide and currents. We burned almost double the normal consumption rate. Plan to sail at night when it is hot and humid. While we eventually did this, it would have been more comfortable had we done it sooner. 

All in all, it was an experience which we hope to repeat - without mistakes - in 2021.









Days: 11    To Date: 23

Miles: 461.1    To Date: 633.3

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Number of days:
1 day
  • Dinghy - The Cubicle - stowed for travel
  • Dinghy training, Sir!
  • Crabs for dinner, thanks to Jen
  • The Crew of The Office

My wife (Sue) and daughter (Jen) came down to prepare for our trip to Norfolk. Before heading out we motored to the other side of the creek, dropped the anchor, and practiced deploying and recovering the dinghy. The winds were low and the water calm so it made sense to work out the processes to do this safely. After a number of very successful attempts we motored around in the dinghy for about an hour and then headed back to The Office. Once The Cubicle was back aboard we headed for our slip and docked for the night. 

Jen treated us to steamed crabs from Captain Jim's Crabs on Caroll Island Road. She prepared the saloon table with paper and we feasted to begin the sailing season. 

Days: 1  To Date: 12

Miles: .5    To Date: 172.0

Saturday, June 13, 2020 to Sunday, June 14, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Sunset in Still Pond
  • The newest addition to The Office - our dinghy

Well we finally purchased a dinghy and engine to aid in our near costal explorations. I was able to load the dinghy on the bow and the engine (with help from friends from our marina) on the stern rail and finally get underway by 2 pm. I had friends waiting for me at Still Pond to practice launching and recovering the dinghy by myself as well as enjoying the nice sunny weather. Since I was in a hurry and winds were from the north I mostly motor sailed. Finally anchored in Still Pond and then Marty and Stephanie rowed over to me and we worked on the process of launching my dinghy and my engine and then recovering. Finally after a number of successful attempts and the dinghy in the water we headed over to their boat for a potluck dinner and conversation. Headed back to The Office  around 10:00 PM and called it boaters midnight and went to bed. A bit rocky overnight but cool and breezy. 

Up early with a simple breakfast and coffee. I took the time to explore Still Pond Creek with the new dinghy (The Cubicle). I also took this opportunity to swim under the boat and examine the damage to the rudder and determined it was mostly a 'flesh' wound and will have it fixed when I am hauled out for a bottom paint in July. Then I recovered the dinghy and engine by myself and headed home. 

A quick trip but lots of fun. 

Days: 2    To Date: 11

Miles: 31.7  To Date: 171.4

Saturday, May 30, 2020 to Sunday, May 31, 2020
Number of days:
2 days
  • Beautiful sunset in Hawk Cove off behind Hart Miller Island
  • At Hart Miller Island

Visitors arriving late so picked a short destination as Still Pond was too distant. We found an anchorage in the southern part of Hawk Cove away from most other boaters and dropped the hook. We had drinks and chips & salsa until dark when we started dinner. The main course was lobster on the grill provided by Karen and Jared. After dinner we cleaned up and then chatted until well after midnight and finally went to bed. The winds picked up over night to 16-20 knots. Anchor held fine. 

Up to sunny and windy morning. Made coffee until eveyone awoke and then cooked cheese and eggs with sausage. Finallay got underway around 10 and sailed through the Pleasure Island cut and made our way south to the Patapsco River turned east and then north towards Tolechester. Finally after we arrived at Middle River we turned west and headed home. 

Great visit with friends. 

Days: 2    To Date: 9

Miles: 30.5    To Date: 139.7

Saturday, May 23, 2020 to Monday, May 25, 2020
Number of days:
3 days
  • Soundings around the boat to find a way out.
  • Location of said underwater structure

Another quick trip for an anchorage in Still Pond and an overnight at Rock Hall Landing with our daughter and her boyfriend. Cool weekend in the mid to high 60's with winds from the NW to W ranging 5-12 knots. Mostly partly cloudy to sunny. 

Late start on Saturday as we did a quick wash down of topside and had waffles and sausage for breakfast. Finally we left the docks at around 11:30. We motored out of Frog Mortar Creek into Middle River where we hoisted the sails with winds of about 10 knots on a close reach. Eventually we ended up on a run and arrived at Still Pond. This time we went to the southern part of Still Pond. It was quite crowded and we turned and decided to anchor in the northern side. I have hit something there before (sometime in 2016) and was careful when transiting. Having believed that I was clear of the obstacle, I rapidly accelerated. BAM, BAM BAM. Ouch. Not good. We weren’t moving. I reached out to a trusted colleague who recommended we take soundings all around the boat. Plenty of water all around. So he recommended I ‘punch’ the engine to ‘hop’ off the underwater structure. That worked, the keel was no longer stuck – unfortunately it was now stuck on the rudder. Double ouch. Once again we punched it and finally became unencumbered of everything. We quickly motored to our anchoring and checked for any leaks on the rudder post etc. All was well - except maybe my pride. Anyway we relaxed with grapefruit slushies and my wife's 7 layer dip. Then dinner of filet mignon, shrimp skewers, and asparagus. Light rain every now and then ended the evening. 

Quiet night but chilly (57 degrees outside). We warmed up the cabin with a breakfast of eggs and sausage and toast. Finally underway around noonish and there was no wind so we motored to Rock Hall Landing 'D' dock. Dinner from Waterman's Crab House, played games and hit the hay. 

Up early after a quiet night to little wind again. Motor sailed across the bay to the Pleasure Island Cut and then into Middle River. 

Days: 3    To Date: 7

Miles: 17.2 To Date: 109.2

Friday, May 15, 2020 to Sunday, May 17, 2020
Number of days:
3 days
  • Wing on wing from Still Pond to Rock Hall

Nice trip to Still Pond for an overnight and then a visit to our favorite marina in Rock Hall - Rock Hall Landing. The weather was in the high 60's to low 70's. 6 sailboats and 6 powerboats were acnhored with us in the southern part of Still Pond. Winds were 15 knots with gusts up to 26 until about 8 pm. The anchor held well and finally everything calmed down. DInner was grilled pork chops with pan fried potatoes and green beans. It was a quiet nite. 

Up early for a nice breakfast and then headed out of Still Pond. Took off on a broad reach across the bay and jibbed back towards Fairlie Creek. Finally settled on a wing on wing towards the Chester River. We took the Swan Point cut and headed into Rock Hall Landing. No resturants were open so we cooked a fish dinner in the oven and sat in the cockpit with wine watching the sunset. 

Up early after a cool evening. Simple breakfast. Worked inside a bit waiting for the rain to stop and finally got underway around noon. Sailed through the Swan Point Cut again and across the bay to the southern end of Hart-Miller Island. Sailed through the southern cut up into Hawk Cove. Finally reached Middle River and dropped the sails and headed home. 

Days: 3   To Date: 4

Miles: 54.9   To Date: 54.9

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Number of days:
1 day

Quick trip to move from winter slip to season slip and warm the engine to change the oil.

Days 1

No miles.