10 Reasons To Race in Annapolis Tonight!

Need 10 reasons to race in Annapolis tonight? We thought not, but here are some anyway. Annapolis Yacht Club's Wednesday night race series begins tonight off Horn Point, with the first warning gun at 6 p.m. Find race docs here.

  1. It’s a great excuse to leave work early.
  2. Sailing is great for balance, so you can probably get a doctor’s note to call it physical therapy.
  3. You’ve been cooped up in your own stale air since November, which has made you pasty and cranky.
  4. You’re driving your spouse crazy talking about sailing while doing nothing but obsess about winning Musto gear and stare at sailing videos on your phone.
  5. You’re really not very likeable in the off season.
  6. You have no other hobbies, so Wednesday night in season is the only time you're happy and have something to talk about.
  7. There’s no beer in the house, but there’s some in the cooler on the boat.
  8. You haven’t seen your sailing friends since you drank all those Painkillers last Columbus Day weekend at the Sailboat Show and need to catch up on gossip.
  9. Why would you NOT go racing tonight?
  10. It’s ANNAPOLIS. It’s Wednesday. This is what we do... See you on the water

Here's the last T2PTV video from last season to get you fired up!