Sandy Grosvenor’s 100 Extraordinary Days on the Water

Sandy Grosvenor’s 100 Extraordinary Days on the Water: A two-time SpinSheet Century Club member talks about another great year on the water.

Sandy Grosvenor on RC.

What compelled you to join SpinSheet’s Century Club?

It's a cool idea!

What was the breakdown by boat of your time spent on sailboats, powerboats, kayaks, or other crafts?

Almost all powerboats, some SUPs. A mix of time on water as a race official and on our trawler.

Do you have a full-time job? If so, how do you find the time to get out on the water so often?

Not any more!

Sandy and Mark on Road Trip

Do you have a few days that stand out as the most special ones on the water this season?

(1) PRO of the Women's International Keelboat championship aboard a two-deck pontoon on a lake a mile up in Mexico - at one point we had sunny skies overhead, great wind, and thunderstorms ringing the hills around us on three sides

(2) Thursday of the 505 Worlds - finally after too many days of five to seven knots - we had WIND!

(3) Coming down the ICW in late fall.  The quiet and solitude of wetlands was way cool.

Did you experience anything extraordinary?  

Life is extraordinary!

Sandy Grosvenor (left)

Did you experience anything scary?

Got new wind instruments on the trawler, bumped in a nasty cold front at the north end of Cape Canaveral - very protected waters - but 60 minutes of over 50 knots on the wind instruments.  Aside from the bimini cover, the boat took it better than the people aboard

Favorite wildlife sightings?

No manatees yet this year but DOLPHINS as far north as West River and quite a common sighting from Norfolk on south.

What did you learn by spending so many days out there?

Reaffirmed how great it is to be on the water

What would you say to someone considering joining the Century Club in 2018?

Enjoy being on the water, let the # number on the water take care of themselves.  I was astonished when I added up the days.

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