Sailing Under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

I have crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on many occasions. We all know the sounds of the cars on the bridge, the sprawling views of the Bay, and the winds rushing through the car windows. Sailing under the Bridge is an entirely different experience. And what a fascinating experience at that! 

The Bay Bridge as seen from a sailboat cockpit. Photos by Martina Sestakova

For many years, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge has seized international attention as a modern engineering marvel and an important aspect of East Coast travel convenience. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge has two segments: the Eastbound one opened to public in 1952 and the Westbound one in 1973. 

The Bay Bridge has seized attention as a modern engineering marvel.

The two bridge sections look different, and it is captivating to pass under them and compare their construction and optical charm. The bridges curve organically and photos of the underside are a study of smooth lines. From under, clouds seem to hug the metal structures and provide a lovely background to these giants of architecture. 

Sailing under the Bay Bridge.

The winds rush through the bridge openings and bring much happiness to the sailboats on the water. And on a beautiful sunny day, there can be hundreds of them! Being in a sailboat allows one to get close to the support columns, homes to seagulls and many other bird species as they rest there throughout the day. 

Being on a sailboat allows one to get close (but not too close!) to the support columns.

If you ever get a chance to sail under the Bridge, take a moment to look up and ponder this architectural wonder.

by Martina Sestakova

About the author: Apart from running her fashion-textile company RADOST, Martina enjoys the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay with her boyfriend, captain Jordan Snyder of Base Camp Sailing who is the vice commodore of the Pearson Sailing Association