Blue Friday 2017 Sailors GET IT

Blue Friday 2017 Sailors GET IT: Yesterday, readers sent us photos from their Blue Friday excursions the day after Thanksgiving. If you’re just tuning in, Blue Friday is our answer to the rampant consumerism that Black Friday has become. We sailors are outdoor people, not mall people, so we encouraged sailors to skip the madness of shopping and go outside. We asked them to make their way to a body of water, any body of water, bring a friend or some family, perhaps pick up a piece of trash, and take a photo to post to social media under #bluefriday.

David Stapleford Blue Friday 2017

It’s our third year doing this, and we received more reader photos this time around than ever. Because we love the spirit of this event so much—and it certainly helped that here in Chesapeake country it was gorgeous outside—these are some of our favorite photos of the year.

Jonathan Tromp Blue Friday 2017

We received images of a family (of 50 members!) doing an oyster roast on the beach, kayakers, a row boater, a standup paddleboarder in a wet suit (we hope you guys are paying attention to cold water safety protocall!), families taking boat rides, friends out sailing, families walking along the beach with little kids and dogs, FishTalk and PropTalk staffers fishing together, a sailor winterizing her boat, an angler on the Potomac, a couple on the beach in Assateague, one on Miami Beach, one in chilly Michigan, and a Chesapeake photographer on vacation in Hawaii!

The McCoy family's Oyster Scald

Thank you most awesome SpinSheet readers not only for sending us photos but for GETTING IT… Sunshine, fresh air, family, friends, time outside with people and pets you love, maybe a little exercise, maybe a little trash pickup and beach beautification, even winterizing your boat as the leaves fall off the trees—it’s ALL better than fighting crowds and buying more stuff. 

Trevor Perkins Blue Friday 2017

If you have other ideas for promoting off-season outdoor days, we’re wide open to hearing your ideas. Send us a note. In the meantime, stay tuned for SpinSheet Skating Night (date TBA) in January. Happy holidays!

Corey Mesinger Miami Beach Blue Friday 2017Keith Chapman prepares for happy hour Blue Friday 2017Russel WesdykJen Kaye Blue Friday 2017

Colin MC Blue Friday 2017Keith Chapman Blue Friday 2017Heather Capezio Blue Friday 2017Three generations on a Blue Friday 2017 hike. Beth Crabtree at center.Heidi Frist Blue Friday 2017Kathy Wright Blue Friday 2017Pamela Kellett's son on the Potomac for Blue Friday 2017Mike Romey/ Smith Point Sea Rescue Blue Friday 2017Elaine Crain Blue Friday 2017Geoff and Mary Ewenson, holding tight to Angus so that he poses instead of diving in Jerry and Joanne Christofel in Iceland for Blue Friday 2017Lisa Zimmerman Blue Friday 2017Shannon Hibberd in Hawaii for Blue Friday 2017Zach Ditmars, Eric Richardson, and Lenny Rudow fishing for Blue Friday 2017"Frothy" the Snowman on Blue Friday 2017Lori Burkhart Blue Friday 2017Mike Romey / Smith Pt Sea RescueLucy leaves the dock on Chase Creek Blue Friday 2017Ego Alley Blue Friday 2017 by Doug TreffHerrington Harbour Sailing Association members Blue Friday 2017Kaylie Jasinski Blue Friday 2017Priscilla Bradley Blue Friday 2017Assateague Island Blue Friday 2017Smith Pt Sea RescueMcCoy family oyster scald on the beachJonathan Tromp in Michigan