Currents and SpinSheet Night at the Screwpile Regatta

Anyone who does the Screwpile Regatta year after year knows that the current is a factor, so for several years now, we've partnered with Weather Routing Inc. to bring you updated current charts for each day of the event. Tomorrow marks day one of the three-day regatta hosted July 14-16 by the Southern Maryland Sailing Association at the mouth of the Patuxent. 

Photo by SpinSheet

For updated currents, click here. You may also bookmark our Screwpile page and find the same link in the second paragraph. 

The SpinSheet Screwpile Selfie Contest is always a hit! Here's the Lickety Split crew in 2015.

Friday night is SpinSheet night. We'll be giving away tee shirts to class winners, holding fun contests, giving out SpinSheet tattoos, and taking crew photos. Stop by the SpinSheet booth to see us, and bring your crew for a nice photo!  

Stop by the SpinSheet booth for a crew photo (even if you're not as well-dressed as the Midnight Mistress team)

Get your SpinSheet TAT ON!