How to Create an Exhibitor Pre-Boat Show Checklist

Exhibitor Pre-Boat Show Check List

boat show
U.S. Sailboat Show 2021 in Annapolis, Maryland

  1. Create a Boat Show Move-In Check List for yourself and your staff.
  2. Design an inviting booth or display space that attracts attendees.
  3. Don’t forget your business cards.
  4. Develop FAQs with your staff and print them with answers. Come up with the list as a group in your office meeting. Role play. Dress rehearse. Make many copies or laminate for the booth. Here’s a start:
    1. Where is the nearest bathroom? Nearest real bathroom?
    2. Where should we go for lunch/dinner/happy hour?
    3. Questions relative to your product
    4. Questions about your competition
    5. When is the Schooner Race Start?
    6. Where are the seminars?
    7. Where can I get a program?
    8. Where is everyone getting those nutty buddies?
    9. What do we say when someone says, “Well, I’m not a boater?”
  5. Pull together a Boat Show Survival Kit
    1. Advil, Tylenol, Excedrin – or all three
    2. Tums or Rolaids
    3. Water or soda
    4. Band-Aids
    5. Duct Tape
    6. Scissors, knife, or both
    7. Pens and/or pencils – lots of them!
    8. Paper towels
    9. Wet wipes
    10. Hand Sanitizer
    11. Sunscreen
  6. Collateral
    1. Order it.
    2. Receive it and make sure it’s all right.
    3. Pack it to move and store at the shows.
  7. Make a Boat Show schedule
    1. Booth coverage
    2. Press conferences and events
    3. Parties
    4. Meetings
    5. Seminars
    6. Who is answering the phone back at the office?