10 Reasons Why Sailors Can Survive the Corona Virus

We’re survivors, right?

Here are SpinSheet reporter Craig Ligibel’s top 10 reasons why sailors can survive the Coronavirus.

  1. Self-quarantine.
  2. Know how to “process food”
  3. Practice in provisioining.
  4. Toilet paper management
  5. Daily onboard routine
  6. Daily check-ins with fleet
  7. Days without news
  8. Self-sufficient medical know-how
  9. MacGyver instincts
  10. It’s beer, for Pete’s sake 

1. Self-quarantine. In a 3000 sq. foot house with hot water, cable TV, and a real toilet vs. hunkering down in a 6x8-foot cabin with lukewarm water, scratchy Captain Ron and White Squall DVDs and a head that has a mind of its own. Duh. 

2. Know how to “process food” to get rid of germs. (Just like disinfecting veggies you picked up in a Guatemala street market!)

3. Practice in provisioning for long periods of time. (Eat those fresh fruits first; stock up on spuds, cabbage, and hard cheese.)

4. Experience in toilet paper management. (See # 1)

5. Used to a daily routine to keep sane. (Four on and four off watches keep you on your toes.)

6. Daily check-ins with the fleet. (Reach out and touch someone… via sat phone.)

7. Can go days without listening to Fox News or CNN. Nothing is more depressing than a constant stream of bad news. Tune into Barometer Bob or Chris Parker.

8. Self-sufficient onboard medical knowhow. There’s aren’t many ERs 400 miles out to sea.

9. Resourceful MacGyver instincts. (Make your own sanitizer out of 151 proof Goslings Black Seal Rum.)

10. The virus is named after a beer for Pete’s sake. Just stick a lime in it.

~By Craig Ligibel