Five Questions for SpinSheet Century Club Member Michael Jewell

SpinSheet Century Club member Micheal Jewell hit 100 days last night, making him a four-time Centurion. Here are five questions we asked him about his 2017 on the water thus far as well as his log in progress.

Michael Jewell (dark hair, no beard) and crew: Julianne, Liz, John, Dave (beard), and Carrie.

1. Did you do anything new this year? Since the winter was mild, we got in most of the frostbite races and in the spring took an eight-day Baycation to the Southern Bay.

Race to Baltimore with new Five O'Clock crew shirts: Julianne, Dave, Linda, Elaine, Suzy, and Mike.

2. You reached 100 early this year compared to past years. Why do you think that is? Almost 30 days sooner this year! I'm guessing the mild winter, vacation, and a long 4th of July weekend were the keys.

Michael jewell on Five O'Clock sailing solo in July.

3. You have a full-time job yet have still managed to reach 100 on-the-water days four years in a row. What's your secret? Living aboard certainly helps. Weekends and evenings can be used for fun instead of on maintenance. Also, I am not opposed to taking off for an hour or two... Sailing does not have be a big production or all-day affair.

Sailing into Baltimore with Elaine and crew.

4. Did you have any boring days on the water? I've had some slow days but would not call them boring. If it starts to get boring, we turn on the engine and head for anchor, change of scenery, or home port.

Michael, Harald, Molly, Melinda, and Judah on the Cape Fear 38 Xiberger.

5. Do you have any days that stand out as very memorable? or do they run together? A good mix of both---there are the regular days that kind of blur, but then there those that stand out. The perfect days, we sailed ego alley, traveled to new anchorages, had a great 1st place finish, witnessed a water spout, rafted for the eclipse... So many good times with good friends. 

