Welcome to our Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge page for 2019! The three-day regatta will unfold July 20-22 in Solomons, MD. Current charts will be provided by Weather Routing, Inc. (WRI) during the event and posted to this page.     

Southern Maryland Sailing Association (SMSA) has announced changes for the Screwpile Regatta 2020 that are going to get some very favorable attention from Chesapeake Bay...
Find Solomons Current Charts Here for the Screwpile 2019
Here's your rainy July 21-23 SpinSheet Racing Roundup for the Chesapeake Bay: Screwpile, Race to Baltimore, and more.
Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge photos are up online for your downloading pleasure.
Here’s your SpinSheet Racing Roundup for July 14-16: Waterspouts, scary nights, and summer fun. 
We've partnered with Weather Routing Inc. to bring you updated current charts for each day of the event. July 14 marks day one and SpinSheet night!
This regatta is relaxing and fun, so sailors come back. And the race committee is filled with top-notch talent, so top competitors come back.
Register for the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge July 14-16 in Solomons by July 5, or pay a $50 late fee.