The Sailing Charter Reboot We All Need in February

A charter in the Caribbean helps sailors get through winter.

The Sailing Club, Inc. tries to have a Caribbean trip each winter for two very good reasons. First, it’s a long wait for warm weather again on the Chesapeake, and second, it is necessary for good mental health. It is the reboot we all need around February. This year we are heading to Antigua and Barbuda, two islands, but one independent commonwealth country. The temperature will be in the 80s… that’s the air and the water temperature! 

People on charter sailboat in the Caribbean
Each winter members of The Sailing Club Inc. try to have a Caribbean charter trip.

The three monohulls we chartered will be our homes for an eight-day sailing trip. Each boat has a club-certified skipper and first mate assigned, as well as four crew. We plan to pick up a mooring ball or drop anchor all but three nights. Cooking dinner onboard in a bathing suit in February, as the sun goes down is sublime. The itinerary is ambitious. We plan to visit several bays in Antigua, then sail to Barbuda before returning to English Harbour. We are looking forward to some great snorkeling along the reefs that encircle the islands.

Spending a week aboard a 45-foot sailboat with people you have rarely, if ever, met can be a challenge. Over the 40 years that the club has been running trips, it is obvious the people who join the club enjoy being on the ocean, and they’re interested in learning more about sailing. It is not luxurious. The days are sometimes long and wet. But then the sun comes out, and you’re in paradise! Shared experiences, whether good or bad, create a strong team. At some point during the week, usually after day three, someone will say that they wished the trip was longer because we work so well together and it’s so beautiful here. And all will agree. Let’s keep going!

By Mary Ann Gordon

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