Myboat--68 days, OPB 27 days, Kayak  2 days,  SUP 3 days
1    1/1/2017    New Year Day Sail    Servern River -Annapolis    Molly, Julianne, John & Jenny
2    1/12/2017    Day Sail    Hackets and back    John, Haley, Lauren 65 degrees
3    1/13/2017    Day Sail    Weather bouy, NAP harbour    Solo
4    1/15/2017    Day Sail    Rover    Lauren, Matt,
5    1/22/2017    Day Sail    R-4 and DTA    Julianne and me
6    1/25/2017    day Sail    Hackets and back    Solo
7    2/5/2017    Frostbite    D-4    Jonny, Dave, Linda, Billy, Lauren
8    2/18/2017    day Sail    KI and Back    Rebecca, Charb, JB & Haley
9    2/19/2017    Frostbite    A-2    Jonny, Dave, Denise, Juliiane, Matt, Billy
10    2/20/2017    Day Sail    KI and Annapolis Harbor    Matt, Lauren, Shannon | Sailed Ego Alley
11    2/26/2017    Frostbite    Harford, and Trighton Start    Julianne,Dave,Michele,Billy,John&Liz,Jonny&Mary
12    3/5/2017    Frostbite    C-3 Trighton    Jonny & Mary, Billy
13    3/19/2017    Frostbite    1-A-3(R) (hartford)    Juliane, Suzy,Linda,Denise, Jonny,Dave,Billy
14    3/21/2017    First Day of Spring    Hackets and back    Solo
15    3/25/2017    Blinding Furry    Bay Bridge and back    Eric, Charb, Dave and Denise
16    3/28/2017    Day Sail    KI Chanel & NAP Harb    Dave
17    3/29/2017    Evening Sail    Hackets and back    Solo
18    4/1/2017    DaySail    R-2 & Home    Solo
19    4/2/2017    DaySail    Hackets and back    Cruised near anchored Navy Sub
20    4/5/2017    Evening Sail    Rover    R-2 and home
21    4/19/2017    WNR Practice    Xeiberger    Great Practice, pleasant night
22    4/22/2017    OysterFest    Rover    Up to Juliannes
23    4/26/2017    WNR Practice    Xeiberger    No-Wind, HH cruise
24    4/28    Coconut Joes    Jonny's Boat    Dave, Jonny, me
25    5/3/2017    WNR Racing    Xeiberger    Xeiberger Team
26    5/7/2017    Retrieve Lauren    West River    Paddle out to assist in Rovers delvery
27    5/9    Evening Sail    Rover    Hackets and Back
28    5/10/2017    WNR Racing    Xeiberger    Xeiberger Team
29    5/13/2017    Beer Can Races    Blinding Fury    Eric and Crew
30    5/14/2017    SUP    Demo's and Back Creek    
31    5/17/2017    Sunset sail    Out & Back    Molly, Lauren, Dave
32    5/19/2017    Beer Can Races    Withdrew due to storms    Ego Alley tour
33    5/20/2017    Summer Trip Prep    Fuel dock    Solo
34    5/21/2017    Bay-Cation    Annapolis Harbor    Mike & Molly
35    5/22/2017    Bay-Cation    Solomons Island (Mill Creek)    Mike & Molly
36    5/23/2017    Bay-Cation    Solomons Island (Mill Creek2)    Mike & Molly
37    5/24/2017    Bay-Cation    Carters Creek (Rappahannock)    Mike & Molly
38    5/25/2017    Bay-Cation    DeltaVille (Doziers Marina)    Mike & Molly
39    5/26/2017    Bay-Cation    Solomons Island (Mill Creek)    Mike & Molly
40    5/27/2017    Bay-Cation    St Michaels (Baby Owl Cove)    Mike & Molly
41    5/28/2017    Bay-Cation    St Michaels (San Dimingo Creek)    Mike & Molly
42    5/29/2017    Bay-Cation    Annapolis (Home)    Mike & Molly
43    5/31/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    Cancelled due to storms
44    6/2/2017    Beer Can Races    Heavy air, 1st place    John, Liz, Jonny, Dave, Patrick, Julianne
45    6/3/2017    Luekemia cup    6 Miles, 3rd place    Jennifer, Michelle, Dave, John, Liz, Elayne, Patrick
46    6/4/17    Day Sail    Hackets and Back    Lauren, Mike, and me
47    6/6/2017    Evening Sail    Hackets and Back    Youngster, with John and Haley
48    6/7/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    Altercation w/ Hall Pass | Great lighting and pictures
49    6/10/2017    Weekend Cruise    Bands in the Sands / Whitehall Crk    Mike & Molly
50    6/11/2017    Return Home    Annapolis    Mike & Molly
51    6/14/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    
52    6/16/2017    Beer Can Races    Severn River    Jonny, Elaine, Julianne, Dave, David,
53    6/17/2017    Weekend Cruise    Henerson Point    Solo, Jonny's Bday
54    6/18/2017    Weekend Cruise    Annapolis (Home)    Solo, + Charter in the evening
55    6/20/2017    Evening Sail    Out & Back    Lauren and David
56    6/21/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    
57    6/23/2017    Beer Can Races    Severn River    David, Patrick, Linda, Elaine,Jonny
58    6/25/2017    Day Sail    Out & Back    Jon, kathy, molly ( Dolphins @ R88)
59    6/28/2017    WNR    Defiant    Fred. Jenny, Claire
60    6/30/2017    Beer Can Races    Severn River    Dave, Linda, Me (3rd Place)
61    7/1/2017    Weekend Cruise    St Michaels    Molly & Mike (wicked storm clouds)
62    7/2/2017    Weekend Cruise    Shaw Bay    Molly & Mike ( Rafterd with Matt & Lauren)
63    7/3/2017    Weekend Cruise    Round Bay    Molly & Mike ( Rafterd with Matt & Lauren)
64    7/4/2017    Weekend Cruise    Annapolis    Molly & Mike ( Home for the fireworks)
65    7/5/2017    Fireworks    GreenBerry Point    Matt, Lauren, David, Ellen
66    7/7/2017    Beer Can Races    Severn River    4th place and Sailed Ego
67    7/8/2017    Weekend Cruise    Rhode River    Molly & Mike
68    7/9/2017    Weekend Cruise    Annapolis    Molly & Mike (also sailed on Blinding Furry TD Spin)
69    7/11/2017    Evening Sail    Out & Back    Solo
70    7/12/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    Boat Ride to Pussers
71    7/15/2017    R2B    Baltimore    Suzy,Elaine,Linda,Dave,Julianne
72    7/16/2017    R2B    Annapolis    Dave, Julianne
73    7/18/2017    Evening Sail    Out & Back    Frank & Family
74    7/19/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    Team Xeiberger
75    7/21/2017    Beer Can Races    Course "D"    Julianne, Dave, Patrick, Jonny, Nealie, Linda,Treveor
76    7/22/2017    SUP    Back Creek    Solo
77    7/26/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    Team Xeiberger
78    7/30/2017    Day Sail    Bridge-TP-Ego Alley    Brighid,Jason,Regan,Whitney
79    7/31/2017    Trash PU    Back Creek    Kayak Back creek and pick up trask
80    8/1/2017    Raft-up    Laurens B-day    Small Vessel/mooring ball raft up
81    8/4/2017    GovCup Start    Starting line(R2)    Molly, Dave, David, Patrick, Jonny
82    8/5/2017    Lane's Last Sail    Rover    Lane, Lauren, Anne, John, Blake
83    8/6/2017    Lotus Paddle    Turners Creek (land Yacht)    Nuemans, Charbs, Mike & Molly
84    8/8/2017    Evening Sail    Tolley & NAP    Stacey, Maria, Me
85    8/9/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    team Xeiberger
86    8/11/2017    Beer Can Races    Course "D"    Julianne, Dave, David, Patrick, Jonny, Elaine
87    8/12/2017    Race to Oxford    Oxford    John, Liz, Dave,Carrie, Julianne
88    8/13/2017    Weekend Cruise    TredAvon North of Peach Blossom    Molly & Mike
89    8/14/2017    Weekend Cruise    Annapolis    Molly & Mike
90    8/16/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    team Xeiberger
91    8/18/2017    Beer Can Races    Severn River    Julianne, Jonny, Dave, David, Linda
92    8/19/2017    CRAB    Cheasapeake Bay    Jonny&Nealie, Dave&Denise,Lnda,David
93    8/21/2017    Eclipse    WhiteHall Bay    Linda,Dave,Jonny,Nealie
94    8/22/2017    Evening Sail    R2 and Back    Solo
95    8/23/2017    WNR    Xeiberger    Team Xeiberger
96    8/24/2017    Harbour Cruise    Lady Catherine    60 th Anniversary Celebration
97    8/25/2017    Beer Can Races    Severn River    David, Patrick, Linda, Jonny
98    8/26/2017    Afternoon Sail    Out & Back    Mike and Molly
99    8/27/2017    Afternoon Sail    Out & Back on Xeiberger    Harald, Molly, Warren, Michele, Melinda
100    8/28/2017    MarineDebrisMon    Back Creek    Pick up trash in the creek