Offshore Emergency Medicine Class

Annapolis Sailors Network (ASN), formerly Annapolis Sailors Club, will sponsor an Offshore Emergency Medicine class taught by Wilderness Medical Associates March 2-4. This course is open to the public. More information on the course is provided below. To register, email organizer Vicki Hurt.

Photo by Ted Steeble

“I have been fortunate to sail with an EMT quite a bit offshore, and just because anything can happen, I really wanted to take a class that would give me a bit more hands-on than paper skills,” says ASN organizer Viki Hurt. “Shortly after announcing the class, we saw great demand. We have sailors coming in from many states, including Texas and California. We have just arranged for a second instructor, allowing us to  accept six more attendees. We’re hoping to see more local sailors join the mix. Thus far it seems to be appealing most to families and couples planning extended cruising and also those who offer charters for a living.”

Photo by Ted Steeble

This course will emphasize an understanding of body systems and principles of care to best prepare the medical officer to improvise and adapt to the infinite variety of challenges that the open sea can present. It is designed for voyaging sailors as well as professional mariners. Classroom instruction is tied to the student’s own experience through the liberal use of case studies, scenarios, and hands-on assessment problems in the marine context. The course includes approximately nine hours of pre-course reading followed by three full days of on-site training. Practical session may include outdoor or on-board exercises depending on course location. The curriculum includes lab sessions in wound care, reduction and splinting, extrication, and injections.

Class will be held at the Elks Lodge in Edgewater, MD. Cost is $800. EMTs and paramedics may earn 36 continuing education credits. No medical training required. To register and for more information call (315) 430-6477, or email Vicki Hurt.

Annapolis Sailors Network Bent Whiskers team racing. Photo courtesy of ASN

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